July 1690

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July ist, 1690. A joyful day. Excessive hott. About 6 this morning ye King gott on horseback and gave ye necessary orders. Kirke order’d me to bring him some account from ye enemy. I brought him a youth, one Fyans, who came that morning from Drogheda. I carry’d him to ye King, who was then standing att ye Battery, seeing his cannon play att ye house of Old bridge. He had sent early a strong detachment of about 15,000 men, wth Douglass, towards Slane, who pass’d ye river wthout any opposition, and putt ye enemy to rout who were on that wing. He sent another detachment of horse to ye left, to goe over att ye mill foord; but, ye tide coming in and ye foord bad, ye passage was very difficult, most of them being forc’d to swim, insomuch that they could not come upp time enough to assist our foot, who went over ye foord att Old bridge about 1 1 of ye clock. Ye enemy had layd an ambush behind ye ditches and houses on ye other side of ye water, who fir’d incessantly att our men as they were passing the river, who as soon as arriv’d on land immediately putt those musqueteers to ye rout and advanc’d farther into ye feild in Battalia. Here ye brave old Duke Schomberg was kill’d and Dr Walker and Coll Callincott mortally wounded. Ye enemy advanc’d towards us and made brisk effort upon us; but we soone repell’d them wth considerable loss on theyr side. They made 2 other attempts upon us; but were still bravely beaten back; and when our horse of ye left came upp ye enemy quite quitted that feild, having left severall dead bodyes behind them. ‘Twas there we tooke Lewt Gennll Hamilton. Ye enemyes horse of Tirconnell’s Regiment behav’d themselves well, but our Dutch like angells. Ye K chargd in person att ye head of ye Eniskilliners, and expos’d himselfe wth undaunted bravery. He pursu’d allmost as farr as ye Naul, and left them not till near 10 a clock att night. I was his guide back to Duleeke. We kill’d about 2000 of theyr men, besides Ld Carlingford, Dangan, and severall other officers of noate kill’d and taken prisoners. We lost not above 200 in ye whole action, many of which were kill’d by our own men through mistake. I return’d to ye camp att Old bridge, having left ye King in his coach att Duleeke, where he stay’d that night. I was almost fainte for want of drink and meat.

July 2d, 1690. Very hott. Ye King sent Coll La Mellioniere to summons Drogheda wth a strong body of men and a traine of great gunns. Severall prisoners are brought in here. By one come from Dublin this morning we hear ye enemy have quitted Dublin, and left only , some few of ye militia. We stayd all this day att Duleeke, where I saw Mr. French and conferr’d wth him about correspondence and intelligence. I wrote to England.

Ye 3d. A small shower. We march’d wthin 8 miles of Dublin, whither I went wth a few dragoons, after having secur’d Dubber and all ye tenants and theyr cattle by one of ye King’s life gaurd and some dragoons. I found all freindes att Dublin to admiration well, wthout being massacred, burnt, or stript. I waited on ye Committee att ye castle, and was after wth severall freindes att ye garter tavern, and lay att cousen Corkers that night.

Ye 4th. Very hott. I waited on ye King wth an account of ye stores and provisions yt were in Dublin and 20 miles round. I presented him wth a baskett of cherryes, ye first he eat since he came to ye kingdom. He tooke them wth his own hand very kindly. I return’d to Dubber, and distributed ye peoples cattle to ye right owners and gave them protections. I lay there yt night.

Ye 5th. Very hott. I came this morning to Dublin, din’d wth my father [father-in-law], wrote severall letters for England. We hear yt K James tooke shipping att Waterford, and yt his whole army were disperst. Our army advanc’d and pitch’t theyr camp near Finglas.

Ye 6th [Sunday]. A hott but gloomy day. Ye King wth all ye nobillity came to town, and heard Dr. King preach att St. Pattricks. There was great joy att ye King’s arrivall, by bonefires, etc. I was att St. Owen’s, and in ye afternoon went wth Capt Ponell and Brereton to view ye castle, and from thence we went to ye Garter tavern.

Ye 7th. Some showers. I went wth Sr Rich B., my father, Handcock, and Capt Frowde to ye camp. We din’d att Dubber. I gott protections for several freindes in West Meath. We have a rumour of a fight wth ye French att sea, but not to our advantage. Here are great feares of some French shipping coming on our coastes to burn our ships. Had a letter from Nabby.

Ye 8th. Some showers. I went wth my cousen Corker to ye camp, where he waited on Sr Robt Southwell and was kindly receiv’d. I din’d wth ye Earl of Scarborough. Severall came to see ye camp. Sr R. B. was very drunke. I lay this night att Dubber.

Ye 9th. Much raine. Douglass went wth a strong detachment of about lOjOoo towards Athloan. Ye King wth ye rest of ye army encamp’d about Cromlin. We hear of some Protestants being killed about Enniskorthy, in ye county of Wexford, and yt ye town is taken by ye Protestants of it and resolve to hould it out. There are some horse sent to theyr reliefe.

Ye 10th. Some showers. Rochfort and Pirn went to Cromlin to receive ye King’s commands. I saw Reny Graham and other prisoners in ye castle. I tooke leave of M. G. Kirke and wrote some letters for England.

Ye 11th. Some showers. Ye King decamp’d from Crumlin to march towards Munster. Fresh feares of ye French coming to burn our ships. Sr R B, G W, Mr. Maynard, and I went on board ye Ruby and came home late.

Ye 12th. Very hott. Orders given for my being Sheriffe of Lowth. Waited on ye Lds Comms, gave my security, and was late wth R. Twigg att his chamber in Castle street.

Ye 13th. Very hott. I tooke out my commission for Sheriffe. Went to St. Patts, where one Burridge preach’d. Din’d att Cous Corkers, and came yt night to Dubber.

Ye 14th. Severall showers. I call’d att Killroo, Peacockstowne, and Ratoth. Stayed some time att Drogheda. Gave letters to Mounsieur Signalie, ye French Governour, and came home about 9 att night, where I found Luke King. Home would be at Gernonstowne.

Ye 15th. Fayr day. I viewd Milltown, Whiterath, Kincoole, and Derver. Came home by Williamstowne, where I agreed for cutting ye corne.

Ye 16th. Some showers. Mr. Towneley, Tisdall, Fortescue, and Garstin were sworn justices of ye peace and I Sherriffe. A Danish Comissary Generall lay here very sick. I had letters from Nabby, etc. Mr. Sheeres [? Shales] call’d here. Ye Dane was Ld Rosenheim.

Ye 17th. Severall showers. I had my mowing grass and reaping corne. I struck some fellows who were destroying Neddy Whites corne. J. White is very ill; but we hope it will prove only an ague. One Beaumont, sonne of Major Beaumont, of Ponfrett, was wth me att supper. He speakes very bigg, and sayes he killd severall men and tooke 2 horses ye day of ye battle.

Ye 18th. A fayr day, but windy. I was att Williamstowne, Maine, and Milestown. Came home by Linns. Saw ye net drawn and tooke a salmon. I mark’t my cattle. Ye men who were wounded att Newry came here.

Ye 19th. hott weather. We had a markett. I sent ye cattle away. In ye afternoone I went to Lurgan to shoote rabbetts.

Ye 20th. A fayr day. Mr. Houghton preach’d. We had near 60 in our congregation. Sr Rich Reeves call’d and stay’d some time wth me. We have no good account from sea. I had a letter from Nabby.

Ye 21th. Much raine. J. White’s distemper proves an ague. I tooke upp some money and received some from ye tenants. I was wth some of them att Patt Whites, where ye Miller and Hen. Calan had a great quarrell about Dan.

Ye 22th. Very much raine. I gave Patt White a Dose of Rhubarb infus’d in usquebagh. J. White continues ill. I bought 20 sheep from Patt Waaste, of Dromleck, for 4.

Ye 23th. A dry day. I found ye tear of Wmstowne [Williamstown] gave some meadow, receiv’d newes of Athloan being invested wthin musket shott of ye castle, and summons sent to Waterford. No good account from England. I had a ler [letter] from Jenny.

Ye 24th. A gloomy day. We held a private sessions, where we had a full meeting of Protestants. We heard severall petitions about ye plunderers, and chose high constables for ye severall Baronyes in the county.

Ye 25th. A hott day. I went to Dunany and adjousted matters wth Mr. Gernon. Call’d att Salterstowne. Brought home 3 of my cattle from Dunany. Att my return I found ye Marchioness of Antrim here, wth whom I din’d. An ensign and some sick men of Cutt’s Regiment lay here.

Ye 26th. A fayr day. I seized some men who ingratefully stole R. Ling of Dundalkes sword and coate. He and ye Serjeant made them buy theyr theft dearly. All ye lead is cutt in Wmstowne and made upp.

Ye 27th. Very hott. Mr. Nixon gave us a very good sermon. Severall freindes din’d wth me. We receiv’d ye good newes of Waterford and Duncannon being surrendred.

Ye 28th. Very hott. I went wth Mr. Tisdell towards Dublin. Din’d att Drogheda, and had ye newes of Douglass rising from Athloan.

Ye 29th. The King came to Chappie Izzod

Ye 30th. Much raine. Great concourse to see ye King.

Ye 31th. Some raine. 1 waited on my Lady Bellingham to see ye King.