July 1687

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Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for July 1687

i at Preston. & at Mr Greenfield’s sonnes funerall & at Rigbyes wth Mr Blundell [Jocc’e]

2 at Preston & Widow Clifton & Tirlers & Rigbysbys

3 at Preston Church heard ye Vicar 2, Mr Wade said prayers.

4 at Preston & went to Penwortham

5 went to Penwortham; my sister ffleetwood went for Lincolnshire brought her to Euxton & went after to Astley & returned home.

6 at Preston, & at Bowles afternoone

7 went to Osbaldeston, dyned there and returned to Preston.

8 at Preston & the Coffeehouse & the Ancor wth Coz: Preston, at Mr HodgKinsons & Mr Johnsons afterward.

9 at Preston

i0 at Preston & the Church heard Mr Birch & received the Sacraemt.

ii at Preston, and rid the Bondarie wth Mr mayor, was at white horse wth him & at Margret Wildings & Peg Swansey’s.

i2 at Preston & at Penwortham & returnd to Dinner, Mr Nuttall & Mr Joshua Nuttall Robt Stanly dyned wth mee & wee went to th’ boathouse to meet my brother ffle:

i3 at Preston, they went away & I to Swanseys to th bowles dyned there was after at Ancor wth Coz: Kenion

i4 at Preston, dyned at Ancor & was after at  Peg Swansey’s

i5 at Preston, went to Penwortha & was at Boathouse wth Bro: ffl:

i6 at Preston. and ith weend wth. Jeremie Hargreaves at a [houseobe] [over agt.] Swanseys

i7 went to Astley, was at Chorley Church heard Mr Edmundson 2 & returned home

i8 at Preston, was at Mr Johnson’s and at Ancor wth Coz: Preston

i9 at Preston, Paid one Sowerbuts a mower, for my 2 little meadowes 2s hee said it was so litle.

20 went to Latham wth. Sr John Mollineux, dyned wth my Lord & Lady & there was Sr John Egerton, 2 Capt Ashetons, Capt Crosse & Mr Keeling

2i at Preston & at Tirlers wth Mr Rigbies & Mr Moore and others.

22 at Preston, went to Penwortham dyned there & was at Boathouse wth my bro: ffleet: yong Coz ffar & Mr Swet.nam & Parson Ricroft & Mr Lemon.

23 went to Astley to the funerall of the Lady Brooke interrd at Chorley Mr Edmundson preach’d Rom 8.i8

24 at Astley

25 at Astley, and came to Preston call’d at Shaw hall Coz: Banisters

26 at Preston. & at Monseur’s wth Mr Rigby & Mr Hebson; dyned this day at Boathouse, & dranke my sister ffleetwoods farewell [token]

27 at Preston, sup’d wth Coz: Blackhurst & my wife, Mr W. Patten & his, & Mr Winckley & his

28 at Preston & Sr Jo: Mollineux his house & Mr Rigbyes.

29 at Preston, went afternoone to meet Mr Edw. Rigby & ‘s wife & her Mother the Lady Williams sup’d there & town at’s house in Preston

30 at Preston, and at Mitre & at Talbot & Tom Bostocks wth Bro: ffleetwood, Mr Westby & others

3i at Preston, & at. the Church there, heard Mr Birch & Mr Croston was after at Sr Jo: Mollineux his house, the 2 Lady Williams’s there & Mr Rigby & s wife.