Henry Gilbert of Locko

Memorial in Leyland Churchto Henry Gilbert of Locko
The wall memorial in St Andrew’s Church, Leyland

There is a wall memorial to Henry Gilbert of Locko in St Andrew’s parish
church in Leyland and the church’s register records his burial on 3 Jun 1732.

Mary Molyneux in her Diary notes that on 22 March 1717 she had one Henry
Gilbert, presumably a lawyer, come to look over her brother, Edmund Mundy’s
will. She referred to him as ‘Coz’ but what that relationship inferred is
unclear. I initially thought he might be some relation of her husband,
Thomas Molyneux, but now am thinking he must be a distant relative of the
Mundy family.

British Parliament online perhaps shows Henry’s father was an MP for Derby.
I have looked at various histories of Derbyshire and at everything I could
find on Locko and Sponden, which are just minute specks on a map to the east of Derby, but cannot pin Henry down.

I cannot but wonder if he still had some relatively close relationship to
Mary and family when he died. Besides having property in Preston Mary’s
family had land in Eccleston and Croston, not too far from Leyland. To find
his memorial was pure chance as I was looking for something else in the

I hope someone can help to discover exactly who Henry was, his relationship
to Mary and why his memorial should be in Leyland.

Trevor Kirkham.
Email trevor760@btinternet.com