February 1688

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Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for February 1688

i at Preston & at prayers

2 at Preston & went to Penwortham & my wife wth Mr Bellingham & his, dyned there was at Boathouse the Chriestning of Abigail mr Rigby’s daughter.

3 at Preston & at prayers

4 at Preston & at prayers

5 at Preston Church heard the Vicar 2 and receivd the Sacraemt:

6 at Preston & at prayers, Mr Birch read a Homily twas the Ks accession to the Crowne was ‘ith evening wth Capt Lane Capt Bellingham & others at 7 starrs, & after at Mr Mayors request at Tirlers

7 at Preston & went to Penwortham to dinner & my wife & returned

8 at Preston & at prayers

9 at Preston & at prayers

i0 at preston & went to Penwortha and was at Boathouse wth my Bro:

ii at Preston & at prayers, & at Mary Rigbies wth my bro: ffleetwood & manie others of the towne

i2 at Preston Church heard Vicar Birch 2.

i3 at Preston & went over the water to see Robt Gurnall set yowards Leverpool, hee started at buttercress at 8 & was to run it in 6 hours, call’d at Penowrtham & returned, & was at prayers & after noone as Me Pattens wth Coz: Lever & peg Swanseys & Rigbys

i4 at Preston & went to Penwortham wth my wife, & after to Hutton march & Grange & was at Wid. Harrisons & at Robins, Coz: Lever & Mr Langton wth mee.

i5 at Preston & at prayers, & after dinner a walking at [Spitlemes] Gordon was after Cutlers, & Rigby wth Coz: Lever & Mr langton & Mr Winckley. Coz: Brown all night wth ‘s

i6 at Preston & at prayers

i7 at Preston & at prayers & at Coffeehouse & Cutlers wth Capt. Parker

i8 at Preston & at prayers & at Margret Wildings & Tirlers & Cutlers wth. Capt Parker of [Euxton]

i9 at Preston & the Church heard the Vicar, went afternoone to Penwortham & returnd.

20 at Preston & at prayers dyned at mr Winckleys & my wife was after at the funerall of Mr. Walls ‘oth’ moorside’s little sonne

2i at Preston & at prayer & at Mr Rigbyes wifes Churching and dyned there, was after at fish house to see a great draught of Salmon 66 in the house then was after at Boathouse wth my Bro: ffleetwood & Mr Johnson & Capt Bellingham & Mr Will Patten at Rigbye’s

22 at Preston & at prayers & at Ancor to eat Oysters & at Rigby’s the K’s armes, wth Mr Bellingham Mr Lemon Exofer Newell & others

23 went to Hutton & returned to Penwortham to dinner & home

24 at Preston & at prayers 2

25 at Preston & at prayers & at Rigbyes & Wildings & white horse & Tirlers wth Bro: ffleetwood & others

26 at Preston Church heard Mr Robinson of Micharlls 2

27 at Preston & went a Coursing to [Voa], was first at Camells & after came to Swanseys dyned there

28 at Preston & at prayers & dyned at Tom Bostocks. 29 at Preston & at prayers