It might seem superfluous to create a Preston history website when there are already so many printed histories of the Lancashire town, most recently the second edition of David Hunt’s excellent  ‘A History of Preston’. But the constraints of book publishing limit both the breadth and depth of coverage of a subject: constraints that web publishing can happily ignore. The aim here is not to produce a comprehensive history of the town, but rather to consider aspects of its history that previous writers have either been unable to include in their publications or have not had sufficient space for an extensive treatment.

Most of my life has been spent in Preston, being brought up in Deepdale and attending Deepdale Primary and Preston Grammar schools, and then working in journalism, publishing and teaching in the town. Hence my interest in its history.

It is intended that the site should provide a platform for other writers as, for example, Kim Travis’s history of Tulketh Hall,  John Bannister’s ‘The Street Names of Preston’, Henry Kirby’s Preston Guardian chronology, and most recently Nigel Morgan’s ‘lost’ book, Desirable Dwellings, a superb guide to middle-class housing in 19th-century Preston.

Peter Smith

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