The First Catholic Charitable Society of Preston – Appendix D


NOTE.—Those who are known to have been members of the Society have M. after their names, and the date is that of their entrance. The others may or may not have been members. Dr. O. stands for Dr. Oliver’s Collectanea, F. for Foley’s Records, and G. for Joseph Gillow, Esq.

1733 Dec. 8 Fr. Alexr. Leigh, M., alias John Layton, S.J., who, in 1733, bought a house in Friargate, which was used as the only chapel in Preston at that time. St. Mary’s was built in 1761. (See infra 1744).—F.

1734 June 14 Fr. John Robinson., M., alias, or vere Gasine, or Gazain, S.J., died at Preston, 17th March, 1742, aet 43.—F.

1742 June 13 Fr. Robert Petre, S.J., M., Missions at Eccleston, in 1744-5; died as Chaplain at Dunkenhalgh, 27th April, 1766, aet 66.—F.

1742 Fr. John Talbot, M., alias Mansell S.J., Rector of Preston in 1758, and again in 1765. Served also on the Liverpool mission, and as chaplain to the Cliftons, of Lytham Hall. Died at Walton, near Preston, 9th June, 1799, aet 91.—F.

1743 Sep. 8 Fr. John Porter, S.J., M., vere Corbusier, a Belgian. Came to Preston September, 1743. He died at Scotney Castle, Sussex, the seat of the Darrell family, 8th September, 1765, aet 58. —F.

1743 Fr. John Mansell, S.J., M. This, no doubt, is the same as Fr. John Talbot mentioned in 1742, supra.

1744 Dec. 7 Fr. Alexander Leigh, S. J. The same mentioned in 1733, supra. He came to Preston in 1728, left again probably in November, 1734, and went to Newcastle, whence he returned to Preston. He died on the 9th March 1748, aged 67 years. This may account for his entrance being recorded twice.

1745 Fr. Bernard Bradshaw, O.S.B., of Little Mosna, Walton-le-Dale.—G.

1745 Fr. John Greene, alias Westby, O.P. See App. A. at the same date.

1753 Fr. Patrick Barnewall, S.J. Born in Co. Dublin; on the Irish Mission in 1741; afterwards at Preston, where he opened St. Mary’s, in 1760, and died 1st February, 1762, aet 53.—F.

1758 Mar. 25 Rev. Luke White, M., of Alston Lane Chapel.—G.

1761 Fr. Thomas Simpson, O.S.B., of Cuerden.—G.

1762 Oct. 28 Dom Placid Naylor, O.S.B., of Brindle. —G.

1762 Dec. 25 Rev. F. Smith, M. A secular priest who seems to have been at Cottam. His name is probably an alias. It occurs in some records of the Bilsborrow Charities, 1763, 1765.—G.

1763 Jan. 2 Rev. Fr. Smith, M. Probably Fr. Joseph Smith, S.J., of St. Mary’s, Preston.—G. This Father was a native of Leicestershire. He succeeded Fr. Barnewall at St. Mary’s, or the New Chapel, as it was then called. During a contested election the chapel was gutted by the mob, and, to save himself from his pursuers he was obliged to swim the Ribbie on horseback. He died on the 1st May, 1768, aged 43.—Dr. O.

1767 July 9 Fr. John Richardson, S.J., of Slate Delph.

1769 June 4 Fr. John Jemison, S.J., who succeeded Fr. Smith, S.J., at St. Mary’s in 1768. His mind becoming affected, he was placed in an asylum at Liege, where he died in 1793, aet 64. He was a brilliant, classical scholar.—F.

1776 Mar. 30 Fr. George Clarkson, S.J. See App. A, same date.

1776 Mar 30 Rev. Robt. Banister, of Fernyhalgh. See App. A, same date.

1776 Apr. 31 Rev. Lund, either Anthony, of Fernyhalgh, or John, of Cottam.—G.

1776 June Rev. John Jones. See App. A, same date.

1783 Apr. 13 Rev. William Dunn. See App. A, same date.

1783 Dec. 26 Mr. Cowp, Rev. See App. A, same date.

1783 Dec. 26 Rev. John Carter. See App. A, same year

1785 Mar. 20 Rev. Joseph Dunn, S.J., M. See App. A, 1783

1785 Dec 26 Rev. Peter Westby. See App. A, same year.

1788 June 29 Fr. Lawrence Josh. Hadley, O.S.B., of Brindle.

1789 Dec. 26 Fr. Oswald Eaves, O.S.B., of Brownedge.—G.

1793 Dec. Fr. John Atkinson, O.S.B., of Brownedge.—G.

1797 Dec. 26 Rev. Mr. Weetman. Edward Andrew Weetman, O.S.F., served the mission at Lower Hall, Samlesbury, from 1793 to April, 1798.—G.

1799 Sep. 8 Rev. Richard Morgan, S.J., M., of Preston.

1803 Sep. 11 Fr. John Lawrenson, S.J., of Clitheroe.

1805 Dec. 26 Fr. Joseph Tate, S.J., M., of Preston.

1806 June 29 Fr. James Aloysius Pope, O.S.B., of Brindle.—G.

1808 Dec. 26 Rev. John George Morris, M. (Not a member of the Society of Jesus, but he always served it. He was on the Preston Mission from 1808 to 1826. – G.)

1811 Dec. 26 Fr. Francis West, S.J., M. He arrived in Preston in 1811, but remained only a short time; returned in 1834, and remained till 1842. He died in Liverpool in 1852.—F

1811 Dec. 26 Rev. Peter Lanell., M.

1812 Dec. 26 Fr. Philip Darell, M. Born 1781, educated at Stonyhurst. He did not actually join the Society of Jesus, but, like several others, served it. He died at St. Wilfrid’s, Preston, a few weeks after his arrival, a victim of charity, in attending the sick, 28th January, 1813, aet 32.—F.

Rev. Roger Baxter (no date given), of Walton-le-Dale, died in Philadelphia, U.S., 24th May, 1827, aged 34. His name occurs on a fly leaf in Vol. II.

1825 Dec. 27 The Right Rev. Bishop Penswick, M.

1831 July 4 Rev. Fr. Randall Lythgoe, S.J., M. Appointed to Preston in 1827. He was Provincial from 1841 to 1848. Died at Great Yarmouth 25th Jan., 1855, aged 62. At the above date he proposed a vote “that the members of the Society meet on the 18th day of October, to celebrate and consecrate the hundredth anniversary of this Society, being on the 6th of June, 1831.” He ought, therefore, to have M. after his name, but he must have entered at an earlier date.

1835 Fr. George Rogerson, S.J. A native of Garstang, ordained by Bishop Penswick in 1830; then served the Preston Mission for four years, but left through bad health. He died at Worcester 27th January, 1840, aged 40.

1836 Jan. Fr. William Lomax, S.J. Ordained by Bishop Penswick in 1833, and was then sent to Preston. He died at Pontefract, 8th May, 1856, aged 52.

1839 Oct. Fr. Clarke. Probably Fr. Thomas Clarke, S.J., who was ordained in 1834 by Bishop Penswick, and was then sent as Missioner to Gilmoss till 1841. He was in Preston in 1843. He died at Blackpool, 2nd April, 1870, aged 66.

1840 Oct. Fr. James Peniston, S.J. Ordained in 1838. He served on the Preston Mission a short time, was sent to Calcutta in 1834, three years later was at Malta, went to Bomba in 1853, and died there 30th June 1856, aged 47.

1842 Fr. Henry Segrave, S.J. Ordained in 1836 by Bishop Briggs, was at Preston for a time, became Rector of the English College in Malta, was on the Mission in London, Barbadoes, &c., died at Stonyhurst 13th February, 1869, aged 63 years.

1842 July Fr. Francis Daniel, S.J. Ordained in Rome by the Patriarch of Constantinople, returned home in 1824. Rector of Stonyhurst in 1839, was at St. Ignatius’ in Preston for a time, and also at Holywell, &c., till 1851, when he became superior at St. Ignatius’. In 1855, he was made Rector of the College of the Apostles and lived at Great Yarmouth. In 1855, he became Rector of St. Michael’s College, and lived at Broughton Hall, where he died 6th December, 1869, aged 71.

1842 July Fr. Richard O’Carroll, S.J. Ordained at Stonyhurst, sent to Liverpool in 1849, and died there 14th February, 1858, aged 51.

1842 July. Fr. Thomas Weston, S.J. Ordained in 1834 by Bishop Penswick at Stonyhurst. In 1842, sent to St. Wilfrid’s, Preston; went in 1853-5 first resident missioner to St. Walburge’s; died at Rhyl November 14th, 1867, aged 63.

1842 Oct. Fr. Charles Lomax, S.J. Ordained at Stonyhurst by Bishop Briggs in 1836, served the Preston Mission for a short time; died at Stonyhurst 28th October, 1860, aged 50.

1843 Jan. Fr. Frank Jarrett, S.J.

1843 Mar. Fr. Thomas Clarke, S.J. See Supra, 1839.

1843 Mar. Fr. Henry Walmesley, S.J. Ordained at Liege in 1842, supplied in Preston for a time, Vice-Rector of Stonyhurst in 1846, Rector of Preston in 1852, sent to Edinburgh in 1864, died at Holywell 20th November, 1878, aged 67.

1843 Fr. J. Gosford, S.J.

1845 Jan Fr. Bernard Jarrett, S.J.

1845 July Fr. W. Johnson, S.J.

1845 Oct. Fr. G. Clifford, S.J.

1849 April Fr. H. Bird, S.J.

1850 Fr. Wm. Knight, S.J.

1851 Oct. Fr. J. J. Bond, S.J. The very zealous colleague of Fr. Thomas Weston, mentioned above, in the foundation of the Parish of St. Walburge. He was born at St. Colombs, in Cornwall, in 1814. He died in Granada, in the West Indies.

1851 Oct. Fr. R. Cooper, S.J.

1851 Oct. Fr. Edward Swarbrick, one of the first priests of the newly formed St. Augustine’s parish.


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