Banastre, Christopher

Christopher Banastre (or Banister) was the last of the Banastres of Bank, lords of the manor of Bretherton. He succeeded to the estate on the death of his elder brother, Henry, in 1665, and in 1670 served as high sheriff of the county. He died in 1690 and the estate passed to his two daughters, the elder of whom, Anne, was married to Thomas Fleetwood. Elizabeth, the younger daughter, married Robert Parker, ancestor of Parker of Cuerden. [1] The Banastres make frequent appearances in the diaries of Lawrence Rawstorne, as when Rawstorne records being ‘At Mr. Banistre’s Copie a buck-hunting’ (13 August 1685). He refers to them as ‘cousin’, suggesting a family relationship, but it is not clear what. Thomas Fleetwood, who married Banastre’s eldest daughter, was related to Rawstorne’s brother-in-law Edward Fleetwood of Penwortham.

[1] ‘Townships: Bretherton | British History Online’, accessed 2 April 2019,

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