Pedder, Edward — 1717-1789

The Pedders of Preston
Over the course of two hundred years the Pedder family rose to prominence in the town, founding its first bank and entering the ranks of the gentry. The main branch of the family faced ruin when the bank collapsed in 1861, but fortunes were salvaged and the family entered the 20th century with their privileges intact.
The Pedders of Preston

Edward Pedder, the second son of Richard Pedder, was baptised at the parish church of Preston on 7 October 1717, he married Catherine, the daughter of John Clayton, of Stockport, on 15 March 1737, and was buried on 13 May 1789. 1 Three of their seven children survived infancy: Edward, Jennet and James.

Edward ‘gentleman’ was elected councilman in June 1748, replacing his father who had been elected alderman. 2 He himself was elected alderman on 30 December 1762 in place of his father, who had recently died. 3 He was mayor of Preston in 1763, 1770 and 1776. 4

In 1774 when Lang carried out his survey of Preston, Edward and his brother Thomas owned nearly all the land south of Fylde Road, their lately deceased brother James owned several fields to the south of the present Aqueduct Street, and the brothers owned several other smaller parcels of land around the town. Edward owned the largest slice with 83 acres, earning him an annual rental of around £80. In property transactions in the 1760s involving land in Whittingham, Edward and Thomas Pedder are described as ‘of Whittingham Hall’. 5

Section of Yates' 1786 map of Lancashire showing Whittingham Hall

On William Yates’ map of Lancashire of 1786 the principal landowner in each district is generally identified. So, for example, on the section from his map above Alexander Rigby is shown as the owner of Middleton Hall in Goosnargh, and Pedder Esq. is the owner of Whittingham Hall. This would be Edward, since his brother Thomas had died in 1781. He also owned the nearby Haighton Hall. 6

Edward Pedder’s Will 7

To his son James he left:
A house with stable, hay loft and other conveniences on the south side of Friargate in possession of Widow Hubberstey and also the two houses adjoining in lease to Edward Satterthwaite of Preston with the stables and other conveniences in the yard.
His pew ‘next to the Font Seat’ in the Parish Church.
Five closes of land called Platford Dales with a garden adjoining and a croft formerly Singletons Garden ‘now a wood yard in possession of Emett Robinson & Roper’.
A property called Bought in Alston.
The Haighton Hall estate in the townships of Haighton and Whittingham and another property in Haighton which had been leased to John Slater but was now in the possession of Robert Richmond along with Haighton Hall.
Plus £1000.
Edward’s own house ‘with a moiety of the shop and cellar’ facing the Market Place, warehouses, warping rooms and stable. James had this during his life and after his death to ‘my heir at law’.

His elder son Edward was left all other property in Preston, Haighton, Whittingham, Grimsargh, Alston, Ribbleton and Lancaster or elsewhere.
Daughter Jennet Pedder was left £2500 and an annuity of £100 to be paid quarterly by son Edward out of his inheritance. Plus an immediate payment of £40.
All his plate, household goods and furniture went to his sons Edward and James and daughter Jennet ‘share and share alike’.
The residue after payment of debts, funeral and probate expenses to son Edward.

The will was signed 1 September 1788 and probate granted 15 February 1790.

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