Who owned Preston?

Volunteers working for the Lancashire Place Name Survey have put local historians in their debt by transcribing and putting on line tithe schedules for Lancashire (DRB/1).

I thought I’d see how useful the transcript was for Preston history studies by selecting the records for Ribbleton (DRB/1/165). The choice of township was dictated by the small number of entries compared to the other Preston Parish townships, which meant the records could be cut and pasted from the archives site with minimum tedium.

My aim is to extend the coverage to take in Preston and the surrounding townships to map who owned the town in the 19th century. If similar projects are carried out for the rest of the county it should be possible to map who owned Lancashire in the 19th century.

Landowners in Ribbleton: one of the maps that can be viewed at higher magnifications and downloaded by following the link below.

The Ribbleton tithe schedule and plan

3 thoughts on “Who owned Preston?

  1. Something unrelated. The dug-out canoes (neolithic?), retrieved when Preston Dock was being excavated, were no longer on display the last time I visited the Harris museum. I have tried searching for them on your site but have been unable to find them. Have they been expunged from history, I wonder, or is it only that I haven’t looked in the right place? These ancient human artifacts, amongst the earliest to be found in the Preston area, surely deserve to be on show. As they were discovered in the Tulketh area, perhaps those championing excavating the remains of Tulketh Hall would also be interested in them. Their presence in that area seems to confirm the significance of the site even thousands of years ago. Is Tulketh older than Preston? All the best Laurence Dobbyn


    1. The finds from the excavation of Preston Dock were on display in the Discover Preston gallery at the Harris, until the building closed for refurbishment in October 2021. They included one of the log-boats you mention, as well as animal and human skulls and other finds.


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