Preston Poor Tax Survey – Personalities

Fig 1. The first page of the ‘Personalities’ pages. Image courtesy of Lancashire Archives (CNP/3/1/11)

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The ‘Personalities’ pages

Burrough of Preston – in the County of Lancaster. C. The Monthly Rate of the Poor Tax upon all such Person that have neither Land nor Housing within the said Burrough, and Liberties thereof, that are assessed for their Personalities.

The Method of this third Part of the Book, or Regulation, being obvious, I have only to Note, that by adding the Sum of Personalities of those Assessed in 1732, to the Sum of those that are Assessed since that Year, and noting what is to be deducted, this Account may be seen how it stands at any Time.

The entries are arranged in five columns: the first contains the names; the second is headed ‘Imployment of Profit, Trade &c.’; the third ‘Rate p. Mon.’; the fourth ‘Deductions by Death, Removal out of Town, Leaving off Business, &c.’ (this column contains no entries); and fifthly ‘Rate p. Mon.’ (this refers to the fourth column and again contains no entries).

The entries are found on folios 89-90 verso of the book

These individuals, who appear to have been fairly prosperous, carried on business or trade in the town, but had no property on which they could be assessed for a poor rate. They were assessed on their ‘personalities’, that is such things as goods and chattels that could not be accounted as real estate. Trades and professions listed included: apothecary, attorney (5), baker, barber (4), blacksmith, bookseller (2), brasier (2), butcher (4), chandler (2), clockmaker, cooper (2), doctor, draper, farrier, grocer (9), gunsmith, haberdasher of Hats, innkeeper (9), linen draper (3), maltster (2), merchant, milliner (4), milliner & saddler, plasterer (2), prothonotary, saddler (2), silversmith, slater, stocking weaver, stockinger (2), tinman (2), upholsterer (2), victualler (4), weaver.

The entries

Philip Hunt, tinman, 6d
Alexander Jelly, barber, 3d
Thomas Hoghton, tinman, 4d
Robert Brown, upholsterer, 6d
Mr Thomas Singleton, attorney, 6d
Mr John Dixon, grocer, 10½d
Mrs Elizabeth Whitehead, milliner, 6d
Widow of James Hambleton, innkeeper, 4½d
James Fishwick, innkeeper, 4½d
Mr James Bolton, linen draper, 10½d
Richard Postlewaite, barber, 3d
Thomas Lorimer, grocer, 6d
John Wilson, grocer, 6d
Robert Hall, innkeeper, 4½d
William Wrenshaw, baker, 4½d
Isaac Boaz, plasterer, 3d
John Gregson, 6d
Mr Jeffry Roby, merchant, 10½d
Robert Taylor, maltster, 4d
John Carter, innkeeper, 3½d
Mr Peter Hopwood, silversmith, 8d
Henry Walmsley, saddler, 4½d
Thomas Kilshaw, milliner and saddler, 6d
Ralph Latus, blacksmith, 3½d
Mr John Calvert, attorney, 6d
John Greenwood, innkeeper, 4d
Herberson, 6d
James Pearson, gunsmith, 3½d
Henry Anderton, chandler, 4½d
Widow Leadbetter, 6d
Making, milliner, 6d
Christopher Hudson, victualler, 4d
Samuel Crane, grocer, 10½d
Mr Henry Orme, apothecary, 10½d
Robert Abbat, grocer, 12d
Mr Charles Atherton, innkeeper, 6d
Mr Massey, attorney, 10½d
John Eccleston, maltster, 4½d
Thomas Foster esq, prothonotary, 10½d
Thomas Allsop, stocking weaver, 3½d
Edward Sharrock, chandler, 4½d
Mr William Shawe, attorney, 10½d
Mr Jonathan Cowburne, milliner, 6d
Paul Pedder, barber, 6d
Mrs Prescott, bookseller, 6d
William Gurnall, linen draper, 7d
Robert Dent, stockinger, 6d
Mr Edmund Knight, haberdasher of Hats, 8d
Mr John Hopkins, bookseller, 10½d
Gilbert Leathbarrow, brasier, 3½d
Mr Richard Prescott, grocer, 8d
Mr John Todhunter, grocer, 8d
Edward Melling, innkeeper, 4½d
William Kilshaw, saddler, 3½d
Thomas Becket, innkeeper, 4d
John White, upholsterer, 6d
John Wareing, linen draper, 6d
Thomas Coope, weaver, 3d
Mr Richard Parkinson, grocer, 6d
Thomas Woods, 4d
Samuel Boaz, plasterer, 4d
Richard Simpson, cooper, 6d
Doctor John Escolme, 10½d
Mr John Lavague, 10½d
Thomas Toulman, 5d
Thomas Sudell [of] Back Weind, 2½d
Esther Townend, victualler, 4d
Samuel Hamer, draper, 6d
William Wilkinson, barber, 3d
George Taylor, clockmaker, 6d
James and Edmund Laithwaite, 10d
Henry Barnes, cooper, 2½d
Lawrence Thorpe, 10½d
Thomas Hatch, grocer, 6d
Matthew Talbot, stockinger, 8d
Richard Wareing, victualler, 3½d
Henry Crooke, farrier, 6d
Richard Watson, slater, 3½d
Robert Lytham, butcher, 3½d
Edward Shuttleworth, victualler, 4½d
John Hodgkinson, butcher, 3½d
Thomas Morton, butcher, 3½d
Thomas Carter, butcher, 3½d
Robert Ingham, innkeeper, 6d
William Cowell, brasier, 6d
James Melling, milliner, 2d
Mr Thomas Clayton, attorney, 7d


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