Coghill, Sir James

Sir James Coghill, of Coghill Hall in the West Riding of Yorkshire, was master in the High Court of Chancery in Ireland, being knighted in 1686 by the Earl of Clarendon, who was then lord lieutenant. He died in 1699. [1]

He is mentioned a number of times in the diary of Thomas Bellingham in the first half of 1689. Coghill had married into a family that, like Bellingham’s, had been granted estates in Ireland for their military services to Cromwell in that country. At this time, the two men would have shared anxieties about the fate of their Irish estates as Tyrconnell’s forces advanced.

Bellingham’s entry for 21 January 1689 reads, ‘Sr John Coghill was for some time in this town [Preston] to-day, and Seem’d very desirous to see me. He has brought his family out of Ireland, and plac’d them att Lancaster: himselfe is gone for some time to London; so I was disappointed.’

[1] James Henry Coghill, The Family of Coghill. 1377 to 1879 (Cambridge, Printed at the Riveside Press, 1879), 23–24,