Market Square

Preston Market Square in the later 17th century based on a plan at Lancashire Archives (DDX194/9) and a copy of the plan at the Harris Reference Library, Preston, annotated with the names of property owners by Stephen Sartin. The annotation also identifies inns and taverns, barns and other buildings as well as indicating which properties extend to more than two storeys. The numbers are the ones on the annotated plan and relate to the list below. Note: DDX194/9 is an attempt at a visualisation based on original survey documents. Its accuracy is uncertain, but it does provide a feel for the townscape in 1685 (see The 1685 Survey of Preston for a detailed discussion of the 17th-century plans).

Use web browser zoom to view property numbers

List of property owners

Spelling of names as in original Lancashire Archive documents: be aware of  possible transcription errors.

135: Jno Hodgkinson     136: Nic Wamsley     137: Mr John Chorley     138: Sgt Rigby – Sgt Edward Rigby owned several properties in the town; this small property would not have been his residence     139: Widow Cotham     140: Jno Lamplough     141: Mr Seeds     142: Jno Willowsey     143: Wm Cotton     144: Mary Kellett     145: Henry Turnley – innkeeper at the Mitre     146: Rd Taylor     147: Mrs Autherton     148: Rt Major     149: Wm Tomlinson     150: Hen Kilsho     151: Fran Woodhouse     152: Mr Wall     153: Mr Sumner     154: Jno Hadock     277: Tho Gradwell     279: Rd Woods – innkeeper at the Golden Anchor     280: James Tollam     281: Dr Wortton     282: Tho Cottham     283: Mrs Langton widow (home of Richard Langton in 1688)     284: Jno Revell     285: James Cooper – innkeeper at the Castle Inn    286: Mr Jno Parker – innkeeper at the Golden Lyon     287: Wm Lemon senior – possibly the father of Alderman William Lemon     288: Law Tomlinson     289: Rd Lendsay     289a: Hen Miller     290: Ralph Rushton – postmaster     291: Widow Archer     292: Hen Dawson     293: Hen Jams

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