Pedder, Paul — 1697-1742

The Pedders of Preston
Over the course of two hundred years the Pedder family rose to prominence in the town, founding its first bank and entering the ranks of the gentry. The main branch of the family faced ruin when the bank collapsed in 1861, but fortunes were salvaged and the family entered the 20th century with their privileges intact.
The Pedders of Preston

Paul Pedder was baptised 28 January 1696/7 at Preston Parish Church, the son of Richard Pedder. He married first Jane Pedder, with whom he had two, possibly six children (she is named on the baptism records of only the two youngest). Jane was buried on 3 June 1732 and Paul married Mrs Mary Wignall on 14 July 1733. The couple had five, possibly six children (Mary is named on only five of the baptism records). 1

In various documents he is described as barber, and sometime wig maker, as for example in the town’s apprenticeship indenture records, where in 1718 he is described as ‘barber and perriwigmaker’ when he took as apprentice William Woods, the son of Mary Woods of Preston, a widow. 2 She is possibly the Mary Woods that Paul’s brother Peter married two years later.

From February 1723/4 onwards he served on the court leet jury. 3

Two sons, Robert and Thomas, survived to adulthood. Robert was described in the 1742 guild rolls as an attorney the son of of Paul Pedder barber, deceased; in the 1762 roll he is described as a gentleman living in Liverpool. 4

In his will granted administration 2 November 1742 he is described as a barber. He left money to all his surviving children: Robert, £160; Margaret, £60; Thomas, £100; Anne, £100; Mary, £100; Margery, £100; and Ruth, £100.

At this period, according to the National Archives historical currency converter, a pound was roughly equal to £118 in today’s money.

Paul was buried on 3 May 1742 at the parish church. 5

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