June 1688

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Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for June 1688

i at Preston & at prayers

2 at Preston & at prayers

3 at preston Church heard the Vicar & Mr ffarrand & reeived the Sacraemt.

4 at Preton & went to Penwortham

5 at Preston & at prayers & at Coffee house & at Margrets & Tom Bostockes wth Capt Claytons & Dr. Warton & Mr Hobson

6 at Preston & at prayers & went to Swanseys toth Bowles, dyned ther

7 at Preston & at prayers was [‘ith eve] =ing at Peg Swanseys wth Mr John leigh Mr. Hodgkinson & Dr. Worton

8 at Preston & went to Penwortha dyned there & went to Hutton, was at Robins in my returne, wth Coz: fleetwood & Mr Joshua Nuttall & Mr Hebson

9 at Preston & at prayers, & at Hugh Tootells wth my Bro: ffleetwood & Capt., Clayton & Mr Walmsley of Layland, & at Plowe wth my bro: & Major ffarrington & after at ffells wth my Brother.

i0 at Preston Church heard Vicar Birch Twice, A Hubub in the afternoone occationed by a sicke pson; in prayer before Sermon + Prince of Wales borbe

ii at Preston & at prayers & at Mr. Mr Johnson’s at Dinner, & after at Prayers, & the Christning of his sonne Alexander: Coll: Pudsey & I Godfathers & Mrs. Patten Godmother; senior was after at Peg Swanseys for 5

i2 at Preston & went to Penwortha was at Boathouse in my return wth bro: ffleetwood Dr Lee & Mr Walmsley and after at Peg Swanseys wth Dr Warton Coz: Cockshoot & one Mr Bradley a northern Gent for 3 only.

i3 at Preston & at prayers & after dinner wth Mr Pudsey & Mr Johnson at Will Adkinsons & John Crabtrees.

i4 at Preston & went to Penwortham

i5 at Penwortham & at Townend wth my Brother & the Parson Ricroft this day the newes of the Queens being deliver’d of a sonne Duke of Cornwall & Earl of [Chester] came.

i6 at Penwortham & went to Preston return’d

i7 at Penwortham & the Church heard Mr Gregorie 2 & came home

i8 at Preston & at prayers

i9 at Preston & at prayers & at Mary Rigbyes wth John Cowpe & Mr Kellet to reconcile Edm: Holden to his master, who was pleased to admit him againe &c.

20 at Preston & at prayers, & went to Swanseys toth bowles dyned there i0 in all

2i at Preston & at prayers & at the Vicaridge my wife & I, as a visit

22 at Preston & at prayers, at Mr Johnsons & my wife wth mee.

23 at Preston & at prayers & at Coz: Standleys wth Bro: ffleetwood & at Mary Rigbies.

24 at Preston & the Church there heard Mr Birch 2. Mal: 3: i6 i7 i8 ver:

25 at Preston & at prayers

26 at Preston & went to Penwortha & was at town end wth Bro: & Parson [Ric]

27 at Preston & at prayers, went after noone to Swanseys toth’ bowles & Capt. Bellingham & Mr Lemon wth mee

28 at Preston & at prayers

29 at Preston & at prayers & at Mr Gregsons to visit Capt Bellingham

30 at Preston & at prayers