Clegg, Richard – vicar of Kirkham

Richard Clegg was vicar of Kirkham from 1666 until his death in 1720 at the age of 85.

Fishwick remarks:

He was no doubt, as Mr. Thornber [local antiquary] puts it, “infected with the bitter spirit of the times,” and hated a puritan with a cordial hatred.
He was frequently engaged in litigation with his parishioners, and appears to have kept a vigilant watch over the doings of the vestrymen, the schoolmasters and the curates; and at the same time not to have forgotten the wants of the poor. [1]

He makes an appearance in Thomas Bellingham’s diary for 5 February 1689.

[1] Henry Fishwick, The History of the Parish of Kirkham, in the County of Lancaster, vol. 92, OS (Manchester: Chetham Society, 1874), 81–83.

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