October 1683

Anthony Hewitson, who transcribed the diary of Lawrence Rawstorne, published only selected entries and does not specify whether dates not included were omitted by the transcriber or by the diarist himself.  Where the entries do not deal with Preston Hewitson’s editorial notes are generally followed. For background information about the diary see Introduction and for information about Rawstorne see his biography.

Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for October 1683

1 No entry recorded

2 No entry recorded

3 At home & a Coursing with Coz. Lomax


Hewitson: ‘Lomax would most likely be one of that name living at Pilsworth, in Middleton. From a subsequent entry in the diary he appears to have been a parson.’

4 At home & Coursing

5 Coursing at Holcom. Met the Parson of Bury and others


Hewitson: ‘The Rev T. Gipps would be “the Parson”.’

6 At home, a Coursing, & at Rawtenstall. Coz Greenhalgh &’s Lady & Children came to Newhall

7 At Aidenfield Chapell. Heard Coz Lomax


Hewitson: ‘This would be the Lomax who indulged in some coursing a few days before.’

8 At home & a Coursing

9 At Holcom Court


Hewitson: ‘This would be the Petty Sessions or Leet Court.’

10 No entry recorded

11 At home & a Coursing

12 At Mr Egerton’s to treat with’m about a porcon wth’s daughter. He offerer’d only £500


Hewitson describes this as discussion concerning a marriage settlement

13 At home & Aidenfield. This day Mr Cundliff married there to Mrs Briarly, of Rachdale


Hewitson: ‘Cundliff or Cunliffe would probably be of Hollins, near Accrington. The marriage would take place at Edenfield Chapel, and the lady would be Miss Briarly Mrs being an old style word for Miss.’

14 At Bury. Heard Coz Warbton 2, and receiv’d the sacrament

15 No entry recorded

16 No entry recorded

17 No entry recorded

18 No entry recorded

19 At Brandlesome & a Coursing & came home after dinner

20 At Acrington. Met Coll Nowell and Coz Braddyll


Hewitson: ‘Col Nowell would be Roger Nowell, of Read Hall, near Whalley. He got together a regiment at his own expense in favour of Charles I, and he helped in the defence of Lathom House. He died in 1695, and was buried at Whalley. ‘Hewitson had previously identified Coz Braddyll as Thomas Braddyll, of Portfield

21 No entry recorded

22 At Bullock Smithy to meet Ld o’lyme. Wee then gave in our answer to my Lady Asheton’s bill against us, and Coz Bold and Randle Pennington. Went to Lyme


Hewitson: ‘The Lord of Lyme would be the Lord of the Manor of Lymm, near Warrington. There is nothing to show in the diary what Lady Asheton’s bill refers to. Coz Bold would be of Bolde, near Prescot. Randle Pennington would be a relative or descendant of the Penningtons of Pennington, near Leigh.’ Hewitson identifies Bullock Smithy as Hazel Grove, south of Manchester.

23 At Lyme

24 Came home. Called at Stockport & Manchester

25 No entry recorded

26 At Holden, at dinner, & my wife & Children & sonne & daughter R.


Hewitson: ‘Holden means Holden Hall, near Haslingden.’

27 At Bouthfould and Rossendale


Hewitson: ‘Boothfold is a hamlet a few miles east of Haslingden.’

28 At Holcom. Heard Coz Warbton 2

29 A Coursing. Met Coz Greenhalgh and Lawier Holden at Hen. Southworth’s


Hewitson: ‘Henry Southworth was of Edenfield.’

29 [mistranscription by Hewitson for 30?] Dyned at Hen. Southworth’s

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