Brockholes, John

John Brockholes (c1645-1718) of Claughton Hall, Garstang, was a member of a prominent Catholic family. Two of his brothers became priests, his two sons took part in the 1715 Jacobite uprising and in 1717 he registered his estate as ‘papist. [1] He is probably the Mr Brockholes who makes three appearances in the Preston diaries of Thomas Bellingham and Lawrence Rawstorne, in May 1688 and in July and August 1689. The town was then beginning to be uncomfortable for Catholics, as Protestants arrived from Ireland with tales of their mistreatment at the hands of the Catholics there and regiments of King William’s army were stationed in the town.

[1] William Farrer and J. Brownbill, eds., The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster, vol. 7 (London: Constable, 1912), 327.

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