Who owned Preston? — 2

The contribution of the volunteers working on the tithe schedules project for the Lancashire Place Name Survey (98,200 records and counting) is shaping up to supply one of the most valuable sources for the study of Preston history to have come available in many years, detailing just who owned what land and listing hundreds of field names, many of which can be traced back to the Middle Ages. I’ve now completed work on the tithe records for Ribbleton township and have started work on the other Preston Parish townships and Fulwood. The complete schedules for the following are now on line:

Ashton tithe schedule
Fishwick tithe schedule and maps
Preston tithe schedule
Ribbleton tithe schedule and maps

The map below of fields in Preston Parish and Fulwood with a plan of the Ribbleton land holdings inserted should give some idea of how the completed project will look:

Plan of the fields in Preston Parish in the 19th century

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