August 1687

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Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for August 1687

i at Preston & at Sr. Jo. Mollineux and Mr Edw: Rigbies

2 at Preston & Mr Hodgkinsons & Mr Pattens.

3 at Preston & went to Swanseys to th’ bowles, Mr Chaddocke & I dyned onely by mistake, otheres came not ’til after

4 at Preston, went afternoone wth Se Jo: Mollineux in ‘s coach to Walton Hall to vicit Mr Benjamin Houghton Mr Jo: Leigh & Mr Roberts wth us

5 at Preston, and went to Penwortham & further Maudlands, & returned by i0, was after at Mr Winckleys & Peg Swanseys, wth Ralph Rishton

6 at preston. & at Mitre & Talbot wth brother ffleetwood Mr Rowland ffleetwood, 2 Mr Claytons & Mr [Livesey]

7 at Preston & went to Penwortham to Church, dyned att Hall & heard Mr Gregorie 2, my wife wth mee.

8 at Preston & at prayers, and at Mar: Wildings wth Sr Jo: Mollineux afternoon at Dr Wartons & Peg Swansey wth Mr Chaddock Mr Winckley & Ra: Rishton

9 at Preston & at prayers & Sr Jo: Mollineux. his house & Coz: Ashtons.

i0 at Preston & at Prayers, & at Swanseys, dined there my brother Mr Houghton, Mr Stanley; Coz: Rawland ffleetwood & others

ii at Preston & at prayers, & went to Penwortham dyned there and went after to Swanseys.

i2 at Preston & at Prayers. afternoone at Sr. Jo: Mollineux

i3 at Preston, & at prayers, & at Mitre & at Talbot wth Mr Georg [Swetna]

i4 at Preston Church heard Vicer and on Mr [Seed] a stranger

i5 at Preston & at Prayers My Sonne & Daughter Bradshaw came

i6 at Preston, dyned at Sr. Jo: Mollineux his house. The 2 Ladies William’s & Mr Lane husband to ye older, & at Mar. Wildings wth him.

i7 at Preston & at Prayers & at Rigbies the Ks armes

i8 at Preston, my sonne & daughter Bradshaw went home. & my wife & I went to Coz: ffarringtons Layland

i9 at Preston, at Prayers, & at Mr fferrars, & at Mr Rigbyes a visit:

20 at Preston, at prayers, my bro: ffleetwood & Coz: Banistre dyned wth mee, was wth theim at Rigbiesby’s”>Rigbyes & Tirlers, & wth Mr Ferrars at Ratliffs ith’ weend.

2i at Preston, & the Church heard the Vicar & Mr farrand.

22 at Preston & at prayers 7 at the funerall of Mrs. Langton & at Tirlers [Wid:] [Hugells]

23 at Preston & at prayers & at Wid: Hugells & Rigbyes & Swanleys

24 at Preston & at prayers & at Swanseys at bowle, dyned there

25 at Preston & at prayers & at Mr. Chaddockes & Mr Winckleys & Mr. Nowells & at Ratliffs ‘ith’ weend & Rigbies wth Mr Cobb Mr Lemon Mr fferrars, Mr Winckley & Mr tho: Greenfield & yong Mr Kellet

26 at preston & at prayers & at Mr Rigbyes & at Sr. Jo: Mollineux house & Talbot

27 at Preston & at prayers and at Mr Mayor Walls funerall of his eldest sonne, & after at the Talbot & at Monsieurs, wth Mr Parker of Brownsom & ‘s brother who married Coz: Jane Rookes. this day the K: came to west Chester

28 at Preston Church, heard the Vicar, & Dean Ward of Down & Conner in Ireland

29 at Preston & at prayers Sr John Mollineux his Ladie & daugther & Mrs: Rigby duned wth us

30 at Preston & at prayers & at Rigbies the Ks armes with Mr Expofer Parker Mr Westby & others.

3i at Preston & at Prayers.