Farington, Alexander

Alexander Farington who was born c1660 the son of Lawrence Farington of Preston, graduated Oxford BA 1680 and became headmaster of Kendal Grammar School at the age of 21. He remained headmaster from 1681 until after 1691 and was vicar of Penrith from 1695 until his death in 1699. [1] Thomas Bellingham, the Preston diarist, records meeting a Sawney Farington on a visit to his relatives at Levens Hall on 9 August 1688: accepting Sawney to be, along with Sandy, an abbreviated form of the name Alexander, then this would have been the Kendal headmaster. [2] A connection exists with the Kendal merchant Joseph Symson, who Bellingham had been with two days previously: in 1714 Symson acted as a broker between William Shaw of Preston and Alexander’s widow Isabel when she was seeking to invest £350. [3]

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