March 1684

Anthony Hewitson, who transcribed the diary of Lawrence Rawstorne, published only selected entries and does not specify whether dates not included were omitted by the transcriber or by the diarist himself.  Where the entries do not deal with Preston Hewitson’s editorial notes are generally followed. For background information about the diary see Introduction and for information about Rawstorne see his biography.

Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for March 1684

1 At Preston & at prayers, & at Margret Mitton’s, Swansey’s, & Rich. Sheardley’s wth Bro ffleetwood & others.

2 At Preston & the Church there. Heard Mr. Ricroft i’th’ afternoone. No sermon i’th’ morning.

3 No entry recorded

4 At Preston & at prayers. Dyned at Ancor wth Coz. ffarington. We sate about Excise, at Mr Cowley’s request.

5 No entry recorded

6 No entry recorded

7 No entry recorded

8 No entry recorded

9 No entry recorded

10 At Preston and at prayers. My wife went to Banck and return’d.

11 At Preston and at prayers, and at Dinner at Mr Greenfield’s, the Lawier. His son Evan baptised.

12 At Preston, and at prayers. Went after dinner to meet Mr. Sheriff past Walton.

13 Went wth Mr Sheriff past broughton, & return’s. Peter wth me. He escaped drowning in Rible narrowly.

14 At Preston, & wth Mr. Townley of Royle & Capt. Parker, at Mitton’s & the Ancor.

15 No entry recorded

16 No entry recorded

17 No entry recorded

18 No entry recorded

19 At Preston & at prayers. Was after dinner wth Mr. Holt, Mr. Atherton, Mr Banister, Capt. Parker, Sr Rich. Standish & others, at the house – was Twisleton’s.

20 No entry recorded

21 No entry recorded

22 No entry recorded

23 No entry recorded

24 No entry recorded

25 At Preston and at prayers. Afternoon at the funerall of Mr. Sydall’s mother. Mr. Birch preach’d. After at widow Clifton’s wth Bro. ffleet, Mr. Serjeant Rigby, and others.

26 No entry recorded

27 No entry recorded

28 No entry recorded

29 At Preston and at prayers. At Ancor after dinner wth Sr Edw. Chisenhale.

Hewitson writes ‘As in preceding so in succeeding entries the words “at prayers” frequently and immediately follow the place which the diarist happens to be staying at; so, to avoid repetition, these words will henceforward be omitted, whilst their presence in the diary can be taken for granted.’

29 [duplicate date as in Hewitson transcript] At Ancor about the filiation of Alice Dymmock her bastard child.

30 No entry recorded

31 No entry recorded