Cockshutt, John

A John Cockshott gent and his son Edmund appear on the 1662 Guild roll and a John Cockshutt gent together with his sons Edmund, George and Thomas appear on the 1682 rolls. [1] In a Preston sacrament certificate of 1673 a John Cockshutt is described as ‘Attorney of his Majestyes Court of Comon Pleas’. [2] A John Cockshed had a house on the south side of Church Street on the 1685 plan of the town. If these various Johns are the same person then John Cockshott was the lawyer friend of the diarists Thomas Bellingham and Lawrence Rawstorne, the latter referring to him as cousin, as for example on 10 December 1683. According to Hewitson, he became Preston town clerk in 1694. [3]

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