Bullock’s – hostelry

There are two references to a hostelry known as Bullock’s in Lawrence Rawstorne’s diaries. In the first it is named George Bullocks (10 June 1689) and in the second it is described as Bullocks i’th’ weend (9 November 1689). The weind would be Main Sprit Weind, where there were several hostelries in the late 17th-century.

A George Bullock ‘Joyner’ makes a first appearance in the guild rolls in 1682, as does another George Bullock who had not been a burgess at the previous guild. [1] The latter may have been the Bullock of the diary entries for a George Bullock was in trouble at the court leet in April the previous year for keeping an alehouse when he was not a burgess. [2] Possibly he was regularising his position by paying for burgess status shortly before the guild.

[1] W. A. Abram, The Rolls of Burgesses at the Guilds Merchant of the Borough of Preston, Co. of Lancaster, 1397-1682 (Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1884), https://archive.org/details/rollsburgessesa00langoog.
[2] David Berry, trans., ‘Preston Court Leet Records’, accessed 29 January 2017, http://c5110394.myzen.co.uk/mw/index.php?title=Main_Page.

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