Richmond, Dr Sylvester

An Anne M. Florence posted the following information relating to Sylvestor Richmond, based on information in J. A. Shepherd’s A History of the Liverpool Medical Institution (Chester, Bemrose Press, 1979), pp.6-7:

Sylvester Richmond is recognised as the ‘father’ of Liverpool medicine. Born in Garstang in 1616, he arrived in Liverpool in 1642 and remained as a physician in the town for 30 years. There is no record of his medical training and his medical qualifications are dubious. He may have served as a naval surgeon with the port as his point of entry. Little is known about his clinical practice but he certainly wielded considerable influence. By the end of the 17th century a large proportion of the many doctors attracted to Liverpool were closely connected to the Richmond family. Few of this motley selection of barber-surgeons, apothecaries and physicians had any medical qualifications. During 1672, his final year in medical practice, Sylvester Richmond was elected Mayor of Liverpool. He subsequently retired to Crosby Hall where he died in 1692.

Richmond was an acquaintance of the diarist Thomas Bellingham, who records him visiting Preston in January 1689, as well as meeting him when visiting Liverpool. Richmond was again in Preston in July and in May 1690.