September 1687

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Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for September 1687

i at Preston and went to Penwortha to dinner, to see my brother come home the day before, from Chester where he hath been to kiss the Ks. hand.

2 at Preston & at prayers

3 at Preston & at prayers

4 at Preston Church, heard the Vicar and recd. the Sacraemt & Mr Clayton

5 at Preston & at prayers

6 at Preston & at prayers & at Mr Will Pattens & Mar: Wildings

7 at Preston & at Swanseys at bowles, Dyned there.

8 at Preston, & waited on my Ladie Derby at Mr Pattens & to Church to prayers & to Mr Hodgkinson’s where she dyned & my wife & I & Mr Rigby & his.

9 at Preston & at prayers & at Mr Johnsons & the Mitre with MrBellingham Mr Johnson Mr Patten & Mr Kellet & Mr ffarrand.

i0 at Preston & at prayers & at Mr Rigby’s at supper I & Myne

ii at Preston Church heard Vicar Birch & Mr ffarrand

i2 at Preston, & went to Penwortham my wife wth mee to see my sister who came home the day before was at Mar: Wildings wth Mr Leigh

i3 at Preston & at prayers & the funerall of old Mrs. Rigby & at Talbot & Ratliffs i’th weend wth Coll Rigby, Mr ferrars & others

i4 at Preston & at prayers & at walton Hall to see Mr. Houghton

i5 at Preston & at prayers & at Talbot with Expr Parker

i6 at Preston & at prayers & at James Cowpers and George Ratliffs & at Rigbyes wth Kester Parker & Mr [Sorrocold] & Mr Lemon

i7 at Preston

i8 at Preston Church heard the Vicar, dyned at Mr Kellets my wife and Mr fferrars & his, & heard Mr ffarrand

i9 at Preston & at prayers & at the funerall of Mr. Christopher Greenfield’s daughter Vicar preachd

20 at Preston, & went to Penwortha to Dinner my wife there, & Mr Johnson and 2 Mr Bellinghams, Mr Lemon & Mr Tho: Greenfield.

2i at Preston & at Swansey’s at Bowles

22 at Preston & at prayers & at Mitre to Coz: ffleetwood & at Ancor wth Mr ffrancis & at Jo; Rigby’s wth Mr [Sorrowcold] Mr Lemon and others.

23 at Preston

24 at Preston & at prayers & at Jo: Rigbyes wth Mr Bellinghams Mr Johnson & Mr Patten.

25 at Preston & went to Penwortha heard Mr Ricroft & Mr Gregory.

26 at Preston & ay Mr Winckleys

27 at Preston & at prayers & Tirlers

28 at Preston & a setting i’th evening at Rigbies wth Mr Bellingham & Mr Lemon for 3 canns only

29 at Preston & at prayers

30 at Preston & a seeting came in to dinner, was a Coffeehouse & at Monseurs wth Mr Leigh Mr Pygot and Dr. Werton.