Fleetwood, Edward

Edward Fleetwood was born in 1634, graduated from Oxford and attended Gray’s Inn. He succeeded his father in 1657 and married Anne in 1659. The couple lived at Penwortham Priory, they had no children. He died in 1704.

After the Restoration, Fleetwood served in various local offices up until the time of his death. He was elected to Parliament for Preston at a by-election in 1660 and again in 1685. He was appointed deputy lieutenant to the Earl of Derby in 1685. When James II appointed the Catholic Lord Molyneux as lord lieutenant in October 1688, Fleetwood refused to serve as deputy lieutenant, but a month later, after the Revolution, he resumed the position when the Earl of Derby became lord lieutenant. He was a constant supporter of the Stanleys. [1]

Fleetwood appears frequently in the diaries of Thomas Bellingham and his brother-in-law Lawrence Rawstorne. And Rawstorne was a regular guest at the Fleetwoods’ Penwortham home.

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