Swansey’s in the Weind

A hostelry named Swansey’s in the Weind is referred to frequently in the late 17th-century diaries of Thomas Bellingham and Lawrence Rawstorne. It presumably took its name from its landlord, as an establishment in Main Sprit Weind owned by William Swansey is recorded on a 1685 plan of Preston. [1]  It is possible that a Peg Swansey took over the running of the Main Sprit Weind hostelry after William’s death in 1685, for in diary entries starting on 17 December 1687 Rawstorne refers frequently to visits to an establishment named Peg Swansey’s.There were two other hostelries in Preston at this time which the two diarists refer to as Swansey’s: one was Swansey’s on the Marsh at Ashton and the other was the White Horse in Fishergate, of which Alex Swansey was the landlord until 1686. The Swanseys seem to have been a family of innkeepers.

[1] ‘Kuerden Plan’, 1684, DDX 194/6, Lancashire Archives.