February 1690

For background information about the diaries and their transcribers see Introduction

Feb ye 1st. A very fayr day.

Ye 2d. A cloudy, moist day. Ye Sacrament was administrd. There were severall Communicants, and I an unworthy one. Great preparations for Ireland.

Ye 3d. A very fayr day. We supt and ended our Christmas cousen Johnson’s.

Ye 4th. A fayr day. Little Betty [Bellingham’s daughter] had severall convulsions. My cousen Bellingham and I din’d att Penwortham [Priory].

Ye 5th. Little Betty continues very ill. We had both Dr Lee and Parsons [not identified] to her. Ye Comrs for ye ayd mett here [see 24 April 1689].

Ye 6th. A wett day. Ye child continues still very ill.

Ye 7th. This morning between one and 2 the child dy’d: was bury’d about 6 in ye evening.

Ye 8th. A very wett day. My cousen B and I were most of ye afternoon att tables att Mr. Stanley’s [possibly the Earl of Derby’s son].

Ye 9th. This day we had ye newes of ye dissolution of ye Parliament and a new one to be call’d ye 20th of march. Mr. Birch preach’d a kind of a farewell sermon [unclear what is meant here].

Ye 10th. We went to Leverpoole, whence I sent some cloaths, etc., to J. White, by Dottinger [neither identified]. There we stayd till ye 13th, which was a very wett day, and came home. I receiv’d a letr from J. White: was enclosed from Dublin. [Hewitson writes, ‘The part of this entry from “There we stayd” to the end of it must have been written on the evening of the 13th or some time next day.’]

Feb. 14th. A fayr day. I discharg’d Mrs. Gregson [not identified] for a quarters dyett. Dr Wroe came to town this evening. I supt wth him and Dr Leigh.

Feb 15  [No entry: no explanation in Hewitson]

Ye 16th. A fayr day. Mr. Bland preach’d 2 good sermons, on death. Mr. Franks came home, and the Danish Quarter master wth him.
The quarter master would have been a member of a Danish regiment in Preston briefly.

Ye 17th. Severall of us went to Litham a coursing, and stayd there and had good diversion till ye 20th. We came home and call’d att Westby mills. This evening ye Ld Brandon came in here wth a great traine of ye militia officers and deputy Lewts of this county. [Hewitson writes, ‘The greater part of this entry must have been made on the 20th or following day.’]

Ye 21th. I heard ye Danish minister pray and preach. Theyr service is very decent, and ye people very attentive. They sing much and have their hands clasp’d and elevated. I went wth Coll Carline to his lodgings, where we were treated wth Tea and coffee. In ye evening I was wth Sr Rich Standish, Coll Ashton [not identified], &c.

Ye 22th. We have had fayr weather for this week. Saw ye Danes exercise, and saw a Drummer putt to ye bastinado very severely. I was wth Mr. Fleetwood and Mr. Spenser [not identified] who intends to stand for Knight of ye Shire for this county.

Ye 23th. A fayr day. Mr. Birch preach’d 2 dull sermons. I was wth ye collonell of ye Danes. We had newes of a victory at Newry [unclear what Bellingham is referring to].

Ye 24th. We had no prayers though a Hollyday. Dr Tarlton [see 8 August 1688 entry] came to town and Vice Chancellour Leighbourn [not identiffied]. Nabby and I supt wth my sister.

Ye 25th. No prayers. My cousen W. B. [William Bellingham] and I walk’t to and dind att Penwortham [Priory]. I treated my Doctors and Shepheard [see 13 March 1689] att Corks.

Ye 26th. Some raine. Chancery Court. Mr Preston of Hooker came here, and assures us that Mr. Stanley and Holt [not identified] will stand for ye Kts of ye Shire. Edward Brandon Gerrard went hence to Ormskirk.
Hewitson says, without supplying evidence, that Gerard was a Colonel of Foot and brother of Lord Gerard of Brandon. [1]

[1] Thomas Bellingham and Anthony Hewitson, Diary of Thomas Bellingham, an Officer under William III (Preston: Toulmin & Sons, 1908), 104, http://archive.org/details/diaryofthomasbel00belluoft.

Ye 27th. A fayr day. We walk’d to Walton, and att night was treated att my sisters. We had newes that Coll Wolseley had defeated a great party of ye Irish att Cavan and wounded ye Duke of Berwick.
Col William Wolseley’s Regiment of Inniskilling Horse ‘signally defeated the Irish’ near Cavan 12 February 1690. [1]

[1] Charles Dalton, English Army Lists and Commission Registers, 1661-1714, vol. 3: 1689-1694 (London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1904), 27–28, http://archive.org/details/englisharmylists03dalt.

Ye 28th. A sharp day. I was wth Roger Kenyon. Ye writts for electing Parliament men are gone from hence. We have ye defeat att Dundalke confirm’d. Alderman Percivall [not identified] came here, and confirms ye newes of Wolseley’s victory att Cavan. Ye like account ye Ld Brandon brought wth him.

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