Bland, James – curate

James Bland was appointed curate at the parish church in Preston in 1689. He signs sacrament certificates between then and 1691 [1] and appears on Kenyon’s list of ‘conformable clergy’ of 1689. [2] He is mentioned frequently in the diaries of Lawrence Rawstorne and Thomas Bellingham. They record that he was a Yorkshireman who arrived in Preston as a probationer for the curacy (3 February 1689) and appears to have been in place by 10 February. His preaching was heartily approved of by Bellingham: ‘Mr. Bland preach’d a sharp sermon against ye Papists’ (3 March 1689); ‘Mr. Bland preach’d twice very well’ (24 March 1689); and by the end of the month was having him to dinner (30 March 1689)

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