December 1683

Anthony Hewitson, who transcribed the diary of Lawrence Rawstorne, published only selected entries and does not specify whether dates not included were omitted by the transcriber or by the diarist himself. The dates for which Hewitson supplies no information are set in roman type. For background information about the diary see Introduction and for information about Rawstorne see his biography.

1 At Astley & came to Preston myselfe. Left my wife at Astley

2 At Penwortham and the Church there. Heard Mr. Croston
Hewitson writes: ‘The preacher was the Rev Richard Croston. He received the degree of BA at Cambridge in 1674, became Headmaster of Preston Grammar of Free School in 1680, and afterwards took Holy Orders. The Preston Corporation, who had control of the school referred to, permitted Mr Croston to preach as well as teach. He was amongst the non-jurors to William III.’

3 No entry recorded

4 At Preston and Boathouse. Met my wife there from Astley, and came back home
Hewitson writes: ‘Home, ie his house in Preston.’

5 No entry recorded

6 At Preston. Went to Visit Mr. ferrars at’s house, and was after wth’m at Ancor & Mr. Tho. Greenfield, Mr. Chaddock, Coz. Rishton, & Coz. Cockshoot.
Hewitson writes: ‘Mr ferrars was either Mr John Ferrers, a Preston gentleman, or one of his sons. The Ancor, ie Anchor, was an inn contiguous to the Market-place, and near the top of Friargate. Mr Tho. Greenfield was the elder son of Thomas Greenfield, gent, of Witton. He is mentioned in old records as being of Preston as well as of Witton. For a time he was a Governor of Blackburn Grammar School. He was buried at Blackburn in 1716. Coz. Rishton would be either Alderman Ralph Rishton, of Preston, or Wilfrid Rishton, who was sometimes afterwards the Mayor’s Bailiff. Coz Cockshoot was either John Cockshutt, gent, who subsequently became Town Clerk of Preston, or Jacob Cockshott, who for a time was the Mayor’s Bailiff.’ Follow the links for more detailed biographies, courtesy of the vast range of on-line sources which were unavailable to Hewitson.

7 At Preston and Mr Hodginson’s
Hewitson writes: ‘This was the house of Mr Thomas Hodgkinson. He was an Alderman of Preston, and, prior to this, had been twice Mayor of the borough.’ Again follow the link for a more detailed biography.

8 No entry recorded

9 No entry recorded

10 At Preston and Margret Mitton’s with Mr. Hodkinson, Mr. Tho. Greenfield and Coz. Cockshoot.
Hewitson writes: ‘Margaret Mitton was either the wife or widow of a Preston innkeeper named John Mitton; evidently she took the role of a landlady. Mr Hodgkinson has just been referred to; and it may here be observed that after this there will, as a rule, be no repetition of explanations in the case of persons or places already dealt with or as far as possible identified.’

11 At Preston at the schoole. ‘Twas the day of the barring out or rather of the schollars’ declamacons. Waited on Mr Deputie Major. Was wth’m at Monseur’s and the Ancor. Coz Fleetwood with us.
Hewitson writes: ‘The school was the Grammar or Free School at the bottom of Stoneygate, which — supplanting a former school, in Stoneygate — was built in 1666, and kept open till the Grammar School in Cross-street was built in 1841. The declamations related, of course, to the delivery of speeches or exercises by some of the scholars. Monseur’s would be an inn or place of refreshment kept, presumably, by a Frenchman or some person who had been in France.’

12 No entry recorded

13 No entry recorded

14 No entry recorded

15 At Mitton’s and Will. Tomlinson’s with bro. ffleetwood, Coz. Fleetwood, Mr. Tildsley, Mr. Lemon, Mr. Wadsworth, Mr. Shaw & Mr. Clayton
Hewitson writes: ‘Will. Tomlinson was a Preston innkeeper — probably the landlord of the Anchor; anyhow he is mentioned some years after this entry, as “Tenant att the Anker.” Mr Tildsley would probably be Edward Tyldesley, of the Lodge, Myerscough, &c, who had for his first wife, Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Fleetwood, of Colwich in Staffordshire. Mr Wadsworth was no doubt one of the sons of Mr Nicholas Wadsworth of Haighton, near Preston. Mr Shaw would be either Oliver Shaw, Mayor’s Bailiff at Preston in 1659, or one of his eight sons — perhaps John, who was Mayor’s Bailiff in 1667. Mr Clayton would most likely be Captain Clayton — then or afterwards of that rank — and he was presumably connected with the Clayton family of Fulwood.’

16 At Preston Church. Heard Dr Bushell and the Vicar Mr. Birch.

17 At Preston. Brother ffleetwood and Coz. ffleetwood &’s Ladie and her sister and Mr Ricroft [probably Henry Rycroft] dyned with us. Went after to Widow Clifton’s [hostelry, not identified] with them. Lawier Holden [Thomas Holden?] came to’s.

18 No entry recorded

19 At Preston. Joyned with Mr. Kirby [see Kirkby, Roger], and swore Mr. Jonathan seed Under Sheriff at Will. Tomlinson’s. Was after to visit Mr. Hodgkinson and Mr. Rigby [probably Edward or his son]. Coz Hamilton [not identified] and her sonne and daughter, Coz Blackhurst [not identified] and, & Coz Sydall [possibly Roger Suddell] Sup’d with us.
Nightingale records Seed collecting fines in October 1684 levied by the county magistrates on people holding conventicles. Two of those JPs are named Roger and William Kirkby. [1]
[1] Benjamin Nightingale, Early Stages of the Quaker Movement in Lancashire (London Congregational Union of England and Wales, 1921), 104–5.

20 No entry recorded

21 At Preston at morning prayer. Went after dinner to fulwood, & Mr. Winckley with mee.

22 At Preston at morning prayer, & at Mitton’s & Wid. Cliftons [probably a member of the with Bro. ffleetwood, Mr. Clayton, Mr. Winckley, James Clifton [probably a member of the Catholic Clifton family], Da. Chaddock and Mr. Creychley [not identified].

23 No entry recorded

24 At Preston. Went ith evening to Penwortham. Call’d at Boathouse with Bro. ffleetwood.

25 No entry recorded

26 No entry recorded

27 At Penwortham and Boathouse with Bro. ffleetwood, Mr. Lemon and Parson Ryecroft.

28 No entry recorded

29 At Penwortham and Swansey’s with Bro. ffleetwood and Mr. Lemon.

30 No entry recorded

31 No entry recorded

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