Swansey’s on the Marsh

Three Preston hostelries are referred to frequently by the name Swansey in the late 17th-century diaries of Thomas Bellingham and Lawrence Rawstorne, the others are Swansey’s in the Weind and the White Horse, whose landlord at that time was Alex Swansey. This one was on Preston Marsh at Ashton, although its exact location is unknown (comparison of entries from the two diaries shows that when Bellingham writes of dining ‘at The Marsh’ with Rawstorne, Rawstorne’s entry identifies the establishment as ‘Swansey’s’, as for example their entries for 2 August 1688). It seems to have had a bowling green to judge by the diary entries for 5 September 1688. The two diarists often identify an establishment by the name of its proprietor. [1] The innkeeper earlier in the century was Henry Swansey (see the Swanseys – a family of innkeepers).

[1] Thomas Bellingham and Anthony Hewitson, Diary of Thomas Bellingham, an Officer under William III (Preston: Toulmin & Sons, 1908),2, http://archive.org/details/diaryofthomasbel00belluoft; Richard D. Harrison, ‘The Rawstorne Diary, 1687-89’ (typescript, nd), 86, Search Room, Lancashire Archives.

2 thoughts on “Swansey’s on the Marsh

  1. Very interesting site. Frustrating that I can’t access all the pages because the dropdown lists of people and places don’t work properly, at least in my browser. Might try at work with a different browser. Anyway I have lots of information on Tulketh Hall if you are intersted.


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