March 1688

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Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for March 1688

i at Preston & at prayers

2 at Preston & at prayers

3 at Preston & at prayers, my Bro: ffleewood dyned wth us, was after wth him at Margret Wildings & at [fletchers].

4 at Penwortham heard yong Me Taylor of Ormischurch

5 went to Kirkham wth Capt Bellingham & Mr Patten

6 at Preston & went to a shooting at Boathouse, my Bro: ffleet & Mr Standley the first got it, went after to a race of Penwortham march, one litle [nag bess.] 6 footmen & beat them

7 at Preston & at prayers, walked after dinner to Swanseys ‘oth marsh to eat oysters, was after at Ancor

8 at Preston & at prayers

9 at Preston & at prayers & at Coffee house & Ancor wth Coz: Bradhill & R Kenion

i0 at Preston & at prayers, Paid Mr Grantham 3l. & lent him 20s.

ii at Preston Church heard the Vicar received the Sacraemt: & heard Mr Clayton afternoone ye Capt’s sonne

i2 went to Penwortham & wth my Brother a Coursing into Hutton, was after at Widow Harrisons & return’d

i3 at Preston & at prayers, went after dinner to Penwortham wth Mrs: Rigby Mrs Lane & my wife

i4 at Preston & at prayers & at Mary Rigbies ‘ith evening.

i5 at Preston & at prayers & wth. Mr Mayor to Proclaime the faire, & at Ancor wth him & the Aldermen & was at Tirlers after & Cutlers

i6 at Preston, afternoone wth Mr. Parker at Cutlers & Mr Mayor & Capt. Bellingham Doctor Lee & others

i7 at Preston & at prayers, my bro: ffleetwood, Capt Clayton & Mr [Ogle dyned] wth mee, was after wth them at Margrets

i8 at Preston Church heard Mr ffarrand twice.

i9 at Preston & at prayers

20 went to Penwortham & my wife to see Sr Will Peningtons Children Joseph Phillip Betty & Pegy.

2i at Preston & at prayers

22 at Preston & at prayers & at Tirlers wth Capt Bellingham & Mr Chaddocke & Mr Johnson & Mr. Cottam to eat oysters, & Coz: Bold [came] to us

23 at Preston & at prayers

24 at Preston & at prayers

25 at Preston & went to Penwortha heard Mr. Ricroft & Mr Croston

26 at Preston & at prayers & wth. Mr Mayor to waite on the Judges Sr Edw. Lutmicke & Powell at Mr Pattens, was after wth my bro: fleetwood at th’ Ancor, his Coz: Dormer was there was at Mary Rigbyes at Mr Johnsons, Mr Hodgkinsons Mr Pattens & John’s

27 at Preston & at prayers & at Coffee house & at Mr. Lemons to see Mr Blundell who was sick there

28 at Preston, Mr Blundell died and I & Peeter went to the water side to have gone to Penwortham but return’d, there was a great fresh & a strong wind, & they unwilling to come for us.

29 at Preston & at prayers, & at Mr Lemon’s to vicit yong Mr Blundell & at Swansey’s ‘ith weend wth Coz: Rishton of Antley & brought him to Will Atkinsons the Talbot.

30 went wth Blundell’s Corpse to Rufforth wth my brother & many others

3i at Preston & at prayers & at Swansey’s ‘ith weend & Talbot wth Mr Cob.