Maps and Plans

The 1685 Survey of Preston

A detailed survey of Preston was carried out at the end of the 17th century and the surveyors’ sketch plans have been preserved. Internal evidence suggests they were produced in 1685 and they have been attributed to the antiquarian Richard Kuerden. The plans include the name of the owner/occupier of each property.

Contents of this section include:
An introduction to the survey
1685 plan
Plans of the following areas:
Church Street lower
Church Street upper and Stoneygate
Friargate lower
Friargate upper
Main Sprit Weind
Market Square
St John’s Street area

A 17th-century Lancashire road map

A series of maps and rough sketch plans that were discovered at the same time as the above plan of Preston:

Standish to Preston
Bamber Bridge to Cadley Moor
Ribbleton to Inglewhite and beyond via Goosnargh
Lea to Poulton
Broughton to Ellel
River Brock to Garstang

The 1774 Survey of Preston

A survey of Preston was prepared in 1774 together with a plan. They provide a wonderfully detailed picture of the landscape on the eve of its transformation by industrialisation.

The Survey

Domesday Preston

Map of Domesday Preston

An attempt at a reconstruction of the Preston landscape and communications in the late 11th century.

Preston Moor

Preston Moor was originally a part of Fulwood Forest that was separated from the forest and granted to Preston by a charter of 1252. It continued to play an important part in the economy of the town up until the 19th century.

More maps

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  1. Hi Christopher, Did you have a relative called John who lived at 215 in about 1915. Does your family have any history with Kildare in Ireland. It is for some research I am doing on a man called Edward Geraghty who knew this John at 215. Thank you gerard


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