December 1683

Anthony Hewitson, who transcribed the diary of Lawrence Rawstorne, published only selected entries and does not specify whether dates not included were omitted by the transcriber or by the diarist himself.  Where the entries do not deal with Preston Hewitson’s editorial notes are generally followed. For background information about the diary see Introduction and for information about Rawstorne see his biography.

Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for December 1683

1 At Astley & came to Preston myselfe. Left my wife at Astley

2 At Penwortham and the Church there. Heard Mr. Croston


The preacher was possibly Richard Croston, the Preston schoolmaster

3 No entry recorded

4 At Preston and Boathouse. Met my wife there from Astley, and came back home

5 No entry recorded

6 At Preston. Went to Visit Mr. ferrars at’s house, and was after wth’m at Ancor & Mr. Tho. Greenfield, Mr. Chaddock, Coz. Rishton, & Coz. Cockshoot.

7 At Preston and Mr Hodginson’s

8 No entry recorded

9 No entry recorded

10 At Preston and Margret Mitton’s with Mr. Hodkinson, Mr. Tho. Greenfield and Coz. Cockshoot.

11 At Preston at the schoole. ‘Twas the day of the barring out or rather of the schollars’ declamacons. Waited on Mr Deputie Major. Was wth’m at Monseur’s and the Ancor. Coz Fleetwood with us.

12 No entry recorded

13 No entry recorded

14 No entry recorded

15 At Mitton’s and Will. Tomlinson’s with bro. ffleetwood, Coz. Fleetwood, Mr. Tildsley, Mr. Lemon, Mr. Wadsworth, Mr. Shaw & Mr. Clayton

16 At Preston Church. Heard Dr Bushell and the Vicar Mr. Birch.

17 At Preston. Brother ffleetwood and Coz. ffleetwood &’s Ladie and her sister and Mr Ricroft dyned with us. Went after to Widow Clifton’s with them. Lawier Holden came to’s.

18 No entry recorded

19 At Preston. Joyned with Mr. Kirby, and swore Mr. Jomathan seed Under Sheriff at Will. Tomlinson’s. Was after to visit Mr. Hodgkinson and Mr. Rigby. Coz Hamilton and her sonne and daughter, Coz Blackhurst and, & Coz Sydall Sup’d with us.

20 No entry recorded

21 At Preston at morning prayer. Went after dinner to fulwood, & Mr. Winckley with mee.

22 At Preston at morning prayer, & at Mitton’s & Wid. Cliftons with Bro. ffleetwood, Mr. Clayton, Mr. Winckley, James Clifton, Da. Chaddock and Mr. Creychley.

23 No entry recorded

24 At Preston. Went ith evening to Penwortham. Call’d at Boathouse with Bro. ffleetwood.

25 No entry recorded

26 No entry recorded

27 At Penwortham and Boathouse with Bro. ffleetwood, Mr. Lemon and Parson Ryecroft.

28 No entry recorded

29 At Penwortham and Swansey’s with Bro. ffleetwood and Mr. Lemon.

30 No entry recorded

31 No entry recorded