Survey of Preston – 1774

This is an abridged version of the 1774 survey of Preston attributed to George Lang. It is based on a photocopy in the Harris Reference Library, Preston. [1] A fuller discussion of the context of the survey can be found in the introduction.

The first page is shown above: it supplies the name of the person who presumably owns the plots of land, and the names of the plots. The areas of the plots are given in acres, roods and perches at the Lancashire long acre measure of seven yards to the perch, which gives an area of 49 square yards per perch. There are 40 perches to the rood, four roods to the acre and thus 160 perches to the acre. The value per acre of each plot is given in shillings; this probably represents the annual rental value and is followed by a total value for the plot. In some cases the value per acre is omitted but the area and total value are supplied, in these cases the value per acre has been calculated by dividing the total value by the acreage. In other cases no value or acreage is given, and here the absence is represented thus: 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-, as in Barn, 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-.

A number is assigned to each owner and this and the name of the plot appear against individual plots on the plan which accompanies the survey. Occasionally extra names are inserted against plots: these are probably lessees or renters, but it is not specified. These names and any additional information are inserted in notes in brackets after the plot information.

One of the largest landowners was Preston Corporation and its estate is treated differently. The names attached to the parcels of plots owned by the corporation are presumably lessees rather than owners. Also no identifying number is assigned in these cases.

The list below uses the following abbreviations: a. (acre), r. (rood), p. (perch), /- (shillings and no pence), /6 (shillings and six pence).


1: Garlicks Heirs Land
Garlick Fields a,
1a. 1r. 37p., 60/-; Garlick Fields b, 0a. 1r. 36p., 60/-; Garlick Fields c, 1a. 2r. 8p., 60/-; Long Fields a, 1a. 3r. 5p., 45/-; Long Fields b, 1a. 1r. 13p., 45/-; Lane Field, 1a. 0r. 36p., 45/-; Half Mile Field, 2a. 3r. 15p., 45/-; Three Swill Brook Crofts a, 0a. 2r. 25p., 50/-; Three Swill Brook Crofts b, 1a. 1r. 28p., 50/-; Three Swill Brook Crofts c, 0a. 2r. 27p., 50/-; Brow Field, 1a. 0r. 30p., 40/-; Great Field, 2a. 2r. 17p., 55/-; Further Padway Field, 0a. 3r. 36p., 57/6; Nearer Padway field, 1a. 1r. 10p., 60/-; Cock Pitt Field, 1a. 1r. 34p., 60/-; A garden adjoining, 0a. 1r. 0p., 50/-.

2: Mr Richard Ingham
Lane Field,
2a. 0r. 32p., 60/- (divided in two on plan).

3: Mr John Watson
Long Acres a,
1a. 3r. 14p., 45/-; Long Acres b, 1a. 1r. 12p., 45/-; Hep Grave Meadow, 1a. 0r. 29p., 60/- (Hop Greave on plan).

4: Thomas Fowler
Hardman’s Fields a,
1a. 2r. 5p., 45/-; Hardman’s Fields b, 2a. 1r. 38p., 45/-; New Hall Lane Fields a, 1a. 1r. 16p., 60/-; New Hall Lane Fields b, 1a. 1r. 32p., 60/-.

5: Miss Pearson
Cunny Brow,
2a. 1r. 13p., 45/-.

6: Mr Mauleverer’s Land
Three Closes a,
1a. 0r. 5p., 45/-; Three Closes b, 1a. 2r. 5p., 45/-; Three Closes c, 1a. 3r. 32p., 45/-; South Side New Hall Lane, 1a. 1r. 15p., 50/-; Brow Field, 3a. 1r. 36p., 50/-; Corner Gap, 2a. 1r. 12p., 30/-; Aven Fields a, 0a. 3r. 33p., 50/-; Aven Fields b, 0a. 2r. 19p., 50/-; South Meadow Field, 0a. 3r. 19p., 30/-; Foster Meadows a, 1a. 0r. 27p., 30/-; Foster Meadows b, 1a. 2r. 13p., 30/-; Garden Johnsons, 0a. 2r. 17p., 60/- (simply ‘Garden’ on plan); Croft below House of Correction, 0a. 1r. 1p., 55/-; Two Ribbleton Fields a, 2a. 0r. 27p., 32/6; Two Ribbleton Fields b, 2a. 1r. 19p., 32/6; Two Row Moors a, 4a. 2r. 21p., 24/-; Two Row Moors b, 3a. 1r. 23p., 24/-; Salter Lane Croft, 0a. 3r. 2p., 60/-.

7: Late Mr Luke Astley’s Heirs Mr Asheton’s Part
Cocky Field,
0a. 3r. 33p., 47/6; Avenham Meadow, 0a. 3r. 1p., 57/6; Middle Meadow, 0a. 3r. 23p., 70/-; Whittaker Gardens, 1a. 0r. 0p., 80/-.

7: Late Mr Luke Astley’s Heirs Miss Astley’s Part
Acre Gate Lane Fields a,
2a. 3r. 8p., 21/-; Acre Gate Lane Fields b, 2a. 2r. 2p., 21/-; Chapel Meadow, 0a. 3r. 0p., 70/-; Great Field, 3a. 2r. 30p., 70/-.

8: Mr Thomas Lorimer
0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-; Barn Field, 3a. 1r. 11p., 45/-; New Hall Lane Field, 2a. 3r. 1p., 40/-; Great Field, 1a. 2r. 11p., 40/- (Great Far Field on plan, dimensions agree); Little Far Field, 1a. 1r. 1p., 40/-.

9: Joseph Crofts
Three Closes a,
1a. 0r. 7p., 27/6 (name on plan, no name in survey); Three Closes b, 1a. 1r. 3p., 27/6 (name on plan, no name in survey); Three Closes c, 2a. 0r. 32p., 27/6 (Name on plan, no name in survey); Great Field, 3a. 1r. 15p., 40/- (name on plan, no name in survey).

10: John Fletcher Esq
Cutler Meadow,
2a. 1r. 1p., 40/-; Long Field, 1a. 0r. 35p., 40/-; Further Field a, 1a. 3r. 34p., 30/-; Further Field b, 1a. 3r. 37p., 30/-; New Hall House and Barn, 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-; Croft, 0a. 3r. 35p., 60/-; Walker’s Garden, 4a. 3r. 7p., 50/-; Alms House Meadow, 2a. 1r. 37p., 55/-; Peel Hall Outhousing and Garden, 0a. 2r. 9p., 72/-; Croft, 0a. 3r. 25p., 45/-; Garden Field, 1a. 3r. 11p., 35/-; Nearer Meadow, 3a. 1r. 24p., 40/-; Further Meadow, 2a. 2r. 31p., 40/-; Rushy Field, 3a. 0r. 11p., 25/-; Carters Brows a, 2a. 0r. 8p., 25/-; Carters Brows b, 1a. 3r. 24p., 25/-; Little Wignal, 1a. 3r. 19p., 30/- (Little Wiganl on plan); Marle Field, 5a. 2r. 3p., 20/- (Marl Field on plan); Bean Field, 3a. 1r. 17p., 25/-; Further Bean Field, 2a. 3r. 3p., 25/-; Further Brow, 0a. 3r. 13p., 25/-; Barn Croft, 0a. 3r. 11p., 50/-; Barn, 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-; Great Meadow, 3a. 0r. 37p., 50/-; Middle Lady Hey, 1a. 3r. 36p., 55/-; Lady Hey a, 1a. 3r. 28p., 57/6; Lady Hey b, 1a. 2r. 1p., 57/6.

11: Lawrence Rawstorne Esq
3a. 0r. 11p., 35/-; Holme Garden H. School Land, 1a. 1r. 10p., 60/-; Ribbleton Lane Field, 2a. 1r. 23p., 45/-.

12: Mr Astley late Mathers
Two Closes a,
3a. 0r. 28p., 32/6; Two Closes b, 3a. 1r. 19p., 32/6.

13: Mr Walshman’s Heirs
Long Meadow,
1a. 0r. 33p., 40/- (Mrs Callands); Two Closes a, 2a. 3r. 9p., 27/6; Two Closes b, 2a. 3r. 17p., 27/6; Water Willows, 2a. 0r. 17p., 60/-; Nearer Water Willows, 0a. 3r. 2p., 60/-; Barker Fields a, 1a. 0r. 16p., 60/-; Barker Fields b, 1a. 0r. 15p., 60/-; Hollow Meadow, 1a. 0r. 11p., 55/-.

14: Mr Joseph Myers’s Land
Townend Croft,
1a. 2r. 34p., 60/-; Swill Brook Croft, 0a. 2r. 36p., 40/-; Newsham Meadow, 1a. 0r. 26p., 65/-; Salter Lane Croft, 0a. 3r. 8p., 65/-; Croft in Acre Gate Lane, 0a. 3r. 19p., 27/6 (no ref no 14 on plan for Acre Gate plots. A plot labelled as 6 Long Croft seems to be this one).

15: Mr William Shaw Jun
Two Meadows a,
2a. 0r. 13p., 42/-; Two Meadows b, 2a. 0r. 22p., 42/-; Croft, 0a. 3r. 23p., 42/-; Barn Field, 1a. 1r. 10p., 45/-; Barn, 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-.

16: Lord Stanley
Nearer Meadow,
3a. 0r. 2p., 50/-; Further Meadow, 2a. 3r. 8p., 50/-; Colt House, 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-.

17: Nicholas Winckley Esq
Brick Croft,
2a. 0r. 4p., 50/-; Nearer South Meadow Croft, 0a. 2r. 15p., 30/- (no Croft in name on plan); Further South Meadow Croft, 0a. 2r. 15p., 30/- (no Croft in name on plan); South Meadow Lane, 0a. 1r. 22p., 30/-; Further South Meadow Lane, 0a. 2r. 19p., 30/-; Broad Meadow, 2a. 2r. 23p., 30/-; Hollow Meadow, 6a. 2r. 16p., 50/-; Duck Meadow, 2a. 1r. 23p., 70/-; Town End Field, 4a. 1r. 5p., 80/-; House, Outhousing, Cottage, Orchard etc, 0a. 2r. 30p., 58/- (Hole House Farm); Pin Croft, 0a. 1r. 36p., 30/- (appears to be Far Croft on plan); Browy Meadow, 1a. 2r. 32p., 40/-; Calf Field, 1a. 0r. 39p., 30/-; Further Meadow a, 1a. 3r. 26p., 35/-; Further Meadow b, 2a. 0r. 17p., 35/-; Long Field, 1a. 3r. 9p., 25/-; Great Pasture Field, 4a. 0r. 0p., 21/-; Middle Field, 1a. 2r. 29p., 21/-; Two Further Fields a, 1a. 0r. 13p., 20/-; Two Further Fields b, 1a. 0r. 18p., 20/-; Nearer Middle Field, 2a. 1r. 11p., 35/-; Near Browy Field, 3a. 2r. 8p., 35/-; Farr Browy Field, 2a. 2r. 32p., 20/-; Two Closes on the East Side of Acre Gate Lane a, 2a. 0r. 8p., 21/-; Two Closes on the East Side of Acre Gate Lane b, 2a. 0r. 38p., 21/-.

18: Messrs Gibson And Halstead
Croft at Church Gate End,
0a. 3r. 0p., 60/- (name on plan ‘Croft’); Hollow Meadow, 0a. 3r. 11p., 40/-; A Piece in Common Field, 2a. 3r. 35p., 35/-; Moor Lane Field, 1a. 1r. 7p., 63/-; Maudland Croft, 0a. 2r. 26p., 55/-; Long Croft, 0a. 2r. 37p., 50/-.

19: Hutton School Land
Swill Brook Croft,
1a. 2r. 0p., 40/- (Mr Myers); Water Willows, 0a. 2r. 2p., 60/- (Thos Moss); Brow Field, 0a. 2r. 25p., 57/6 (Mr Assheton); Hep Greave Medow, 0a. 3r. 0p., 60/- (Wm Stuart; Hop Greave on plan); Salter Lane Croft, 0a. 2r. 26p., 60/- (Thos Porter).

20: Late Dr Bushell
Town End Field,
3a. 2r. 17p., 60/- (Fishwick; Town End Croft on plan); Great Bull Field, 1a. 3r. 31p., 60/-; Little Bull Field, 0a. 3r. 16p., 60/- (Addison); Sykes Field, 0a. 2r. 16p., 60/-; Lower Garden, 1a. 0r. 34p., 60/- (Myers); Higher Garden, 1a. 0r. 8p., 60/-; South Garden, 2a. 0r. 34p., 60/-; Avenham Brow, 0a. 3r. 28p., 45/-; Long Croft, 0a. 1r. 20p., 60/- (Farrer. ‘South Side Fishergate Lane’); Marsh Meadow, 1a. 1r. 20p., 40/- (Grimshaw); Causeway Meadow, 2a. 2r. 34p., 57/6 (Addison); Cabbin Field, 1a. 2r. 23p., 55/- (Fishwick); Merry Dale Field, 1a. 1r. 7p., 55/-.

21: Lady Stourton’s Land
Little Albin Hey,
1a. 1r. 8p., 50/- (Mr Starkie); Great Albin Hey, 3a. 1r. 6p., 50/-; Meadow, 2a. 1r. 20p., 60/- (Shuttleth [Shuttleworth?]); Brays Garden, 2a. 1r. 30p., 60/- (Heatley; Brays Meadow on plan); Sawyers Bottoms a, 0a. 3r. 15p., 37/6 (R. Shuttlworth esq); Sawyers Bottoms b, 1a. 0r. 8p., 37/6 (R. Shuttlworth esq); Sawyers Bottoms c, 0a. 2r. 18p., 37/6 (R. Shuttlworth esq); Sawyers Bottoms d, 0a. 2r. 21p., 37/6 (R. Shuttlworth esq); Croft in Fishergate Lane, 0a. 1r. 12p., 40/- (Mr Bolton); A piece in Common Field a, 0a. 2r. 2p., 35/-; A piece in Common Field marked b, 0a. 2r. 25p., 40/-; Croft, 0a. 1r. 25p., 40/- (assumed location from size and elimination); Common Field Meadow, 1a. 1r. 3p., 47/6; Waste adjoining Bridge, 0a. 0r. 22p., 20/-; A Piece in Marsh Meadow, 0a. 2r. 1p., 50/-; A Piece in Wind Mill Field, 0a. 0r. 32p., 63/-; A Piece in Pinfold Field, 0a. 2r. 20p., 63/-; Croft, 0a. 0r. 21p., 60/-; Further Brook Field, 1a. 0r. 38p., 55/- (Jno Hilton); Middle Brook Field, 1a. 0r. 25p., 55/-; Nearer Brook Field, 2a. 1r. 20p., 55/-; Wheat Croft, 0a. 2r. 17p., 55/-; Great Meadow, 3a. 3r. 3p., 30/- (Ra Smith); Barn End Field, 2a. 1r. 17p., 22/6; House Barn Garden and Croft, 0a. 1r. 30p., 47/-; Great Croft, 0a. 2r. 36p., 47/-; Farmost Field a, 1a. 2r. 38p., 22/-; Farmost Field b, 1a. 0r. 8p., 22/-; Farmost Field c, 0a. 3r. 6p., 22/-.

22: Miss Goodday
Further Water Willows,
0a. 3r. 17p., 60/-; Nearer Water Willows, 0a. 2r. 13p., 60/-.

23: Mrs Ann Gregson
Part of Water Willows,
0a. 1r. 6p., 60/-.

24: Mr Thomas Astley
Crow Hill,
0a. 3r. 37p., 50/-.

(no 25 in the list, although space is left between 24 and 26).

26: Miss Stanley
A Piece in Water Willows,
0a. 1r. 3p., 60/-; Long Croft, 0a. 3r. 22p., 30/-; Great Avenham, 2a. 0r. 6p., 60/-; Little Avenham, 0a. 3r. 16p., 60/-; Goodday Field, 2a. 0r. 13p., 37/6; Little Avenham Brow, 1a. 0r. 20p., 45/-; Alms House Croft, 0a. 3r. 14p., 40/- (Pedder); South Meadow Lane, 1a. 3r. 25p., 50/-; Middle South Meadow Lane, 1a. 0r. 11p., 40/-; Farmost South Meadow Lane, 0a. 2r. 17p., 30/-; Hollow Meadow, 0a. 3r. 11p., 30/-; Pieces in Common Field, 0a. 1r. 10p., 35/-; Hep Greave Meadow, 0a. 2r. 34p., 60/- (Hop not Hep on plan); Part of Peartree Field, 0a. 1r. 29p., 60/-; Great Goldsmith Bank, 1a. 0r. 28p., 50/-; Stand Pk: [?] Field, 0a. 2r. 23p., 50/- (Stand Prick Field on plan); Part of Holm adjoining Marsh, 0a. 2r. 22p., 35/-; Rough Hey, 1a. 1r. 18p., 27/6 (Pedder); Brow Field, 0a. 2r. 25p., 57/6; Bull Field, 2a. 2r. 22p., 27/6; Nearer Ribbleton Lane Meadow, 1a. 2r. 16p., 30/- (field not meadow on plan); Further Ribbleton Lane Meadow, 1a. 2r. 7p., 30/- (Shawe. Field not Meadow on plan).

27: Revd Mr Gibson
School Field,
2a. 3r. 28p., 60/-; Bath House Meadow a, 0a. 1r. 12p., 57/6; Bath House Meadow b, 1a. 2r. 20p., 57/6; Bath House Meadow c, 1a. 3r. 7p., 57/6; Long Cliff, 6a. 2r. 25p., 45/-; In Common Field, 0a. 2r. 5p., 35/-; Maudland Meadow, 1a. 0r. 6p., 52/6; Salter Lane Meadow, 3a. 1r. 1p., 57/6; Broom Field, 4a. 1r. 24p., 30/-; Moor Brook Meadow, 2a. 3r. 38p., 50/-; Barn, 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-; Moor Brow Meadow, 1a. 2r. 16p., 47/6 (seems to be wrongly named on plan as Moor Brook Meadow); A Garden West Side Salter Lane, 0a. 1r. 28p., 60/-.

28: W. E. Shawe Esq
Barretts Well Field,
1a. 1r. 34p., 35/-; Barretts Field, 2a. 2r. 1p., 60/-; Great Avenham, 1a. 1r. 32p., 60/-; Little Avenham, 0a. 3r. 28p., 60/-; South Meadow Lane, 1a. 1r. 34p., 30/-; A Moiety with Woodcock Fishergate, 0a. 0r. 18p., 60/-; A Moiety with Lady Stourton, 1a. 1r. 6p., 55/- (Marsh Meadow on plan); Croft North Side of House of Correction Lane, 0a. 1r. 12p., 52/6 (simply ‘Croft’ on plan); South Field, 0a. 3r. 7p., 55/- (‘South Croft’ on plan); Dyke Field, 3a. 2r. 17p., 60/-; Ribbleton Lane Field, 2a. 1r. 28p., 37/6; Patton Field and Garden, 3a. 0r. 35p., 70/-; Salter Lane Crofts No 79, 1a. 3r. 28p., 57/6 (divided into two Crofts on plan, and appear to be the plots labelled there as Great and Little Salter Meadows); Great Padway Field 41, 2a. 3r. 38p., 60/-; Further Meadows a, 1a. 3r. 28p., 60/-; Further Meadows b, 2a. 0r. 14p., 60/-.

29: Mr Thos Langton
Little Avenham,
0a. 3r. 8p., 52/6; Garden over Lane, 0a. 0r. 36p., 60/- (‘Gard’ on plan); Little Syke, 1a. 2r. 1p., 60/-; Nearer House of Correction and Garden, 1a. 1r. 18p., 60/-; Further House of Correction with 2 Buildings, 2a. 0r. 29p., 60/-; Great Syke, 1a. 2r. 12p., 60/-; Croft, 0a. 2r. 2p., 60/-.

30: Late Mrs Derbyshire’s
Great Avenham Brow,
1a. 0r. 27p., 47/6; Little Avenham Brow, 1a. 0r. 7p., 47/6; Avenham Meadow, 1a. 0r. 9p., 57/6.

31: Mr Nich:s Starkie
Avenham Meadow,
0a. 3r. 25p., 60/-.

32: Mr Wm Talbott
Great Field,
1a. 1r. 8p., 50/-; Little Field, 0a. 2r. 10p., 50/-; Brow Field, 0a. 2r. 24p., 50/-.

33: Mr James Makon
Little Alms House Meadow,
1a. 1r. 37p., 55/-; Great Alms House Meadow, 1a. 3r. 25p., 55/-; Lane adjoining, 0a. 1r. 8p., 13/-.

34: James Cheetham
South Meadow Lane,
1a. 0r. 15p., 42/-.

35: Abraham Ellithorne
South Meadow Lane,
0a. 3r. 23p., 40/-.

36: Mr Thos Pedder
Chorley Meadow,
1a. 1r. 34p., 30/-; Cooks Brows now in one, 1a. 0r. 17p., 50/-; A Piece in Common Field, 1a. 0r. 25p., 35/-; Brook Field, 2a. 0r. 4p., 55/-; Two Pieces in Pinfold Field a, 0a. 2r. 8p., 63/-; Two Pieces in Pinfold Field b, 1a. 0r. 4p., 63/-; Great Croft, 0a. 3r. 33p., 52/- (value not given on survey); Little Croft, 0a. 0r. 37p., 52/- (value not given on survey); Nearer Avenham Brow, 1a. 2r. 35p., 45/-; Further Avenham Brow, 1a. 3r. 2p., 45/-.

37: Henry Rishton Esq
Narrow Cliffe,
1a. 0r. 34p., 45/- (Rd. Rose); Square Cliffe, 1a. 0r. 19p., 45/-; Round Cliffe, 2a. 0r. 34p., 45/-; Cuckstool Pitt Meadow, 1a. 2r. 28p., 50/- (Robt Dugdale); Further Cuckstool Pit Meadow, 1a. 1r. 16p., 50/-; Padway Field, 3a. 2r. 5p., 21/- (Mr Hardman); Field Next Hall, 3a. 1r. 0p., 21/-; Great Lower Meadow, 3a. 2r. 20p., 18/-; Little Lower Meadow, 2a. 2r. 11p., 18/-; House Outhousing Garden Fold etc, 0a. 1r. 32p., 56/-; Meadow, 1a. 1r. 8p., 30/-; Pitt Field and Croft, 2a. 0r. 38p., 25/-; Middle Field, 3a. 0r. 31p., 21/-; Further Meadows a, 1a. 3r. 17p., 20/-; Further Meadows b, 1a. 3r. 31p., 20/-.

38: L Walmisley King
Alsops Meadow,
1a. 3r. 34p., 50/-; South Meadow Croft, 0a. 1r. 32p., 30/-; Orchard, 0a. 0r. 27p., 30/-; Hollow Meadow, 0a. 2r. 32p., 42/6; South Meadow Lane, 0a. 3r. 29p., 30/-; In Corner Field, 0a. 0r. 32p., 50/-.

39: Mr Thomas Woodcock
South Meadow Lane,
0a. 3r. 19p., 30/-; 2 Parts of a Croft South Side of Fishergate Lane, 0a. 0r. 35p., 60/- (area for both crofts); Marsh Meadow, 1a. 1r. 14p., 50/-.

40: Mr Alderman Atherton
South Meadow Lane Croft,
0a. 2r. 21p., 30/-.

41: John Atherton Of Prescott Esq
Loxam’s Bank,
2a. 0r. 21p., 45/- (Loxhams on plan); Bugmire Hole, 0a. 3r. 36p., 20/-; Lower Meadow, 1a. 1r. 30p., 50/-; Padway Field, 2a. 2r. 12p., 50/-; Moss Meadow, 1a. 3r. 38p., 50/-; Briery Heys a, 1a. 3r. 12p., 25/-; Briery Heys b, 1a. 3r. 36p., 25/-; Graystock Brow, 1a. 0r. 34p., 27/6; Middle Graystock Brow, 1a. 0r. 25p., 40/-; Farmost Graystock Brow, 1a. 0r. 10p., 40/-; East Padway Field, 2a. 0r. 9p., 55/-; Barn Field, 3a. 3r. 3p., 60/-; House Outhousing Garden etc on Moss, 0a. 3r. 38p., 91/-; Orchard Meadow, 2a. 1r. 0p., 60/-; South Meadow, 2a. 0r. 34p., 60/-.

42: Henry Burchall
Marrow Bone,
0a. 1r. 38p., 46/- (no value given); South Meadow Lane, 0a. 3r. 28p., 30/-; In Common Field, 1a. 3r. 2p., 35/-.

43: Late Revd Mr Pedder
Common Field Meadow,
2a. 3r. 36p., 50/-; Croft adjoining Common Field Meadow, 0a. 1r. 10p., 5/-; Further Ox Hey, 2a. 2r. 5p., 25/-; Nearer Ox Hey, 2a. 1r. 26p., 25/-; Further Ox Hey Meadow, 3a. 1r. 35p., 40/-; Nearer Ox Hey Meadow, 1a. 3r. 38p., 40/-; Great Ox Hey Meadow, 2a. 3r. 32p., 40/-; Stubble Meadow, 3a. 2r. 0p., 25/-; Ox Heys, 1a. 2r. 4p., 30/-.

44: Mr Robert Farrer
Oller Hey,
1a. 1r. 11p., 30/-.

45: Mr John Wilkinson
Bradley Meadow a,
0a. 1r. 39p., 40/-; Bradley Meadow b, 0a. 3r. 15p., 40/-; Winders Croft, 0a. 1r. 25p., 40/-; Fishergate Meadow, 1a. 2r. 37p., 60/-; Hop Greave Meadow, 0a. 2r. 9p., 60/-; Part of Pear Tree Field, 0a. 1r. 23p., 60/-; Spring Head Field, 2a. 1r. 6p., 60/-; Stand Pk. Field, 1a. 2r. 0p., 55/-; East Side North Meadow Lane, 0a. 2r. 4p., 45/-; Near Field on West Side North Meadow Lane, 0a. 3r. 12p., 45/-; Far Field, 0a. 3r. 2p., 45/-; Cooks Brow, 0a. 2r. 10p., 50/-.

46: Peter Hodgkinson
South Meadow Lane,
1a. 1r. 14p., 30/-.

47: Mr John Harrison
South Meadow Lane,
0a. 2r. 22p., 30/-; Moor Lane Field and Croft, 2a. 2r. 14p., 65/-.

48: Mr Loveday
South Meadow Lane,
0a. 2r. 23p., 30/-; Great Meadow on Row Moor, 3a. 3r. 14p., 30/-; Little Meadow on Row Moor, 1a. 1r. 17p., 30/-; Furthest Meadow on Row Moor, 2a. 1r. 2p., 30/-.

49: Miss Walton
In Common Field b,
0a. 3r. 0p., 35/-; In Common Field a, 0a. 1r. 13p., 35/-.

50: Mr Gornall’s Executors
In Common Field,
0a. 0r. 7p., 35/-.

51: Late Mr Molyneux
In Common Field,
0a. 2r. 16p., 35/-.

52: John Richardson
In Common Field,
0a. 1r. 38p., 35/-.

53: Mr Richd Butler
Two Parts in Corner Field a,
0a. 1r. 11p., 45/-; Two Parts in Corner Field b, 0a. 2r. 2p., 45/-; Fishergate Field, 2a. 2r. 9p., 70/-; Croft and Yard, 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-.

54: Mr Wm Harrison
Hollow Meadow,
1a. 1r. 26p., 65/-; Maudland Croft a, 0a. 2r. 18p., 65/-; Maudland Croft b, 0a. 2r. 22p., 65/-.

55: Isaac Crook
Long Croft,
0a. 1r. 30p., 60/-.

56: Preston School
School House Field,
1a. 0r. 33p., 70/-.

57: Brewery
Brewery Croft,
0a. 1r. 18p., 70/- (simply Croft on plan).

58: Mrs Simpson
Little Simpson Field,
0a. 3r. 14p., 70/-; Great Simpson Field, 1a. 0r. 30p., 70/-; Maudland Croft, 1a. 1r. 35p., 50/- (Maudland Meadow on plan).

59: Mr Gorst
Stand Prick Lane Field,
1a. 0r. 25p., 60/-; Stand Prick Croft, 0a. 1r. 24p., 55/-; A Moiety with Miss Stanley, 0a. 3r. 22p., 35/-; Fishergate Lane Field, 0a. 1r. 30p., 65/- (Meadow not Field on plan); Robys Croft No 96, 0a. 3r. 11p., 55/-.

60: Wm Duckworth
Stand Prick Lane Crofts a,
0a. 2r. 10p., 60/-; Stand Prick Lane Crofts b, 0a. 2r. 3p., 60/-.

61: Penwortham Poor
Meadow on North Side Fishergate Lane,
1a. 2r. 32p., 50/-.

62: Edmd Parkinson
Meadow on North Side Fishergate Lane,
0a. 2r. 26p., 50/-.

63: Mr Alderman Pedder
East Side North Meadow Lane,
0a. 3r. 35p., 35/- (‘East side oth Lane’ on plan); West Side North Meadow Lane, 0a. 3r. 5p., 45/- (‘West side oth lane’ on plan); Ollar Field, 1a. 0r. 27p., 45/-; Great Meadow, 2a. 0r. 4p., 45/-; Little Meadow, 0a. 2r. 22p., 40/-; Stand Prick Meadow, 1a. 0r. 38p., 60/-; Maudland Field, 1a. 2r. 6p., 65/-; Bell Founder, 1a. 3r. 12p., 60/- (‘Bell Foundary’ on plan); Wheat Cake, 0a. 0r. 35p., 60/-; Great Moss Meadow, 2a. 3r. 21p., 60/-; Little Moss Meadow, 1a. 2r. 34p., 60/-; Half Acre, 0a. 2r. 2p., 55/-; Nearest Marsh Meadow, 1a. 0r. 9p., 55/-; Field adjoining Round about Lane, 1a. 2r. 18p., 50/-; Round about and Lane, 1a. 1r. 37p., 45/-; Lesser Marsh Meadow, 1a. 1r. 12p., 45/-; Further Marsh Meadow, 1a. 2r. 24p., 45/-; Hangmans Field, 2a. 0r. 0p., 40/-; Spaw Brow Field, 2a. 0r. 2p., 35/-; Flatt Meadow, 2a. 3r. 18p., 40/-; Great Well Field, 5a. 0r. 20p., 37/6; Pingle, 0a. 2r. 18p., 40/-; Great Howe Hey, 1a. 1r. 35p., 40/-; Little Howe Hey, 1a. 1r. 30p., 40/-; Hall Courts, 1a. 3r. 38p., 45/-; Crown, 0a. 3r. 7p., 60/-; Platford Dales a, 1a. 2r. 10p., 70/-; Platford Dales b, 0a. 3r. 36p., 70/-; Platford Dales c, 3a. 2r. 25p., 70/-; Square Platford Dale, 1a. 0r. 20p., 70/-; Boat House Field, 1a. 1r. 17p., 40/-; A Piece in Common Field, 1a. 1r. 35p., 35/-.

64: Mr Grimshaw
House Garden and Outgoing,
0a. 1r. 24p., 131/-; Marsh Meadow, 1a. 3r. 0p., 55/-; Davil Meadows a, 0a. 3r. 28p., 35/-; Davil Meadows b, 0a. 3r. 29p., 35/-; Davil Meadows c, 0a. 3r. 24p., 35/-.

65: Wm Hardman Esq
Higher Brook Field,
1a. 2r. 26p., 22/6; Lower Brook Field, 1a. 1r. 22p., 22/6; Little Clayton Hey, 1a. 1r. 30p., 22/6; Great Clayton Hey, 4a. 3r. 20p., 12/-; Lower Bol[?] Brook Meadow, 1a. 2r. 20p., 22/6; Higher Bol[?] Brook Meadow, 1a. 1r. 25p., 22/6; Lower Field, 2a. 0r. 30p., 15/-; Higher Field, 2a. 0r. 27p., 15/-; Further Wood Field, 2a. 3r. 36p., 18/-; Wood Field, 2a. 3r. 24p., 18/-; Long Field a, 1a. 2r. 25p., 21/-; Long Field b, 1a. 1r. 28p., 21/-; Briery Field, 2a. 3r. 3p., 37/6; Long Meadow, 1a. 2r. 29p., 50/-; Long Meadow a, 0a. 0r. 34p., 30/-; Long Meadow b, 0a. 1r. 20p., 30/-; Bare Hill, 1a. 1r. 6p., 55/-.

66: Messrs Hardman And Sharpe
Moor Yate Field,
1a. 2r. 12p., 27/6 (Moor Gate on plan); Moor Brow, 1a. 1r. 4p., 25/-; Middle Brow, 2a. 0r. 24p., 25/-; Broom Brow, 1a. 2r. 16p., 25/-; Furthest Meadow, 1a. 2r. 14p., 30/-; Rough Field, 1a. 2r. 30p., 21/-; Little Meadow, 0a. 3r. 10p., 35/-; Great Meadow, 2a. 1r. 28p., 40/-; Barn Field, 2a. 0r. 26p., 40/-; Barn, 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-; Meadow and Croft, 2a. 3r. 16p., 30/-; Middle Field, 1a. 3r. 25p., 25/-; Brook Field, 2a. 3r. 20p., 20/-; Brook Meadow, 0a. 3r. 28p., 35/-; House Outhousing Garden etc, 0a. 0r. 12p., 125/- (12 perches is too small for this plot and gives it an inflated value. On the plan it measures 30 perches); Barn Field, 1a. 3r. 10p., 35/-; Moor Croft, 0a. 2r. 24p., 35/-.

67: Miss Gradwell’s
Maudland Croft,
0a. 1r. 35p., 50/-; Little Croft, 0a. 2r. 2p., 55/-.

68: Longridge Chapel
Little Field,
1a. 0r. 13p., 55/-; Great Field, 2a. 1r. 27p., 55/-.

70: Mr Thos Aldred (69 and 70 order reversed in survey)
Meadow adjoining Mr Grimshaws Plantatn,
1a. 1r. 21p., 55/-; Croft on West Side Sandy Lane, 0a. 1r. 4p., 60/- (Moor Lane on plan); Croft on East Side Sandy Lane, 0a. 1r. 0p., 60/- (Moor Lane on plan).

69: Mr Bickerstaffe (69 and 70 order reversed in survey)
Sike Meadow,
0a. 3r. 20p., 60/-; Further Croft, 0a. 1r. 30p., 60/-.

71: Mr Ralph Watson
0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-; Barn Field, 2a. 0r. 34p., 63/-; House of Correction Croft, 0a. 1r. 33p., 55/-.

72: Walmsley’s Heirs
Great Croft,
1a. 0r. 33p., 65/-; Little Croft, 0a. 3r. 5p., 65/-.

73: Late Mr Drinkwater’s
Three Crofts a,
1a. 0r. 10p., 65/-; Three Crofts b, 0a. 1r. 4p., 65/-; Three Crofts c, 0a. 2r. 18p., 65/-.

74: Mr Henry Atherton
Bray’s Garden,
2a. 2r. 28p., 70/- (Bray Garden in original).

75: Mrs Chew
Spaw Brow Field,
0a. 1r. 24p., 20/-; House Outhousing Garden etc, 0a. 0r. 35p., 46/-; Highest Meadow a, 1a. 1r. 25p., 31/6; Highest Meadow b, 1a. 1r. 30p., 31/6 (“This is Mrs Crooks”); Near Meadow, 0a. 3r. 19p., 31/6.

76: Mr John Atherton Of Walton Esq
Wind Mill Field in two Parts,
2a. 3r. 17p., 65/- (larger plot; dimensions apply to both parts); Moor Lane Field, 1a. 0r. 2p., 65/-; Croft on N. Side of House of Correction Lane, 0a. 0r. 36p., 55/- (‘North Croft’ on plan); Croft on S. Side of House of Correction Lane, 0a. 1r. 31p., 55/- (‘South Croft’ on plan); House Outhouse Garden etc, 0a. 0r. 20p., 160/- (Ratcliffes Farm); Moor Side Field, 1a. 1r. 2p., 30/-; Green Fields a, 0a. 1r. 36p., 30/-; Green Fields b, 0a. 0r. 30p., 30/-; Barn Field and Garden, 1a. 0r. 21p., 30/-; Middle Field, 1a. 0r. 11p., 30/-; Brook Meadow, 2a. 1r. 3p., 27/6; Hall Court Gardens Orchard Fold etc, 1a. 2r. 32p., 35/- (Moor Hall Farm); Orchard Meadow, 2a. 0r. 1p., 25/-; Loud Hey, 2a. 3r. 13p., 22/6; Bond Meadow, 1a. 0r. 23p., 25/-; Long Field a, 3a. 1r. 26p., 25/-; Long Field b, 5a. 2r. 17p., 27/6; Wood Meadow, 1a. 1r. 13p., 22/6; Copy, 1a. 0r. 19p., 20/-; Wood, 0a. 2r. 33p., 5/-; Marled Field, 5a. 0r. 18p., 30/-; School Land, 2a. 0r. 16p., 22/6; Howe Pasture, 1a. 2r. 18p., 22/6; Low Meadow, 2a. 2r. 30p., 20/-; Masters Meadow, 3a. 3r. 12p., 20/-; Long Meadow, 2a. 0r. 0p., 30/-; Great Doe Bank Field, 3a. 1r. 22p., 20/-; Brow Field, 2a. 1r. 35p., 35/-; Croft on West Side North Meadow Lane, 0a. 2r. 10p., 45/-; Higher Causey Field, 2a. 3r. 21p., 35/- (Higher Causeway on plan); Lower Padway Field, 1a. 2r. 34p., 21/-; Higher Padway Field, 1a. 0r. 26p., 21/-; Acre Gate Lane Fields a, 2a. 2r. 3p., 25/-; Acre Gate Lane Fields b, 2a. 3r. 25p., 25/-; A Piece in Water Willows, 0a. 1r. 18p., 60/-; Green Croft and Simkin Croft, 1a. 1r. 14p., 65/- (Has indecipherable abbreviation after plot name, possibly etc); Great Croft in Maudlands, 1a. 0r. 30p., 55/- (Simply Maudland Croft on plan); Shirlicar Gardens, 0a. 2r. 12p., 104/-; Shirlicar Gardens another Garden, 0a. 0r. 21p., 57/-.

77: Mr Edw: Bolton
Town End Field,
1a. 1r. 26p., 60/-.

78: Mr Meadows
Town End Field,
2a. 3r. 21p., 60/-; Salter Lane Croft, 1a. 0r. 24p., 60/-; Cuckstool Meadow, 1a. 3r. 6p., 50/-.

79: (no 79 in survey)

80: Mr Chadwick
Salter Lane Meadow,
2a. 0r. 8p., 52/6; Colleys Garden with Building etc, 3a. 0r. 32p., 80/- (Collys in original); Wareing’s Croft Orchard etc, 0a. 0r. 0p., 0/-.

81: Thomas Hummer
Moor Brook Croft,
0a. 3r. 16p., 50/- (Mr Thomas Pedder).

82: Mr Hankinson
Salter Lane Field,
1a. 2r. 20p., 57/6.

83: Henry Burchell Esq
Moor Lane Field,
1a. 1r. 10p., 60/-; Salter Lane Meadow, 1a. 1r. 23p., 55/-; Padway Meadow, 2a. 0r. 3p., 47/6; Brow Meadow, 2a. 1r. 8p., 40/-; Brook Meadow, 2a. 3r. 30p., 45/- (Brook Field on plan); Nearer Salter Lane Meadow, 1a. 1r. 1p., 60/-; Further Salter Lane Meadow, 1a. 1r. 14p., 60/-; Salter Lane Field, 2a. 0r. 37p., 50/-.

84: Mrs Charnock
House, Outbuilding Folds etc,
0a. 0r. 28p., 84/-; Orchard, 0a. 1r. 27p., 84/-; Barn Meadow, 1a. 2r. 32p., 40/-; Pasture Field, 2a. 0r. 27p., 25/-; Nearer Meadow, 1a. 3r. 29p., 40/-; Further Meadow, 2a. 2r. 36p., 40/-; Lowest Bank, 1a. 3r. 14p., 25/-; Hollow Bank, 1a. 0r. 3p., 27/6; Little Brow, 0a. 2r. 29p., 27/6; Great Brow, 1a. 0r. 30p., 27/6; Nearest Row Moor, 3a. 1r. 15p., 22/6; Middle Row Moor, 1a. 2r. 14p., 21/-; Farthest Row Moor, 2a. 2r. 18p., 25/-.

85: John Graystock
House, Outhousing, Garden, Orchard etc,
0a. 2r. 32p., 57/-; Orchard Croft, 0a. 2r. 2p., 20/-; Barn Field, 3a. 2r. 31p., 20/-; Middle Field, 2a. 2r. 21p., 15/-; Lancaster Meadow, 2a. 2r. 27p., 20/-; Four Acre, 4a. 3r. 10p., 20/-; Little Pasture Field, 1a. 3r. 27p., 15/-; Rushy Field, 3a. 0r. 20p., 20/-; Brow Field, 2a. 3r. 32p., 15/-; Poor Field, 2a. 3r. 32p., 15/-; Far End of Bull Field, 1a. 1r. 19p., 22/6.

86: Mr Roger Charnock, Fulwood
Nearest Smith Field,
1a. 3r. 25p., 22/6; Middle Smith Field, 1a. 1r. 35p., 20/-; Furthest Smith Field, 1a. 1r. 36p., 20/-; Further Long Field, 2a. 2r. 21p., 20/-; Nearer Long Field, 2a. 3r. 20p., 21/-.

87: Mr Edwards
House, Outhousing, Garden, Orchard etc,
0a. 0r. 25p., 128/- (Mr Riddihough); Brook Meadow, 1a. 2r. 16p., 30/-; Moor Hey, 2a. 2r. 24p., 25/-; Lane Meadow, 1a. 2r. 17p., 22/6; Farther Pasture Field marked b, 2a. 1r. 24p., 22/6; Long Field, 2a. 0r. 25p., 25/-; Acre, 1a. 1r. 4p., 30/-; House, Outhousing, Garden, Orchard etc, 0a. 2r. 2p., 78/- (Jno. Shaw’s Farm); Orchard, Croft and Croft adjoining, 1a. 0r. 18p., 35/-; Barn Field, 2a. 0r. 18p., 25/-; Nearer Pasture Field, 2a. 2r. 27p., 21/-; Further Pasture Field marked a, 2a. 2r. 16p., 20/-; Meadow Swamp, 3a. 0r. 9p., 22/6; Nearest Meadow, 1a. 3r. 25p., 22/6; Middle Meadow, 1a. 3r. 21p., 25/-; Farmost Meadow, 1a. 3r. 32p., 30/-.

88: Captain Dalrymple
Farmost Lady Hey,
2a. 3r. 20p., 50/-; Two Marled Fields a, 2a. 2r. 39p., 45/-; Two Marled Fields b, 1a. 3r. 19p., 45/-.

89: Henry Lutwidge Esq
Brick Kiln Field,
1a. 2r. 38p., 31/6; Mary Hey, 1a. 1r. 2p., 60/- (looks like Marle Hey on plan).

90: Mr Edwd Wall’s Heirs
Two Moor Lane Fields a,
0a. 2r. 30p., 55/-; Two Moor Lane Fields b, 0a. 2r. 22p., 55/-.

91: Edwd Blackburn’s Executors
Wood Field,
0a. 2r. 14p., 52/6.

92: Mr J. Wakefield
Moor Lane Field,
1a. 1r. 17p., 60/-.

93: Late Jas Hodgkinson
Crown Piece,
1a. 0r. 23p., 63/-.

94: Late Hinton’s
Little Goldsmith Bank,
0a. 1r. 24p., 50/-.

95: Rowland Plant
Platford Dale and Gardens,
1a. 0r. 23p., 80/-.

(Those named below are presumably lessees, not owners of the the plots)

Mr Robt. Farrer
Toad Croft,
0a. 2r. 27p., 62/-; Further Congrave, 0a. 3r. 34p., 26/- (Further Carr Greave on plan); Nearer Congrave, 0a. 3r. 23p., 31/- (Nearer Carr Greave on plan); Farnham Syke, 1a. 0r. 6p., 61/-.

Nich. Winckley Esq
0a. 2r. 21p., 62/- (location assumed from area).

Mr Thomas Bullen
Airham Bank,
3a. 0r. 5p., 31/-.

Mr Jno Watson
Airham Syke a,
0a. 0r. 30p., 61/-; Airham Syke b, 1a. 2r. 14p., 61/-; Airham Syke c, 1a. 0r. 23p., 61/-; Airham Syke d, 0a. 0r. 32p., 61/-.

Mr H Bickerstaffe
0a. 1r. 32p., 51/- (location assumed).

Mr John Grimshaw
Cosbin Fields a,
1a. 2r. 38p., 36/-; Cosbin Field b, 2a. 0r. 4p., 36/-.

Mr J. Craike
Spaw Brow,
1a. 0r. 25p., 21/-; Spaw Brow Field a, 1a. 3r. 13p., 37/-; Spaw Brow Field b, 0a. 3r. 35p., 37/-; Spaw Brow Field c, 1a. 2r. 25p., 37/-; Spaw Brow Field d, 2a. 0r. 20p., 37/-.

Mr G. Shawe Esq
Stanley Fields a,
1a. 1r. 34p., 49/-; Stanley Fields b, 1a. 1r. 16p., 49/-.

Late Jas Hodgkinson’s Tenement
House Barn and Garden,
0a. 0r. 14p., 343/- (this calculated value seems vastly inflated for the size of plot – either the total valuation or the size of the plot could be wrong); Two Crofts back of House a, 1a. 0r. 0p., 41/-; Two Crofts back of House b, 1a. 0r. 16p., 36/-; Barn Field, 1a. 3r. 30p., 31/-; Hollow Meadow, 2a. 2r. 3p., 36/-; Little Acre, 1a. 0r. 3p., 22/-; Old Ley Field, 3a. 1r. 23p., 22/-.

Mr Henry Brewer Holm Slack
House Outhousing Fold Orchard at East End of Farm,
0a. 0r. 19p., 84/-; Balshaw Croft, 1a. 1r. 18p., 30/-; Pasture Field, 1a. 2r. 0p., 25/-; Meadow, 2a. 1r. 20p., 22/6; Little Croft, 0a. 1r. 36p., 27/6; Barn Croft, 1a. 3r. 15p., 25/-; Holme Slack House Garden etc, 0a. 1r. 10p., 73/-; Brow, 1a. 3r. 8p., 25/-; Ellithorn Meadow, 1a. 1r. 26p., 30/-; Great Field, 2a. 1r. 15p., 25/-; Barn Field, 2a. 0r. 10p., 25/-; Long Croft a, 1a. 0r. 5p., 25/-; Long Croft b, 1a. 2r. 36p., 25/-; Mary Heys a, 2a. 1r. 17p., 35/-; Mary Heys b, 2a. 0r. 2p., 30/-; Mary Heys c, 2a. 0r. 10p., 25/-; Walls Field, 8a. 3r. 6p., 26/-; Bottom, 1a. 0r. 3p., 30/-; Clayton Hey, 1a. 3r. 27p., 30/-; The House Barn Fold at West End of the Farm, 0a. 1r. 5p., 107/-.

[1] George Lang, Survey of the Town of Preston, 1774: Being an Index to Lang’s Map, 1774. [Photocopy]