Holt, James

James Holt (1647-1713) of Castleton Hall, Rochdale, was elected MP for Lancashire in 1685. He was active in various county offices, including JP and deputy lieutenant, from 1677 until his death except during the brief period of Viscount Molyneux‘s Catholic ascendancy in 1688. He was defeated in the Parliamentary election of early 1690. In his county offices he subsequently showed himself hostile to Jacobites and recusants. [1] He makes a number of appearances in the Bellingham/Rawstorne diaries.

[1] ‘Holt, James (1647-1713), of Castleton Hall, Rochdale, Lancs. | History of Parliament Online’, accessed 19 August 2018, http://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1660-1690/member/holt-james-1647-1713.

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