June 1687

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Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for June 1687

i at Preston, and at Swanseys at bowles afternoon.

2 at Preston, & at Talbot & Tom. Bostocks, wth Dr Warton & Mr Jo: Leigh

3 at Preston & Coffeehouse

4 at Preston & Mitre wth Bro: ffleet & at Tom Bostocks & Mar: Wildings. this evening [Dirbie] dyed at about i0 or before.

5 at Preston & not at Church

6 at Preston

7 at Preston & went to Penwortham to Dirbies inermt. Mr Ricroft preached Psal: 89: vers 46. o remember Sir

8 at Preston

9 at Preston, & at the funerall of Mr Hodgkinson’s sone James & in the Church there

i0 at Preston & at Mr Hodgkinsons

ii at Preston & at prayers

i2 at Preston & the Church there, heard Mr Birch.

i3 at Preston and at Penwortham dyned there, Peter wth me. was a Boat House ‘ith’ eveing & at home by 6

i4 at Preston & Jo: Crabtrees

i5 at Preston & Mr Winckleys & Mr Pattens.

i6 at Preston

i7 at Preston, & at Friargate Garden and the new garden beyond it.

i8 at Preston & Talbot & white bull and Tirlers wth Sr Will Pennington

i9 at Preston Church heard ye Vicar

20 at Preston, & at Jo: Crabtree’s & Rigby’s with Mr Aldermen Lemon

2i at Preston, & went to Penwortham dyned there, & was at Robins wth Sr Will Pennington, Bro: ffleet. Mr Lemon Mr Dandy & others

22 at Preston. & at Bowles after dymer, met Sr Will Pen: & brother

23 at Preston

24 at Preston & at Mr Pattens, my wife wth mee

25 at Preston, & at Tirlers & at Tom Bostocks & at white bull wth Sr Will Pennington & bro: ffleetwood

26 at Preston & th eChurch, went first to see Sir John Mollineux & Lady who came the night before, heard Vicar.

27 at Preston, went afternoon to Penwortham wth Sr Jo: Mollineux

28 at Preston, went to Coffeehouse and to Mr Standleys & Sr Jo: Mollineux and Dr Wartons, & a Widw. Clyftons.

29 at Preston & at Bowles at Swansey’s dyned there, a rainy day

30 at Preston, & at the funerall of Mrs. Prescot her child & at Ratcliffs ‘ith ‘weend & at Rigbyes this day botled wyne & was at Bull