May 1688

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Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for May 1688

i at Preston & at prayers & at Coffeehouse & at wid. Hugell wth. Lawier Bellingham Mr Johnson and others.

2 at Preston & at prayers & at Swansey’s at Bowles dyned there

3 at Preston & at prayers & at 4 at Mr Winckley’s Christning of ‘s sonne Thomas: Coz: Osbaldeston Godmother, & Mr Ashton of Cuerdale & Mr Butler Godfathers, was after wth them & others at Mary Rigby’s

4 at Preston & at prayers, & at Mr Tho: Pattens & at Mrs: Bellinghams

5 at Preston & at prayers & at Hugh Tootells & the Ancor & Mitre wth my brother ffleetwood, Coz: Nestby & Mr Brockalls & others

6 at Penwortham & the Church there heard Mr Walmsley twice & return’d my wife went to Penwortham

7 at Preston & at prayers

8 at Preston & at prayers, & ith evening at Rigbyes for 3, wth Mr Lemon Mr Winckley Mr Whitehead Mr Hobson & Mr Bostocke.

9 at Preston & at prayers & afternoone at Swanseys at Bowles

i0 at Preston & at prayers, & went after dinner to Hutton Grange, & return’d by Penwortham was after wth Mr Justice Warren Recorder at Tirler, who came first to see mee.

ii at Preston & at prayers & to vicit Mrs: Bellingham at Mr Gregsons & at Mr Johnsons where she was.

i2 went to Penwortham & the Church heard Mr ffarrand 2 & return’d

i3 went to Penwortham & the Church heard Mr ffarrand 2 & return’d

i4 at Preston, & went to Blackbourne, & therce to Road [Read?] Call Newell

i5 at Road, went ‘iyj evening to see Cousin Braddyll at Portfield

i6 came from Road to Blackbourne dyned there, & went after to Penwortham, my wife there.

i7 at Penwortham, my sister not well

i8 went to Preston & was at prayers

i9 at Preston & at prayers, & at Swanseys ‘ith weend wth Mr Exfer Parker & at White horse wth him.

20 went to Penwortham & the Church Mr Gregorie twice

2i at Preston & at prayers & at George Radcliffs wth. Mr Adlington & other

22 at Preston (& at prayers Mr. Birch read them0 (the day before) went to Penwortham Mr Lemon & Mr. Chaddock wth mee was at prayers there, Mr Gregorie read theim

23 at Preston & at prayers & went to Swanseys toth’ Bowles & at Rigbyes

24 at preston & went to Penwortha

25 at Preston & at prayers & paid ‘toth poore being taxed as an inhabitant 6d was to see mr Atherton who came lately from London, & went wth him to Hugh Tootells & Mr White & mr Will Patten & Mr Whiehead of Garstange for 4

26 at Preston & at prayers & at Tirlers wth my brother ffleetwood Mr Houghton Mr [Livesay] & others & at fells & Mar: Wildings wth Capt Clayton &c

27 at preston Church heard the Vicar 2

28 at Preston & at prayers & went to Penwortham & return’d.

29 at Preston & at prayers, & writ to London to Coz: Tho: Ashto was at Ratcliffs ‘ith weend wth Mr Goa of Whalley, Capt Clayton & mr Winckley

30 at Preston & at prayers, my wife came from Penwortham, the second time shee came home of 3 weeks, by reason of my sisters illnes. Stone-Sir

3i at Preston & at prayers