January 1684

Anthony Hewitson, who transcribed the diary of Lawrence Rawstorne, published only selected entries and does not specify whether dates not included were omitted by the transcriber or by the diarist himself: the dates for which Hewitson supplies no information are added in roman text to show how much is omitted by Hewitson. When Rawstorne mentions being at Penwortham he means at Penwortham Priory, his brother-in-law’s house. For background information about the diary see Introduction and for information about Rawstorne see his biography.

Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for January 1684

1 At Penwortham

2 At Penwortham and Preston at prayer, and Town-end. [?]

3 No entry recorded

4 No entry recorded

5 No entry recorded

6 No entry recorded

7 At Penwortham, Dyned there. Came home to Preston. All Xmas at Penwortham, and my little lads at Astley [Hall].

8 No entry recorded

9 No entry recorded

10 No entry recorded

11 No entry recorded

12 No entry recorded

13 At Preston Church. Heard Mr Layfield, vicar of Croston, 2. [Charles Layfield, rector of Croston]

14 No entry recorded

15 At Preston & at Mr. fferrers and Mr. Patten’s.

16 Went to Cuerdall [Cuerdale Hall] and return’d. Was at Ancor with Mr Kenion.

17 At Preston. The Sess began [quarter sessions]. Dyned with Mr. Mayor Ashton, Mr. Braddyll, Mr.Parker, Mr Livesey.

18 At Preston. The Sess ended about ii. Dyned at Ancor.

19 At Preston. Dyned at Mr Patten’s, and many others, being their marriage day.

21 No entry recorded

22 At Preston. Went to Astley to see them, & to Duxbury, my Lady Brook being gone thither; and return’d.

23 At Preston & at prayers.

24 Went to [Hutton] Grange on foot, and to Longton, to one Mosse’s house, an ale-house. Met Brother Fleetwood and Parson and others.

25 No entry recorded

26 At Preston, at prayers; and, afternoon with Brother and Coz. ffleetwood at James’s and Tirler’s, and Will Tomlinson’s.

27 At Preston Church. Heard the vicar teach like Gomarus, or Macrobius at the Synod of Dort.

28 No entry recorded

29 At Preston and at Prayers. Went afternoon to Rible to see a Bull baited on the ice and Beef roasted, and a hutt or tent erected wherein was wine sold.

30 At Preston at prayers. No preaching. Part of a Homily read by Birch.

CommentThat Rawstorne accords Birch no title might reflect the hostility that many in the town felt for their vicar.

31 No entry recorded

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