Fishergate in the later 17th century based on a plan at Lancashire Archives (DDX194/9) and a copy of the plan at the Harris Reference Library, Preston, annotated with the names of property owners by Stephen Sartin. The annotation also identifies inns and taverns, barns and other buildings as well as indicating which properties extend to more than two storeys. The numbers are the ones on the annotated plan and relate to the list below. Note: DDX194/9 is an attempt at a visualisation based on original survey documents. Its accuracy is uncertain, but it does provide a feel for the townscape in 1685 (see The 1685 Survey of Preston for a detailed discussion of the 17th-century plans).

Use web browser zoom to view property numbers

List of property owners

Spelling of names as in original Lancashire Archive documents: be aware of  possible transcription errors.

294: Wm Blackleach     295: Wm Shaw     296: Wm Hepson     297: El Turnley     298: Roger Welithman – innkeeper at the Holy Lamb     299: Wm Darron     300: Rd Clarkson     301: Wm Wilson     302: Danl Chaddock     303: Jno Burton     304: Tho Greenfeild     305: Geo Piggott esq – father or brother of Robert Piggott     306: Jno Lack     307: Isabel Tasker     308: Rt Dunderdale     309: Edw Hilshaw     310: Roger Santer     311: Hugh Shaddock     312: Geo Burchhill     313: Isaac Salsbury     314: Wm Mellin     315: Tho Bickerstaffe     316: Wm Blakeleach     317: Hen Wamsley     318: James Sorbutts     319: Grace Warding     320: Rd Bratherton chi[?]     321: Wm Bratherton     322: Alex Swansey – innkeeper at the White Horse     323: Rt Carr – innkeeper at the Wheat Sheaf     324: Widow Blackhurst     325: Isabel Boudell     326: Sarah Kendall     327: James Langton     328: John Key     329: x Nowell – grocer     330: Sir John Molenex – four-storey property     331: Tho Winkley     332: Geo Addison – four-storey property     333: Tho Warden     334: Jno Lee     335: Wm Lemon     336: Jno Ferreys esq     337: Wm Bradley     338: Jno Warden     339: Wm Greenough     340: ? ?     341: Roger Sudell     342: Mary Halstead




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