Roberts, John – town clerk

A John Roberts is shown as an in-burgess on the 1682 guild roll on which he is the only Roberts entered. He is shown as having been entered by court roll some time after the 1662 guild. [1] A John Roberts is writing from Preston in 1670. [2] In 1702 he is listed as deceased under his son John’s entry. [3] On both rolls he is described as ‘gentleman’. He appears to have died in office for in the parish church register for 25 Feb 1702 he is described as ‘Town Clerk of Preston’. [4]

In the court leet records John Roberts is first listed as a member of the corporation in 1692 and for the last time in 1701. In October 1695 he is described as town clerk. [5] He is listed as [town] clerk, alongside the mayor on a document in 1698. [6] He appears as attorney in another document dated 1682. [7] And he was one of the town’s burgesses in 1687/8. [8]

He is probably the Mr Roberts who appears occasionally in Lawrence Rawstorne‘s diary.

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