Main Sprit Weind

Main Sprit Weind in the later 17th century based on a plan at Lancashire Archives (DDX194/9) and a copy of the plan at the Harris Reference Library, Preston, annotated with the names of property owners by Stephen Sartin. The annotation also identifies inns and taverns, barns and other buildings as well as indicating which properties extend to more than two storeys. The numbers are the ones on the annotated plan and relate to the list below. Note: DDX194/9 is an attempt at a visualisation based on original survey documents. Its accuracy is uncertain, but it does provide a feel for the townscape in 1685 (see The 1685 Survey of Preston for a detailed discussion of the 17th-century plans). The name Main Sprit Weind is believed to be a corruption of Mains Pit Weind. Mains was the name given to bouts in cock fighting so the name of this weind could be rendered as Cockpit Alley. See Preston Street Names – Chapter Two.

Use web browser zoom to view property numbers

List of property owners

Spelling of names as in original Lancashire Archive documents: be aware of  possible transcription errors

338: Geo Drinkwater     339: Wm Greenough     340: Geo Ratcliffe – innkeeper     341: Wm Bradley     342: Tho Burchall     343: Geo Bullock     345: x Nowell – grocer     346: Wm Swansey – innkeeper     347: Tho Winkley     348: Tho Winkley     349: Roger Sudell – Sudell made a bequest in his 1702 will to establish and finance a school converted from the stable and hayloft next to this property. He left £12 a year to the school: £10 towards the master’s salary and £2 for books. [1] He had another property on Fishergate, which was probably his main residence.     350: Tho Cook     351: Ellen Southward – either this property or No 352 was probably the Coffee House     352: Jno Armstrong     353: Widow Cliftons Yard     354: ? ? Yard     355: Monseurs Croft or Yard – Monsieur was the keeper of a hostelry that features in the Bellingham/Rawstorne diaries

[1] Anthony Hewitson, History of Preston, reprint of 1883 edition (Wakefield: S. R. Publishers, 1969), 243.




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