Banks, Tim

Tim Banks was the agent of the Westmorland and Cumberland magnate James Grahme after Grahme acquired Levens Hall. It is possible that before that Banks served Alan Bellingham, the previous owner of Levens, for in correspondence he refers to ‘My master Bellingham’. This suggests that he came along with the hall. [1] He seems to have shared Grahme’s Jacobite leanings: in 1696 he was arrested for anti-Government activities, ‘1696 24 April Sir Christ. Phillipson of Crook, knt., Ric. Pinder of Kendall, esq., Hen. Guy of Watercrook, clerk, Tho. Shepherd of Syzer, gent., and Tim. Banks of Levins, gent., Protestants and suspected to be disaffected to the present government, in custody in the garrison at Carlisle.’ [2]. Banks’ Jacobite adherence is further suggested by the actions of one of his servants, ‘More problems for Colonel James Grahame emerged in December 1701 when one of the servants of his steward Tim Banks was accused in Appleby of stating that the pretended Prince of Wales was lawfull and rightfull heir to the Crown of England.’ [3]

That Banks continued to act for the Bellingham family is suggested by his name on a legal document in 1711/12. [4]

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