St John’s Street area

The St John’s Street area in the later 17th century based on a plan at Lancashire Archives (DDX194/9) and a copy of the plan at the Harris Reference Library, Preston, annotated with the names of property owners by Stephen Sartin. The annotation also identifies inns and taverns, barns and other buildings as well as indicating which properties extend to more than two storeys. The numbers are the ones on the annotated plan and relate to the list below. Note: DDX194/9 is an attempt at a visualisation based on original survey documents. Its accuracy is uncertain, but it does provide a feel for the townscape in 1685 (see The 1685 Survey of Preston for a detailed discussion of the 17th-century plans).

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List of property owners

Spelling of names as in original Lancashire Archive documents: be aware of  possible transcription errors.

74: Eli Shepherd      75: Eli Kilshaw      76: Rt Green      77: Margery Talbot      78: Roger Baly      79: James Johnson      80: Edw Walker      81: Peter Rycroft      82: John Catterall      83: Wm Gregson      84: Hen Stanley      85: Roger Balye      86: Thomas Leaver      87: Peter Harryson      88: Jno Salter      89: Tho Remmer      90: Hen Hodgkinson      91: Greenfeild Co      92: Ed Dawson      93: Eli Jennifer      94: Wm Holder      95: Jno Mosse      96: Josua Jameson      97: Geo Smith      98: Jno Townend      99: Jno Woods [?]      101: Wm Tomlinson      102: x Slater      103: Hen Leach      104: Hen Crook      105: Sargt Rigby      106: James Garstang      107: James Lorrimoor      108: Ann Riding      109: Sar Edw Rigby      110: Law Barns      111: Barton      112: Jno Franklin      113: Hen Kilsho senior      114: Mary Kilsho widow      115: Tho Rimmer      116: Rd Bostock senior      117: Tho Rimmer      118: Tho Cottham