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Adderton, Samuel
Adm. pens. (age 18) at St John’s, Feb. 20, 1756. S. of Hill, Esq., of Salop. B. at Preston. Schools, Manchester (Mr Clayton) and Wem (Mr Prythyrch). Matric. Easter, 1756.

Addison, John
Adm. pens. (age 18) at Trinity, Nov. 10, 1772, from Trinity College, Dublin. S. of Nicholas, of Preston, Lancs. Matric. Michs. 1772. [Adm. at Trinity College, Dublin, Nov. 1, 1770, age 16, as s. of Nicholas. B. at Limerick.] One of these names (s. of Richard (sic), of Preston, Lancs.; B. there Mar. 2, 1755), Barrister-at-law; D.L. for Lancs.; died Oct. 17, 1837. (Al. Dubl.; Manchester Sch. Reg.; Sedbergh Sch. Reg.)

Ainsworth, David
Adm. pens. (age 19) at Trinity, June 30, 1842. 3rd s. of Thomas. B. Aug. 21, 1823, at Preston, Lancs. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1842. Civil Law Trip., 1st Class, 1847; LL.B. 1864. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 4, 1843. Called to the Bar, 1849; name withdrawn, Apr. 19, 1870. Special pleader. An Income Tax Commissioner. Of Backbarrow, Ulverston, Lancs. J.P. and D.L. for Lancashire. Married and had issue. Died Apr. 7, 1907. (Foster, Men at the Bar; Rugby Sch. Reg.)

Alison, Henry
Adm. pens. (age 18) at Trinity, Dec. 4, 1845. S. and h. of [Richard] Edward [of Park Hall, Lancs.]. B. 1828, in Lancs. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1846; B.A. 1850. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Dec. 5, 1850. Called to the Bar, 1853. Practised as Special Pleader on the Northern Circuit, and at Preston, Salford and Kirkdale Sessions. Of Park Hall, Chorley, Lancs. Treasurer of the County Palatine of Lancaster. Died Nov. (? Sept.) 13, 1915. Brother of Loughton (1857) and Meyrick O. (1868). (Rugby Sch. Reg.; R. L. Lloyd.)

Allen, Archibald Edward
Adm. at Selwyn H., Oct. 1, 1896. B. Nov. 23, 1876. Matric. Michs. 1896; B.A. 1899. Ord. deacon, 1900; priest (Manchester) 1901; C. of Feniscliffe, Lancs., 1900-2. C. of All Saints’, Clayton-le-Moors, 1903-6. C. of St Thomas’s, Preston, 1906-17. R. of St Andrew’s, Blackley, 1917-23. V. of Compton Dando, Somerset, 1923-8. R. of Burnett, 1923-8. Died Jan. 17, 1928, aged 51. (Crockford; Scott, MSS.)

Ambrose, Isaac
M.A. from Magdalene, 1632 (Incorp. from Oxford). Of Lancs. S. of the V. of Ormskirk. Bapt. at Ormskirk May 29, 1604. Matric. (Oxford) Nov. 2, 1621, age 17; B.A. (Oxford) 1624-5. V. of Castleton, Derbs., 1627-31. King’s preacher for Duchy of Lancaster, 1631. V. of Preston, 1640. Presbyterian Minister of Garstang, 1654-62 (ejected). Buried at Preston, Jan. 25, 1663-4. (Al. Oxon.; D.N.B.)

Ascham, Roger
B.A. from St John’s, 1533-4; M.A. 1537. 3rd s. of John, steward to Lord Scrope of Bolton. B. at Kirby Wiske, Yorks., c. 1515. Fellow of St John’s, 1534-54. An early student and teacher of Greek. Public Orator, 1546-54. Tutor to the Princess Elizabeth. Secretary to Sir Richard Morysin, ambassador to the Emperor Charles V, 1550-2; his diary of his travels was published in 1553. Latin Secretary to Queen Mary. Married, Jan. 1, 1553-4, Margaret Howe. Preb. of York, 1559. M.P. for Preston, Lancs., 1562. Died Dec. 30, 1568. Author, Toxophilus, The Scholemaster, etc. For a full account see D.N.B. (Cooper, I. 263.)

Ashton, John
Adm. pens. (age 18) at St John’s, June 26, 1739. S. of Francis, schoolmaster, of Lancs. (usher of Lancaster school, for nearly 50 years). B. in Lancaster. At school under his father, and at Preston and Eton. Matric. 1739. Migrated to Trinity, Feb. 20, 1741. Scholar, 1741; B.A. 1742-3; M.A. 1746. Fellow, 1745. R. of Aldingham, Lancs., 1749-59. Died Mar. 13, 1759. Brother of Thomas (1733). (Scott-Mayor, III. 501.)

Ashurst, Henry
Adm. pens. at Christ’s, Dec. 10, 1687. Doubtless s. of Sir William of Middlesex, Lord Mayor of London, 1693. If so, Town Clerk of London, 1700. Will proved (P.C.C.) Jan. 17, 1705. Father of the above and William Pritchard (1717). Another of these names ‘Attorney General for the County Palatine of Lancaster,’ M.P for Preston, 1698-1701. (Peile, II. 106; Cass, Parish of East Barnet, 68.)

Ayres, Thomas
Adm. pens. at St John’s, Oct. 5, 1894. S. of Zenas, mechanical engineer, of Cadley, Preston, Lancs. B. Apr. 9, 1877, at Preston. School, Preston. Matric. Michs. 1894. B.Sc. (London) 1911. Resident Tutor at St John’s Training College, Battersea, 1904-11; at Kendrick School, Reading, 1912; at Gt Yarmouth Grammar School, 1913-14. Subsequently European Language Master at the Imperial Naval College, Itogima, Japan. Author, Distribution of Secondary X-Rays and Electro-Magnetic Theory. (Schoolmasters’ Directory, 1919.)

Baker, Anna Maria
Matric. Newnham College 1879 of North Shields, Northumberland, Newnham College 1879-81 no Tripos. Assistant Mistress: King Edward VI High School Birmingham, 1886-88 Assistant Mistress: Preston High School 1888-90 d. before/ma 1896 no certificate [in earlier times, women who passed the Tripos examination were not awarded a degree (because they were women) but were awarded a Certificate instead].

Banister, Marmaduke Haddon
Adm. pens. at Christ’s, Dec. 12, 1899. S. of Edmund Dawson, clerk. B. July 26, 1881, at Preston, Lancs. Schools, Abbot’s Hall, Kent’s Bank, Lancs., and Rossall. Gained the Bishop Prince Lee scholarship, and migrated to Trinity, Sept. 30, 1900; matric. Michs. 1900; B.A. 1903; M.A. 1908. Ord. deacon, 1905; priest (Carlisle) 1906; C. of St James’s, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancs., 1905-6. Held other curacies, 1906-14. R. of Bewcastle, Cumberland, 1914-16. V. of Bassenthwaite, 1916-27. V. of Christ Church (with St Aidan’s, 1932-), Carlisle, 1927-36-. (Peile, II. 839; Crockford, 1938; Reg. of the Senate, 1937.) [ d. 1959:12:27 (J.D. Pickles: Trin. A.R. 1960)]

Barnacle, Henry Glanville
Adm. pens. at St John’s, July 15, 1869. S. of Henry (1854), clerk, M.A. B. at Knutsford, Cheshire. Bapt. May 13, 1849, at Trinity Church, Stepney, Middlesex. Matric. Michs. 1869; B.A. 1873; M.A. 1879. Assistant Master at Chigwell School, Essex, 1874-6. Ord. deacon, 1877; priest (Chester) 1879; C. of Neston, Cheshire, 1877-9. C. of Gleadless, Yorks., 1880-1; V. there, 1881. V. of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, 1882-99. Principal of St John’s College, Grimsargh, Preston, Lancs., 1898-1907. Lic. pr., dio. Manchester, 1899-1911. R. of Mount Barker, Western Australia, 1911-19. R. of Rosalie Nedlands, W. Australia, 1919-30. Astronomer on the Government Transit of Venus Expedition to the Sandwich Islands, 1874. F.R.A.S. R. of Rosalie, Perth, 1930-3; retired. Of 85, Hensman Road, Subiaco, W. Australia. Died Aug. 24, 1938, aged 89, at Perth, Australia. (Chigwell Sch. Reg.; Crockford, 1938; The Times, Sept. 14, 1938.)

Barnes, William Lawson
Adm. pens. at St John’s, July 8, 1830. S. of James, V. of Samlesbury, near Preston, Lancs. School, Giggleswick. Matric. Michs. 1830; Scholar, 1833. Migrated to Peterhouse, Aug. 23, 1837; B.A. (Peterhouse) 1834; M.A. 1838. Ord. deacon, 1835; priest (Chester) 1836; C. of Davenham, Cheshire, 1835-6. C. of Bingley, Yorks., 1836. P.C. of Smallbridge, Lancs., 1836-7. R. of Knapton, Norfolk, 1837-81. P.C. of Pulham, Dorset, 1870-4. C. of Charminster, 1874-88. Lived latterly at Cornwall Villa, Dorchester. Author, Sermons; pamphlets. Died Jan. 24, 1895, aged 84, at Dorchester. Father of James F. E. (1858). (T. A. Walker, 459; Scott, MSS.)

Baron, James Wilkie
Adm. sizar at St John’s, Oct. 8, 1859. S. of John, chemist [and Eliza Miles]. B. at Preston, Lancs. Bapt. June 12, 1838. Matric. Michs. 1859; B.A. 1863; M.A. 1866. Ord. deacon, 1864; priest (Manchester) 1865; C. of Salford, 1864-9. Head Master of Devizes Grammar School, 1869-71. C. of Little Hulton, Lancs., 1871-3. V. of Lumb-in-Rossendale, 1873-8. C. of Saddleworth and Chaplain of the Union, 1878-9. C. of Balderstone-in-Rochdale, 1879-81. R. of Sadberge, Durham, 1881-7. V. of Trawden, Lancs., 1887-98. C. of Lezayre, Devon, 1898-1903; retired. Lic. pr., dio. Durham, 1912. Lived latterly at Lebanon, Chalford, Stroud, Gloucs. Not in Crockford, 1920.

Barton, Robinson Shuttleworth
Adm. sizar at St John’s, Apr. 12, 1832. A ‘Ten-year’ man. Of Lancs. [S. of James, clerk. B. Jan. 16, 1786, at Preston.] Matric. Easter, 1840; B.D. 1842. Previously at Trinity College, Dublin; adm. there Jan. 24, 1814. P.C. of Goosnargh, Lancs., 1815-22. V. of Alconbury-cum-Weston, Hunts., 1822-38 (ceded). R. of Heysham, Lancs., 1838-58. Author, Sermons. Died June 4, 1858, aged 72. (Fishwick, Goosnargh, 37; G. Mag., 1858, II. 88.)

Barton, William
Adm. pens. at Sidney, Dec. 13, 1790. S. and h. of William, surgeon, of Preston, Lancs. B. there July 1, 1763. Schools, Preston (Mr Fleetwood), Warrington (Mr Owen) and Clitheroe (Mr T. Wilson). Matric. Easter, 1791; B.A. 1795. Ord. priest (Ely, Litt. dim. from Chester) June 29, 1794; P.C. of Langho, Lancs., 1794-1803. P.C. of Samlesbury, 1799-1803. P.C. of Gt Harwood, 1803-19.

Bartram, Helen
Matric Girton College 1891 b. 1873:05:12 dau. of Richard Bartram Solicitor: dau. of Alice Preston Educ. priv. School, Highbury, London, N. London Collegiate School, Girton College 1891-94 St Dunstan’s Scholar. Math.Trip., Pt I, Cl.II 1894 MA T.C.D. 1905 Training Department Bedford College, London 1896 Cambridge Certificate in Education 1896 Assistant Mistress: Preston High School Preston, 1894-96 Assistant Mistress: N. London Collegiate School 1897-1907 Headmistress: St Pancras County Secondary School, London 1907-13 Headmistress: County Secondary School later renamed King’s Warren School, Plumstead, London 1913-33 Member of Finchley Pension Committee, 1934-37 Address 36 Arden Road, Finchley, N.3.

Bashall, Humphrey [Miller]
Adm. pens. (age 19) at Magdalene, June 9, 1848. S. of William, Esq., of Preston, Lancs. Matric. Michs. 1849, as H. Miller; B.A. 1855; M.A. 1858.

Bashall, John Percy Talbot
Adm. pens. at Trinity, June 14, 1886. S. of John, of 28, Queen’s Road, Southport, Lancs. B. Dec. 31, 1867, at Lostock Hall, near Preston. Matric. Michs. 1886.

Battersby, Francis Edward
Adm. a scholar at Queens’, Michs. 1891. S. of Thomas. B. Sept. 2, 1872, at Preston. [School, Preston Grammar.] Matric. Michs. 1891; Scholar, 1892; B.A. 1894; M.A. 1898. Assistant Master at Newport Intermediate School, and Lecturer in Mathematics at Newport Technical Institute, Monm., 1895. Head Master of Newport School, 1905-19-. (Schoolmasters’ Directory, 1904-19.)

Battiscombe, John William Harold
Adm. pens. at Sidney, Oct. 1, 1899. S. of William Crickmer, R. of Warehorne, Kent. B. at Hesper, Iowa. School, Ashford Grammar (Mr B. Snell). Matric. Michs. 1899; B.A. 1902. Ord. deacon (Canterbury) 1904; priest (Rochester) 1905; C. of Christ Church, Erith, Kent, 1904-6. C. of St Anne’s, Lewes, 1906-8. Chaplain of Wakefield prison, 1908-10; of Warwick prison, 1910-14; of Preston prison, 1914-30; of Parkhurst, Isle of Wight, 1930-6; of Wormwood Scrubs, 1936-. (Crockford, 1938.) [ b. 1879:01:25 d. aged 86 Merstham, [Surrey], 1965:03:05 (J.D. Pickles; Sid. Sussex Coll. Ann.)]

Baynes, Geoffrey
Adm. pens. at Trinity, June 25, 1899. S. of Frederick, of Samlesbury Hall, Preston, Lancs. B. July 20, 1880, at Blackburn, Lancs. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1899. Entered the Army; 3rd Hussars, 1900. Served in the South African War, 1901-2; in the Great War (3rd Hussars; Capt.; wounded; Major; retired). (Rugby Sch. Reg.)

Bell, Emily Constance Gilchrist
Matric. Newnham College 1890 b. 1868:02:17 dau. of William Bell med. practitioner: dau. of Jane Owen Educ. Preston High School; Cheltenham Ladies’ College Newnham College 1890-93 College Scholar Newnham College. Math.Trip. Pt I Cl.II 1893 MA T.C.D.. Assistant Mistress: Croydon High School 1893-98 Assistant Mistress: Merchant Taylors’ School reat Crosby 1898-1902 jt Headmistress: Beresford House priv. sch. Ealing, London], 1902-05 Founder and Headmistress: Winton House School Ealing, 1905-24 In Paris, 1924-39 At Malvern, Worcestershire], after 1939 d. 1959:01:09.

Benson, Ernest Moore
Adm. pens. at St John’s, Aug. 2, 1894. S. of Alexander, clerk, of Salop. B. May 3, 1875, at Sparkbrook, Birmingham. School, South Eastern College, Ramsgate. Matric. Michs. 1894; B.A. 1897; M.A. 1901. Ord. deacon, 1898; priest (Carlisle) 1899; C. of St Mark’s, Barrow-in-Furness, 1898-1904. C. of St Mary’s, Kirkdale, Liverpool, 1904-6. P.C. of St Benedict’s, Everton, 1906-18. V. of All Saints’, Preston, 1918-31. V. of St Jude’s, Wolverhampton, 1931-9-. (Crockford, 1939.)

Berry, Benjamin Allen
Adm. pens. at Peterhouse, Apr. 24, 1889. S. of George. B. May 26, 1869, at Staveley, Derbs. School, Huddersfield High. Matric. Michs. 1889. Removed to Fitzwilliam Hall, Oct. 15, 1890, but re-adm. at Peterhouse, Oct. 5, 1892; B.A. 1892; M.A. 1896. Ord. deacon, 1894; priest (Manchester) 1901; C. of St Augustine, Tonge Moor, Lancs., 1894-7. C. of Holy Trinity, Preston, 1897-1904. Chaplain to the 1st N. Lancs. Regt. (V.B.). Served as Chaplain in the South African War, 1902. At Shorncliffe Camp, Folkestone, 1904-5. Chaplain in the Navy, 1905-6. Clerical Organising Secretary to the Waifs and Strays Society, for Worcester, Lichfield and Birmingham, 1906-20; for Coventry, 1918-20. Chaplain to the Forces. C. of Claines, Worcs., 1907-20. R. of Kildale, York, 1920-34. C. of Guisborough, Yorks., 1921-7. (T A. Walker, 609; Crockford.)

Binner, William
Matric. Non-Coll. Michs. 1890; clerk. S. of William, deceased, of Holbeck, Leeds, Yorks. B. there Dec. 29, 1847. Assistant Master at Perse School, Cambridge, 1890. Adm. at Caius, Oct. 1, 1892; B.A. 1893; M.A. 1897. Ord. deacon (Ripon) 1882; priest, 1883; C. of St Andrew’s, Huddersfield, Yorks., 1882-7. C. of Bradley, 1888-90. C. of St Mark’s, Newnham, and of Grantchester, Cambridge, 1890-3. Lecturer at Bolton, Yorks., 1893-7. V. of Preston, Lancs., 1897-1922. Resided latterly at East Malling, Kent. Died Oct. 18, 1927. (Venn, II. 524; The Times, Oct. 20, 1927.)

Bladon, George
Adm. pens. at Corpus Christi, Sept. 30, 1876. Of Staffs. S. of George G., of Uttoxeter. B. there. Schools, Loughborough, Uttoxeter Grammar, and Shrewsbury. Matric. Michs. 1876; B.A. 1880. Ord. deacon, 1879; priest (Manchester) 1881; C. of Penwortham, Lancs., 1880-8. V. of Chadderton, 1888-92. V. of Higher Walton, Preston, 1892-1911. Not in Crockford, 1912.

Bland, James
Adm. sizar at St John’s, May 3, 1684. S. of John, husbandman. B. at Sedbergh, Yorks. School, Sedbergh. Matric. 1684; B.A. 1687-8; M.A. 1703. Ord. (Carlisle) Mar. 10, 1689. Archdeacon of Aghadoe, 1705-28. Treasurer of Ardfert, 1711. Chaplain to Lord Deputy Sidney in Ireland, 1692. Archdeacon of Limerick, 1693-1705. Dean of Ardfert, 1728. Died Mar. 1728 as V. of Killarney. Buried there. (Burke, L. G.; Cotton, Fast. Hibern.) [Ordained deacon (Carlisle) 10 June 1688; priest 16 March 1689/90; curate of Preston 1689.]

Bott, Alexander Glen
Adm. pens. at St John’s, Oct. 7, 1870. S. of Charles Joseph, clerk. B. at Paddington, Middlesex. Bapt. May 10, 1848. Matric. Michs. 1870; B.A. 1875; M.A. 1881. Ord. deacon, 1874; priest (York) 1875; Clerk-in-ordinary of Holy Trinity, Hull, 1874-5. C. of All Saints’, Sherburn, Yorks., 1875. C. of St Peter’s, Preston, Lancs., 1879-83. V. of Halliwell, Yorks., 1883-1919. Died June 10, 1919, aged 71. (Crockford; Scott, MSS.)

Bowen, John Morris
Matric. Non-Coll. Lent, 1883. Adm. pens. at Christ’s, Oct. 6, 1883. S. of James. B. June 8, 1863, at Sychtyn, Oswestry, Salop. School, Independent College, Taunton. B.A. 1885; M.A. 1890. Ord. deacon (York) 1886; priest (Chester) 1888; C. of Middlesborough, Yorks., 1886-7. C. of Millbrook, Cheshire, 1887-9. C. of Christ Church, Preston, Lancs., 1889-94. V. of St Jude’s, Preston, 1894-1909. Died July 19, 1909. (Peile, II. 700.)

Bowman, Isaac
Adm. pens. (age 19) at Trinity, Mar. 12, 1850. Of Edderside, Cumberland. S. of John. B. at Preston, Lancs. School, Heversham, Westmorland (Mr Sharples). Matric. Michs. 1850; B.A. 1854; M.A. 1871. Ord. deacon, 1854; priest (Peterb.) 1855; C. of St Peter’s, Northampton, 1854-7. Held other curacies, 1857-67. Minor Canon of Gloucester, 1867-76. Chaplain to the Gloucester County Infirmary, 1869-76. R. of Taynton, Gloucs., 1876. V. of South Creake, Norfolk, 1877-83. V. of St Paul’s, New Southgate, London, 1883-1904. Disappears from Crockford, 1908. Father of Arthur U. (1886).

Boyle, James
Adm. pens. at Corpus Christi, Oct. 1, 1898. Of Lancs. S. of James, confectioner. B. Mar. 26, 1878, at Blackburn. School, Alston College, Preston. Matric. Michs. 1898; B.A. 1901; M.A. 1906. Ord. deacon, 1901; priest (Manchester) 1902; C. of Feniscliffe, Lancs., 1901-3. C. of Epsom, Surrey, 1903-4. Organising Secretary of the Colonial and Continental Church Society, 1904-9. C. of St George’s, Preston, 1909-10. R. of Micheldean, Gloucs., 1910-16. V. of Wembdon, Somerset, 1916-39-. Author, The Sixty of Saskatchewan. (Crockford, 1939.)

Brade, Francis Robinson
Adm. sizar at St John’s, Apr. 6, 1827. B. c. 1809, at Preston, Lancs. School, Sedbergh. Matric. Michs. 1828; B.A. 1832. Assistant Master at Bruce Castle School, Tottenham, Middlesex. Died Nov. 1899. Brother of William T. (1825). (Sedbergh Sch. Reg.)

Brade, William Thomas
Adm. sizar at St John’s, May 16, 1825. B. at Preston, Lancs. School, Sedbergh. Matric. Michs. 1826. Brother of Francis R. (1827).

Bradgate or Broadgate, Samuel
Adm. pens. (age 18) at St John’s, Feb. 11, 1685-6. S. of Thomas, gent. B. at Edmundthorpe, Leics. School, Preston. Matric. 1686; B.A. 1689-90; M.A. 1693. Incorp. at Oxford, 1693. R. of Langar, Notts., 1696. [Probably chaplain in the Navy 1705-06.]

Bradshaw, Nicholas
B.Civ.L. 1519-20. R. of Preston, Lancs., 1548-62. [Read vicar of Preston; Canon of Newark College, Nottinghamshire (E. Axon).]

Bretherton, Humphrey William
Adm. pens. at Trinity, June 7, 1876. S. and h. of William, of Runshaw Hall, Lancs. B. July 6, 1857, at Leyland, Preston. School, Rugby. Matric. Michs. 1876; B.A. 1880; M.A. 1883. Ord. deacon, 1881; priest (Manchester) 1882; C. of Rochdale, 1881-2. C. of St Mary’s, Nottingham, 1882-3. R. of Eccleston, Lancs., 1883-1911. Of Runshaw Hall, Chorley, Lancs. Married and had issue. Died Apr. 24, 1911, at Eccleston rectory. (Burke, L.G.)

Brewer, Frederic William
Adm. pens. at St Catharine’s, May 23, 1885. S. of Thomas. B. [Oct. 30, 1867] at Preston, Lancs. [School, Preston Grammar.] Matric. Michs. 1885; B.A. 1888; M.A. 1892. Master at Wymondham Grammar School, Norfolk, 1889-90. Instructor at an Army coaching establishment at Yateley Grange, Hants., 1890-1. Master at Preston Grammar School, 1891-6. Lecturer at Harris Institute, Preston, 1892-6. Head Master of Dame Allen’s School, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1896-1925. During the Great War, Officer commanding 1st Cadet Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers; trained and recruited Territorials, Volunteers and Cadets. O.B.E. Died Dec. 18, 1925, aged 58. (Burke, O.B.E.; Schoolmasters’ Directory.)

Brograve, John
Matric. pens. from St John’s, Michs. 1554. Bapt. at St Mildred Poultry, London, Oct. 27, 1538. S. of Richard. Adm. at Gray’s Inn, 1555. Attorney for Duchy of Lancaster, 1580. University Counsel, 1581. M.P. for Preston, 1586, 1597, 1601; for Boroughbridge, 1593. Knighted, 1603. Of Hamells, Herts. Died Sept. 11, 1613. Buried in Braughing Church. (D.N.B.)

Brooks, Harry Cribb
Adm. pens. at St Catharine’s, Oct. 20, 1893. S. of James. B. Feb. 1, 1857, at Walthamstow. Essex. [School, St Peter’s College, Peterborough.] Matric. Michs. 1893; B.A. 1896; M.A. 1902. Assistant Master at Victoria Street Board School, London, for 2½ years; at Cranleigh School, Surrey, for 11 years. Head Master of Preston Grammar School, Lancs., 1898-1904-. Died March or April, 1938. (Schoolmasters’ Directory, 1904.)

Brown post Cavis-Brown, John
Adm. sizar at St John’s Oct. 10, 1874. S. of William, moulder. B. at Preston, Lancs. Bapt. June 22, 1856. Matric. Michs. 1874; B.A. 1878; M.A. 1883. Took the name of Cavis-Brown, by deed poll, Mar. 24, 1884. Master of the Manchester Cathedral Choir School, 1878-80. Ord. deacon, 1879; priest (Manchester) 1880; C. of Manchester Cathedral, 1879-80. C. of Fallowfield, 1880-1. V. of Chichester Cathedral, 1882-97. Chaplain of the Westhampnett Union, 1882. R. of St Martin’s with St Olave’s, Chichester, 1882-97. Chaplain and Secretary of Bishop Otter’s Training College, Chichester, 1895-7. Chaplain in the Navy, 1897. V. of St John-the-Evangelist, Woolwich, 1897-9. V. of Shifnal, Salop, 1899-1902. R. of Selsey, Sussex, 1902-9. Author, History of Selsey, Episcopal, Manorial and Parochial. Died Aug. 30, 1909, at Langenschwalbach. (Records of Rochester; Scott, MSS.)

Brown, Alfred
Adm. pens. at St John’s, Oct. 3, 1881. S. of William, founder. B. at Preston, Lancs. Bapt. Aug. 31, 1862. School, Preston Grammar (Mr Beaven). Matric. Michs. 1881; B.A. 1884.

Brown, James Taylor
Adm. pens. at Christ’s, May 22, 1848. S. of Robert, physician. B. at Preston, Lancs. School, Preston. Matric. Michs. 1848; Scholar, 1849; B.A. 1852; M.A. 1855. Ord. deacon (Manchester) 1854; priest, 1855; C. of St George’s, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancs., 1854-60. C. of Holy Trinity, Marylebone, London, 1860-3. P.C. of Nayland, Essex, 1863-7. P.C. of Holy Trinity, Preston, 1867-75. Died there Feb. 12, 1875, aged 45. (Peile, II. 505; The Times, Feb. 18, 1875.) [ eldest s. of Robert BROWN of Preston, Lancashire, brother of Richard Holgate Brown (1851) b. Preston, Lancashire, 1829:12:23 d. “of brain disease”, at his mother’s house 27 Winckley Square, Preston, 1875:02:12 m. Rachel Frobisher Jones elder dau. and only surviving child of Rev. Neville Jones (1828) vicar of: St George at St George, Little Bolton, 1863:08:27 Rachel Frobisher Jones dau. of Rachel Frobisher Jones Rachel Frobisher Jones b. Prescott Street, East London, London, 1837:04:19 Rachel Frobisher Jones Brown d. ‘Sunnydene’, Bedfordwell Road, Eastbourne, [Sussex], 1910:11:05 (Hugh Casement, 2015)]

Brown, Richard Holgate
Adm. pens. at Christ’s, May 13, 1851. S. of Robert, physician, of Preston, Lancs. B. there Nov. 13, 1831. School, Preston. Matric. Michs. 1851; B.A. 1855; M.A. 1858. Ord. deacon (Chester) 1855; priest, 1856; C. of St Catherine’s, Tranmere, Cheshire, 1855-7. C. of St Paul’s, Tranmere, 1857-60. V. of High Lane, Stockport, 1860-81. Rural Dean, 1872-81. Hon. Canon of Chester, 1875. V. of St Paul’s, Staley, Cheshire, 1880-7. Died Aug. 16, 1887, aged 55, at Staley. (Peile, II. 519.) [ 2nd s. of Robert Brown of Winckley Square, Preston, Lancashire, s. of Agnes Guy Brown m. (1) Harriet Catterall eldest dau. of Paul Catterall manufacturer of Preston, Lancashire, at St John, Preston, Lancashire, 1861:06:04 Harriet Catterall dau. of Harriet Susanna Whitehead Catterall Harriet Catterall b. Preston, Lancashire, 1836 Harriet Catterall d. High Lane, Stockport, 1862:09:12 m. (2) Eliza Mary Horrocks at St John, Preston, Lancashire, 1866:07:19 Eliza Mary Horrocks 3rd but eldest surviving dau. of the late John Horrocks alderman of Ribblesdale Place, Preston, Lancashire, Eliza Mary Horrocks dau. of Jane (‘Jenny’) Brash Horrocks Eliza Mary Horrocks b. Preston, Lancashire, 1838 Eliza Mary Horrocks Brown d. Ribblesdale Place, Preston, Lancashire, 1912:09:04 There appear to have been no children by either marriage (Hugh Casement, 2015)]

Brownsword or Brownsworth, William
Adm. pens. at Emmanuel, Dec. 14, 1645. S. of John. B. at Lancaster. School, Manchester. Matric. 1645. (Already matric. at Brasenose College, Oxford, Apr. 1, 1642.) B.A. 1645-6; M.A. 1649. V. of Kendal, Cumberland, 1659-72. Preacher at Douglas, 1645, and at Preston, Lancs. R. of Hoole, Lancs., 1654-8. Author, polemical. (Mumford, Manch. Gr. Sch.) [Baptised at Manchester 5 March 1625/6; had also studied at Glasgow (E. Axon). Subscribed 13 August 1662; ordained deacon and priest (Whithorn) 27 June 1661, licensed to preach 20 October 1662 (Sheils: REB 32)]

Burgess, Henry Edgar
Adm. at Clare, June 11, 1881. Matric. Michs. 1881; B.A. 1884; M.A. 1894. Ord. deacon, 1887; priest (Manchester) 1888; C. of Farnworth with Kearsley, Lancs., 1887-1902. V. of St Paul’s, Preston, 1902-11. V. of Higher Walton, 1911-31. Of 4, Bank House, Victoria Road, Fulwood, Preston, 1938. Died there Feb. 14, 1939. (Crockford, 1938; The Times, Feb. 16, 1939.)

Burrow, James Herbert
Adm. at Selwyn H. Oct. 10, 1884. B. July 11, 1864. Matric. Michs. 1884; B.A. (Theol. Trip., 1st Class) 1887; Prizeman; Tyrwhitt Scholar, 1890; M.A. 1891. Of 116, Fishergate, Preston, in 1918; of North Huish, Avonwick, S. Devon, in 1921. (Selwyn Coll. Cal.)

Burwell, George
Adm. pens. at St John’s, Sept. 19, 1867. S. of Edward, grocer. B. at Nottingham. Bapt. Mar. 2, 1846. Matric. Michs. 1867; B.A. 1871; M.A. 1874. Ord. deacon, 1870; priest (Manchester) 1872; C. of St Peter’s, Blackburn, Lancs., 1870-4. C. of St Andrew’s, Ancoats, 1874-9. R. of Gorton, 1879-91. V. of Chipping, 1891-1904. Lic. pr., dio. Manchester, 1905. Resided latterly at Denisfield Longridge, Preston, Lancs. Died Mar. 9, 1917, aged 71. (R. F. Scott; The Guardian, Mar. 15, 1917.)

Bushell, William
Adm. pens. at St Catharine’s, Apr. 23, 1713. M.B. 1714. S. of William, of Preston-in-Amounderness, Lancs., clerk. Matric. from Brasenose, Oxford, June 4, 1709, age 17. Adm. at the Inner Temple, 1711. (Al. Oxon.) [High Sheriff of Lancashire 1733; founder of Goosnargh Hospital; died 1735 (E. Axon).]

Buzzard, Tertius Augustus
Matric. Non-Coll. Lent, 1881; B.A. 1884; M.A. 1888. Ord. deacon, 1885; priest (Manchester) 1886; C. of Clayton-le-Moors, Lancs., 1885. C. of Preston, 1885-9. V. of Grimsargh, 1889-1928. Disappears from Crockford, 1929.

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