Social and Political Leadership in Preston 1820-60: Bibliography

See also: Nigel Morgans’s Desirable Dwellings

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1. Primary Sources

(a) Manuscript and printed primary sources.

The Preston Chronicle 1828 – 1859
The Preston Guardian 1844 –
The Preston Pilot 1835 – 1853

In Harris Library, Preston, Assessment of Cotton Mills c.1844, pp.677.2.

Harris Museum, Preston M.S., ‘The Honble E.G. Stanley’s Expenses incurred in contesting the election for the Borough of Preston in 1826.’

In Lancashire County Record Office
[Now Lancashire Archives. To locate any of the below items in the archives catalogue render, for example, C.B.P 17/1 as CBP/17/1]

Local Board Committee Minutes
C.B.P. 17/1 – 29 Aug. 1850 to 7 Nov. 1851
C.B.P. 17/2 – 12 Nov. 1851 to 8 March 1855
C.B.P. 17/3 – 11 April 1855 to 30 April 1858
Water Committee Minutes
C.B.P. 18/1
C.B.P. 18/3
Composite Volumes of Local Board Minutes
Containing minutes of various committees including General Purpose (21 Nov. 1850 – 29 Oct. 1851), Scavenging (6 Dec. 1850 – 27 June 1876), Water (24 Dec. 1850 – 21 May 1862), Bye-laws (20 Dec. 1858 – 29 Nov. 1876)
C.B.P 18/1 – 6 Dec. 1850 to 18 Oct. 1851
C.B.P. 18/3 – 4 Oct. 1856 to 21 May 1862
L.C.R.0. General Purposes Committee Minutes
C.B.P. 30/1 – Sanitary Committee, Building Committee
C.B.P. 30/2 – Sanitary Committee, Building Committee
C.B.P. 50/1 – Watch Committee Minutes
C.B.P. 55/1 22 Sept. 1853 – 26 Sept. 1860
Composite Volume of Committee Minutes
Volume of various committees’ minutes, including those of the Grammar School (3 April 1854 – 9 July 1860), Finance (3 March 1856 – 16 July 1856) and Markets and Town Hall committees (1 Dec. 1859 – 16 April 1860)
D.D.Hs. 75 and 76 – Horrocks Papers
Preston – Overseers of the Poor
D.D.Pr. 140/3 – First Half-yearly Report of the Select Vestry on the affairs of the Poor 1820
D.D.Pr. 140/8 – overseers annual accounts 1821-1836
D.D.Pr. 140/9 – overseers annual accounts 1821-1836
DDX433/3 Oddfellows Register
DDPr 37/ … Friendly Society Rules
DDPr 37/72 Rules of the Preston Conservative Registration Club 1837
DDPr 128/5 Anti-Corn Law Bill
DDPr 130/13 E.G. Stanley to R. Palmer, 2 March 1828. E.G. Stanley to Richard Palmer, Town Clerk, Preston – The Corporation’s Opposition to a Bill for Regulating the Poll at Preston Elections.
DDPr 130/23 Richard Palmer to P. Park, London – H. Hunt’s Proportion of the Preston Election Expenses, 28 March 1831
DDPr 130/24 Letters of P. Hesketh, Fleetwood 1835-44
DDPr 131/17 Squibs and States of the Poll
DDPr 138/55 1830 Rules and Regulations of the Preston Dispensary
DDPr 131/34 To Joseph Gillow, Esq. Preston Elections – Deputations to Normanton and to Knowsley. (from the Preston Chronicle Feb. 4th 1865)
DDPr 141/11 Plan of Freehold Estate, Fulwood
QDV: Riot Depositions 1842
QDL: Land Tax Assessment 1831
QDV/9/45 Clerk of the Peace’s Return of the Number of Places of Worship, not of the Church of England, 29 June 1829
RCLV Visitation Return 1855
L.C.R.O. Alphabetical List of Persons who Polled at the Contested Election, 8 Dec. 1830 (Preston, 1831)
L.C.R.O. Commissioners Book 1838 – 45
L.C.R.O. Commissioners Book 1845 – 1850
L.C.R.O. Winckley Club Papers

At National Society for Promoting Education (Palace Yard, Westminster):
Letter files for Preston: All Saints, Christ Church, Holy Trinity, St. George (Marsh Lane) St. John, St. Mary and St. Paul schools

At Public Record Office (microfilm)
1851 Census Enumerators’ Books
H.O. 45/2494 folios 1-56 – Home Officer Papers relating to Chartism and the ‘Plug Plot’ Riots of 1842 in Preston

Ordnance Survey 6′ to the mile c.1845
Ordnance Survey 5 ft. to the mile c.1849
Tithe Map 1840 (by Myres)

(b) Printed Primary Sources

Acts of Parliament
55 Geo.III Cap.xxvi
59 Geo.III Cap.12
9-10 Vict. Cap.96
11 and 12 Vict. Cap.LXIII Public Health Act
16 and 17 Vict.
L.C.R.O. P.R.S./E.L.E. Addresses from one of the 3730 Electors (Preston, 1832-3)
Chadwick, E., Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population (1842)
Clarke, G.T., Report to the General Board of Health on the Borough of Preston (1849)
Clay, J., 3rd Lecture 14 Dec. 1843: Preston Chronicle 16 Dec. 1843
Clay, J., Report on the Sanitary Condition of Preston (1842)
Stevenson, R. and Son, Civil Engineers, Edinburgh, ‘The Ribble Navigation: Report of Robert Stevenson and Son, Civil Engineers, Edinburgh, 16 March 1837
Baines, Edward, History, Directory and Gazeteer of the County Palatine of Lancaster (1825) Vol.II
Bamford, Samual, Passages in the Life of a Radical (1967 edition)
Banks, Thomas, A Short Sketch of the Cotton Trade of Preston for the Last 67 Years (Preston, 1888)
Hardwick, History of the Borough of Preston (Preston, 1857)
Hewitson, A., ‘Atticus’, Our Churches and Chapels (1869)
Hewitson, A., ‘Atticus’, Preston Town Council or Portraits of Local Legislators (Preston, 1870)
Kirkham, W., Memoir of Mr. Thomas Crouch Hincksman (1885)
Livesey, Joseph, Autobiography of Joseph Livesey (Preston, 1868)
Livesey, Joseph, The Moral Reformer
Livesey, Joseph, The Struggle
Livesey, Joseph, The Temperance Advocate
Mannex, 1851 Directory
Oakley, 1853 Directory
Pigot, 1834 Directory
Wardle and Bentham, Commercial Directory 1814-15
Preston Corporation Proceedings 1835 – 1860

Parliamentary Papers (P.P.)
P.P. 1834 (556)X Report of the Select Committee on Handloom Weavers’ Petitions
P.P. 1835 Report of the Municipal Corporations Commission Appendix Part III
P.P. 1835 Commons Journal (15 June 1835)
P.P. 1835 Report of Royal Commission on Municipal Corporations H.C. 116 (1835) Appendix Part III
P.P. 1835 Report on the Proposed Municipal Boundary and Division into Wards of the Borough of Preston 1835 (Copy in Harris Library, Preston)
P.P. 1845 Second Report of the Commissioners for Inquiring into the State of Large Towns and Populous Districts 1845 Vol.I.
1851 Census Enumerators Returns
P.P. 1852-3 Census 1851 Vols. 6, 7, 9 (Irish Universities Reprint)
P.P. 1857-8 Report of the Schools Inquiry Commission Vol.IX
P.P. 1862 (413) Cotton Famine Reports Vol.XLIX Part I
P.P. 1867-8 Report of the Schools Inquiry Commission Vol.IX
In Harris Library, Preston
P.324 277: Evidence given before the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Preston Election Petition (Preston, 1859)
P.331.8 ‘Report of the Proceedings on the Public Meeting … on July 30, 1849 on the Ten Hours Act.’
P.628.1 ‘Reports on the Examination of the Supply of Water to the Town of Preston.’ (1852)
Reports of the Preston District Society
P.628.2 Wrigg Henry ‘Report to the … Local Board of Health upon the Principal Sewers to be constructed.’ (Preston, 1853)
PQ.628.1 – Preston Waterworks Act
L.C.R.O. and Harris Library, Preston
P.324.277 Addresses, Squibs and States of the Poll at the Preston Election 1837.

2. Secondary Sources

(a) Books

Anderson, Michael, Family Structure in Nineteenth Century Lancashire (1971)
Barron, J., History of the Ribble Navigation (Preston, 1938)
Clemesha, H.W., History of Preston in Amounderness (Manchester, 1912)
Dahrendorf, Ralf, Class and Class Conflict in an Industrial Society (1959)
Davis, H.W.C., Lancashire Reformers (N.D.)
Dobson, W., History of the Parliamentary Representation of Preston (Preston, 1868)
Dyos, H.J., The Study of Urban History (1968)
Farnie, D.A., The English Cotton Industry and the World Market 1815 – 1896 (1979)
Foster, John, Class Structure and the Industrial Revolution (1974)
Fraser, D., Power and Authority in the Victorian City (1979)
Fraser, D., Urban Politics in Victorian England (1976)
Hanham, The Nineteenth Century Constitution (1969)
Hennock, E.P., Fit and Proper Persons (1973)
Hewitson, A. Northward (1900: 1960 reprint)
Inglis, K.S., Churches and the Working Classes in Victorian England (1963)
Malcolmson, R.W., Popular Recreations in English Society 1700 – 1850 (1973)
Mather, F.C., Public Order in the Age of the Chartists (1959)
McCalmont, Parliamentary Pollbook of Elections 1832 – 1918 (1879; 1971 reprint)
McCord, N., The Anti-Corn Law League (1968 edition)
Midwinter, E.C., Social Administration in Lancashire 1830 – 1860 (1969)
Moore, D.C., The Politics of Deference (1976)
Neale, J.R., Class and Ideology in the Nineteenth Century (1972)
Norman, E.R., Anti-Catholicism in Victorian England (1968)
Simmel, G., Conflict and the Web of Group Affiliations trans. Bendix (Free Press edition 1955)
Thomas, H., An Unfinished History of the World (1979)
Thompson, E.P., The Making of the English Working Class (1968 edition)
Vincent, J.R., The Formation of the British Liberal Party 1857 – 68 (1972 edition)
Vincent, J.R., Pollbooks (1957)
Walford, E., The County Families of the United Kingdom (1891)
Warren, Leo, A Short History of St. Wilfred’s Church, Preston (Preston, 1972)
Whittle, Peter, History of the Borough of Preston (2 volumes 1822 and 1837)

(b) Articles

Awity, B.G., ‘The Introduction of Gas Lighting to Preston’, Hist.Soc. L. and C., No.125 (1974)
Borsay, Peter ‘The English Urban Renaissance: the Development of Provincial Urban Culture c.1680-c.1780’, Social History 5
Chapman, S.D., ‘Financial Restraints …’, Ec.H.R., 32 (1979)
Dixon, P.J., ‘School Attendance in Preston: Some Socio-Economic Influences’, Journal of the History of Education Society.
Fraser, D., ‘The Fruits of Reform: Leeds Politics in the Eighteen-Thirties’ Northern History VIII (1972)
Gadian, D.S., ‘Class Consciousness in Oldham and other North West Industrial Towns 1830 – 1850’, Hist.Journal 21.1 (1978)
Garrard, John A., ‘Parties, Members and Voters after 1867: A Local Study’, Hist.Journal 20.1 (1977)
Gatrell, V.A.C., ‘Labour, Power …’, Ec.H.R., 30 (1977)
Heeson, A.J., ‘The Sunderland By-Election 1841’, Northern History IX (1974)
Hobsbawm, E.J., ‘The Tramping Artisan’ in Hobsbawm Labouring Men (1968 edition)
Holton, Robert J., ‘The Crowd in History: Some Problems of Theory and Method’, Social History, Vol.3 No.2 (1978)
Johnson, Richard, ‘Educational Policy and Social Control in Early Victorian England’, Past and Present, No.49
Jowitt, J.A., ‘Parliamentary Politics in Halifax 1832 – 47’, Northern History XII (1976)
Joyce, P., ‘The Factory Politics of Lancashire in the Later 19th Century’ Hist.Journal XVIII 3
Lukes, Steven, ‘Political Ritual and Social Integration’, Sociology IX (2 May 1975)
McCord, N., ‘Gateshead Politics in the Age of Reform’, Northern History IV (1969)
Nossiter, T.J., ‘Aspects of Electoral Behaviour in English Constituencies 1832 – 1868’ in Allardt, E. and Rokkan, S. (eds.) Mass Politics in Political Sociology (1967)
McLaren, Angus, ‘Phrenology: Medium and Message’, Journal of Modern History 4 (1974)
Moore, D.C., ‘Concession or Cure: The Sociological Premises of the First Reform Act’, Hist.Journal IX, 1 (1966)
Morgan, H.N.B., ‘Origins of Preston’s Dock Problem’, Regional Studies Bulletin, University of Lancaster (Summer 1977)
Proctor, W., ‘Poor Law Administration in the Preston Union’, Trans.Hist. Soc. L. and C., Vol.117 (1965)
Proctor, W., ‘Orator Hunt M.P. for Preston 1830 – 32’, Hist.Soc. L. and C.
Sanderson, Michael, ‘Social Change and Elementary Education in Industrial Lancashire 1780 – 1840’
Taylor, H.A., ‘Politics in Famine Stricken Preston’, Trans.Hist.Soc. L. and C., 67 (1955)
Ward, J.T., ‘The Factory Movement in Lancashire’, Trans. L. and C. A.E. (1964 – 5)
Wright, D.G., ‘A Radical Borough: Parliamentary Politics in Bradford 1832 – 41’, Northern History IV (1969)

(c) Unpublished Theses

Foster, D., ‘The Social Composition of the Lancashire Magistracy 1820-1850’ Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, University of Lancaster (1971)
Gadian, D.S., ‘A Comparative Study of Popular Movements in North West Industrial Towns 1830 – 1850’. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, University of Lancaster (1976)
Joyce, Patrick, ‘Popular Toryism in Lancashire 1860 – 90’. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, University of Oxford (1975)
Spencer, K.M., ‘A Social and Economic Geography of Preston 1800 – 1865’.
Winters, Alison M., ‘The Irish in Preston in the Mid-Nineteenth Century’.

Addenda and Miscellaneous
‘History of St Augustine’s Church and Parish’ (N.D.) Typescript at St Augustine’s Presbytery, Preston: 73 pages apparently unfinished
McCord, N., Lecture: ‘Problems of Victorian Government’ Lecture at Lancaster University, 12 February 1980

Pictures in Harris Museum
(a) Portraits of Town Councillors in 1862 and 1882 in Harris Museum
(b) Various oil portraits
(c) Views of Preston
(4) The Election of 1862
(e) Beattie’s drawings and watercolours of Preston

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