Barton, Mr – clergyman

A clergyman named Barton figures frequently in the Bellingham/Rawstorne diaries, the first reference coming in Bellingham’s entry for 6 February 1689 when he recounts that, on a visit to Poulton-le-Fylde, ‘… we went to see Mr. Barton’s mother and sisters: one is marry’d to one Peatson, and ye other, Mrs Prudence, is unmarry’d; she is pretty but inclinable to grow fatt.’ Prudence was not to remain unmarried for long, in June the following year she married Edmund Fleetwood, of the Rossall Fleetwoods, an attorney in Poulton. [1]

Further diary entries reveal that Mr Barton was ‘an Irish preacher’ and that he had been engaged to administer the Easter sacrament at Preston parish church (Bellingham 23 March 1689, Rawstorne 29 March 1689). On the following day, Bellingham was having Mr Barton and the parish church’s new curate, Mr Bland, to dinner. In a further entry Rawstorne describes Barton as ‘a fellow of Dublin [Trinity] Colledge in Ireland’; his preaching was much in favour with the diarists who relished his ‘excellent’ and ‘incomparable’ sermons (Bellingham/Rawstorne 31 March 1689). By June it was looking like Barton could become chaplain to the Earl of Derby (Bellingham 9 June 1689)

[1] Henry Fishwick, The History of the Parish of Poulton-Le-Fylde, vol. 8, NS (Manchester: Chetham Society, 1885), 164,

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