November 1683

Anthony Hewitson, who transcribed the diary of Lawrence Rawstorne, published only selected entries and does not specify whether dates not included were omitted by the transcriber or by the diarist himself.  Where the entries do not deal with Preston Hewitson’s editorial notes are generally followed. For background information about the diary see Introduction and for information about Rawstorne see his biography.

Lawrence Rawstorne’s diary entries for November 1683

1 At home


If Hewitson includes this, what does not merit being selected?

2 A Coursing in Rossendale & at Good Shaw with Jos. Nuttall, James Hey, Rich. Heaton, & others


Hewitson: ‘Goodshaw is a hamlet about three miles n. of Haslingden.’

3 In Oakenhead a Coursing & at Newhaley


Hewitson: ‘Oakenhead is near Rawtenstall, and so is New Hall Hey.’

4 At Aidenfield Chapell. Heard Cos. Warbton 2


In an entry for 9 September Hewitson identifies Warburton as the Rev Richard Warburton, rector of Middleton from 1682 to 1701, or ‘some clerical relation of his’.

5 At Haslingden. Heard Mr Duckworth. Dyned there & went to Hollins & return’d home


Hewitson: ‘Mr Duckworth was the Rev John Duckworth MA, incumbent of Haslingden Church.’

6 No entry recorded

7 At home and Hen. Southworth’s, wth Hen. Rawstorne & a man who came to vew the demeasne Newhall


Hewitson notes a Henry Rawsthorne, mercer, at Accrington, and supposes this was the Rawstorne mentioned.

8 No entry recorded

9 At Brndlesome & my wife wth me

10 No entry recorded

11 At Haslingden Curch & heard mr Duckworth 2

12 No entry recorded

13 At home till afternoon. Sealed the Agreement with James Hey about my mills. Was at hen. Southworth’s wth Coz. Rich. Lomax, and went to Hollins – all night there –


Hewitson: ‘From a memorandum at the end of the diary it appears that the diarist had two mills at Rossendale, tenanted by James Heys, who died some time prior to November 11th, 1686, at which date his executors were debited with the sum of £88 4s 5d, “for the yeare last past for both mills.” … Coz. Rich. Lomax would be the person referred to in the entry for October 3rd.’

14 At Hollins. Dyned there. Coz. Rishton & Antley &’s wife with’s. Went after to Read

15 At Read. Went to dinner to Portfield and the Coll. and Coz. Banistre stayed supper thre & return’d

16 No entry recorded

17 Went from Read to Penwortham


Penwortham Hall, the home of his brother-in-law Edward Fleetwood.

18 At Penwortham Church. Heard Mr George Walmsley

19 No entry recorded

20 At Penwortham & Preston. Tho. ffleetwood married to Mrs. Banistre


Hewitson: ‘Tho. ffleetwood would be connected with the Fleetwood family of Penwortham, his father probably being Arthur Fleetwood, of Westminster, who belonged to a branch of the Fleetwoods of Preston .. “Mrs”  Banister was probably, Anne, daughter of Christopher Banastre, of Bank Hall.’ Thomas Bellingham, in a diary entry for 12 May 1689, mentions meeting Tom Fleetwood.

21 At Hutton Grange a Coursing [with] brother ffleetwood, Mr Lemon & Daniell Chaddock. Came after to Edw. Hollinhurst’s, the boat house


Hutton Grange was the demesne property on Rawstorne’s Hutton estate (see his biography for more information). Hewitson notes, ‘Edward Hollinhurst was or had been a farmer of the Preston Corporation Ribble fishery, and at this time he was apparently landlord of the Boat House.’

22 No entry recorded

23 Went to Preston & my wife & Children. Sup’d at Mr. Sudall’s

24 No entry recorded

25 At Preston Church. heard the Vicar 2

26 No entry recorded

27 Went to Astley [Hall]

28 No entry recorded

29 No entry recorded

30 At Chorley Hall. Returned to Astley. Went i’ th’ evening to Chorley

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