January 1690

For background information about the diaries and their transcribers see Introduction

Illness prevented Thomas Bellingham from making any entries in his diary earlier in the month.

January ye 13th, 1689. Great frost and snow. This is the first day I went abroad since my sickness. I was att my cousen Johnson’s and kindly treated, and att we treated them at our chamber.


For 1689 read 1690: Bellingham uses the old form of dating by which the new year began on March 25

Ye 14th. Frost and snow. Cous Johns deliver’d of a dead child.

Ye 15th. Frost and snow. Ye child buryd wth much formality.

Ye 16th. Hard frost. My sister and her daughter supt att my chamber, on their own meat. This morning I discharg’d my Physitians. I went abroad and supt wth my sister.

Ye 17th. Much frost and ye snow continues. I had some spitting of Blood when I cought . Nabby has a very sore thum wch is mighty painfull.

Ye 18th. Some snow. Ye frost continues and so does my paine and stiches in ye breast.

Ye 19th. Frost continues. Nabby’s much pain’d wth her thumb, and is sore afraid of a gangreene.

Ye 20th. It begins to thaw. This afternoon I visited my cousen Patten. Nabby is in great paine.

Ye 21th. The thaw continues. Nabby was in so great torture wth her thumb yt I sent for Doctor Tarlton, who apply’d pultices and oyntmt.

Ye 22th. Nabby is still very ill. Harry fainted at ye sight of his mother’s thumb. Nanny has a whitloe and was ill in her stomach.

Ye 23th. A gentle thaw. I went to see ye children. Mr. Green and I witnessed a copy of ye Originall Articles marriage between Simeon Pepper and Rose Lambert.

Ye 24th. Some raine att night. Nabby has ease.

Ye 25th. A very wett day. Mr. Stanley visited me.

Ye 26th. A very fayr day. I was bled this morning by Dr Tarlton. Nabby had a sinew appeard att ye end of her thumb, att wch she was much discouraged.

Ye 27th. A very warm day. I rode out in ye calash wth J. B. to ye marsh to take ye air, and sup’t and play’d att cards att Cous Johns .

Ye 28th. Some small raine. Rowley Singleton came hither from Leverpoole to goe to this school. I payd Mr Simeon Pepper some Breife money.

Ye 29th. A warm day. I went wth Coll Rawstorne to Penwortham, and att night was entertain’d by Mrs. Langton wth Major Billings Guinea.

Ye 30th. Much raine. Severall rode past, by this place, who left Ireland last Sunday, among whom was Lewt Norton of Devonshires Regiment. I supt att my sisters.

Ye 31th. A fayr day. We have newes of ye Prorogation of ye Parlmnt to ye 2d of Apr, and yt ye King will goe in person for Ireland.