Who owned 19th-century Preston?

Volunteers working for the Lancashire Place Name Survey have put local historians in their debt by transcribing and putting on line tithe schedules for Lancashire (DRB/1), including the schedules for Preston and the surrounding townships. The project is ongoing with 98,200 records already on line and plans to put the accompanying tithe plans on Mario, Lancashire County Council’s interactive mapping website.
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I thought I’d see how useful the transcript was for Preston history studies by selecting the records for Ribbleton (DRB/1/165). The choice of township was dictated by the small number of entries compared to the other Preston Parish townships, which meant the records could be cut and pasted from the archives site with minimum tedium.

The other deciding factor was that I had already prepared a georeferenced vector transformation of the six-inch Ordnance Survey map of Preston from the invaluable National Library of Scotland site as part of my ongoing project to map Preston from Domesday to the present day.

Landowners in Ribbleton: one of the maps that can be viewed at higher magnifications and downloaded by following the Ribbleton link below.

Schedules and maps for other townships around Preston will follow in due course. The map below of fields in Preston Parish and Fulwood with the patchwork of some of the tithe plots already mapped inserted should give some idea of how the completed project will look:

Plan of the fields in Preston Parish in the 19th century

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