December 1689

For background information about the diaries and their transcribers see Introduction

Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for December 1689. The last entry is for 25 December, which also marks the end of his diary. Illness prevented Thomas Bellingham from making any entries in his diary this month.

i at Preston Church heard the Vicar & receivev the Sacrament, & heard Mr. Bland afternoone

2 at Preston, & went to Penwoetham at Prayers there, went on foot & my wife & shee Coz: ffranck wth us

3 at Preston & at prayers, & ‘ith’ evening at Talbot wth. Parson Gyps & Coz: Lemon

4 at Preston & at prayers, ‘ith’ evening at Mr Ja: Coopers wth. Parson & i6 more

5 went to Hutton to vew a tenemt. dyned at Penwortham, was ‘ith’ evening wth Parson Gypps, Mr. Mayor & Coz: Lomax at Ancor

6 at Preston & at prayers & at Schoole to hear the boyes declamations & wth Mayor & [Wid] Hugells after, & at Coz: Banistre & wth Mr. Parker at G. Ratcliffs

7 at Preston & at prayers & at Mr James Cowps & Tirlers wth. Sr Will & Bro: ff

8 went to Penwortham on foot & my wife heard Mr. Coulton, & return’d.

9 at Preston & at prayers, Mrs: Rigby 2 Mrs: Brewsters & Mrs: Bushell dyned with us

i0 at Preston & at prayers

ii at Preston & at prayers & i’th weend at Birchalls & at [Wid.] Hugells wth twoe Dic: fforrests & William Mawdsley, who bargained wth mee to put 2 lives into a tenemt. in Hutton

i2 at Preston & at prayers

i3 at Penwortham & a Coursing & at Geor Ratcliffs wth Mr Tho: ffleetwood et al

i4 at Preston & at Georg Ratcliffs & Mary Rigbyes & at Tirlers wth my Bro: ffleetwood et al Papists & Townsmen wnt to Mr Will [Crowle]

i5 at Preston Church heard Mr. Birch 2 and was Godfather to Capt. Bellingham’s daughter Eliz: Mrs. Seeneas & mrs. HodgKinson Godmothers, Christned ‘ith house

i6 went to Plumpton to meet Mr. Rigby & major Longworth, held a private Session at Law: Parje his house & returned

i7 at Preston & went to Penwortha & return’d to dyne wth Mr. Winckley

i8 at Preston & went to Hutton & returned to Dinner, was after to see Capt. Bellingham & was at Ja: Cowpers wth. Lawier Bellingham & Mr Lister et al

i9 at Preston & at prayers & ‘ith’ evening wth. theim againe at Hugh Tootells and Sr. Tho: Clifton

20 at Preston & at prayers

2i at Preston & at prayers.

22 at Preston & at Church heard Mr. Birch 2 preach’d well

23 at Preston & went to Walton, Sr Tho: Standley, Coll Rigby, Majoe Rigby & Mr Andrews, about the Lady Standleys busines as being charged both to Horsefoot

24 at Preston & at prayers, went i’th’ evening to Penwortham & my wife

25 at Penwortham